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Kim Possible: Mirror, Mirror

By LJ58



"Just a sec," Kim shouted, hearing the frantic knocking on her door.

Figures. The one week she had time to herself. Time to relax. Time to forget all the burdens she carried of late, and someone came banging on her door. Six weeks undercover in a Middle Eastern desert tracking bad guys, and she couldn't even unwind without someone discovering a new emergency.

"What is it," she demanded, expecting yet another agent at the door of her house, and stepping back, instinctively on guard as she realized a very familiar face was standing there. One she had not seen in the better part of a year.


"Kimmie," Shego smiled weakly, looking as if she had not slept in days. Maybe weeks. "I need your help."

"My help," Kim blurted, her hands still raised, ready to catch any attack.

"Look," she said, raising her hands in mock surrender. "Truce. 'Kay? I really need your help. Just hear me out, and I swear, anything you want. Anything. It's yours. Just….please," she actually started to cry. "You have to help me."

"Shego?" She stared at the obviously weary woman, and then made a decision as she relaxed. "What do you need," she asked sincerely as she gestured for her to come inside.

"I…. I really just need you to come with me. I can't….explain this. We may need your nerdlinger, too. I mean, his brains. This is….complicated."

"What's going on, Shego?"

"Look, you'll never believe me," she said. "You have to see it for yourself. But, I swear, a life…. An innocent life depends on you now. Please, come with me. I swear, I'm not lying," she told her as Kim just studied the obviously distraught woman.

"Just let me get my gear," she told the woman. "And if you think we need Wade, I'll call him, and have him follow my signal. Are you…? Are you sure you're all right?"

"I don't think I'll ever be all right again," Shego told her, and just then, Kim felt the woman was being more than serious.

"All right," she said just seven minutes later, having changed into her GJ mission gear in record time, and grabbed her new Kimmunicator to alert Wade to the sitch.

The young man was already tracking her, and she had left the frequency open so he could listen in, too, and save the need for explanations when they got wherever they were going."

"All right," she said again, Shego not having moved from the door, and only looking up when she spoke the second time. "I'm ready. Let's go."

"We need to go to the airport. I'll have to fly….."

"Just tell me where," Kim told her, starting her small Roth that had been upgraded so many times over the years since she first got her dad's old car, that there really wasn't anything left of the original vehicle except the frame and basic design.

Even as she spoke, the car's digital dash lit up, small but sturdy spoilers whined as they emerged from under the body, and the car's repulsor lifts elevated it as she activated the turbines. "All I need are coordinates," she told the astonished woman as she stared out her window as the car rose fourteen foot into the air over the yard, and she quickly tightened her seat belt.

"N-N-North. Western Canadian Rockies," she told her, clutching her seat. "Are you sure this thing is….."

Shego gave a soft yelp of alarm as the car exploded into motion, banking in the direction named as Kim worked the aerodynamic controls with easy familiarity. "We'll be there in….forty-five minutes. So, you might want to narrow the field," she told Shego who gaped as the car hummed with life around her.

"Forty-five….? How fast is….?"

"I can't say. It's classified," she admitted. "But it's fast. Coordinates," she asked again.

Shego gave them to her, still clutching her seat as she stared out the windshield before asking, "But how safe is this thing?"

"Very. It's capable of deep dives, or suborbital flight. I also have every safety feature you can imagine, and some you can't. You're perfectly safe in here Shego."



"I….. I don't use that name any more," she told Kim quietly.

"I know you've been incognito over a year now. Shego, what happened?"

"Drew. Drew is…dead."

"Oh. I…. Do I say I'm sorry?"

"Would you mean it?"

"I've never wanted anyone dead, Shego."

"I know. I know. I'm sorry. It's just…."

"What happened?"

"He had cancer. It was…bad."

"I am sorry."

"Yeah. I didn't know myself. Anyway, he called me at the end. I was…..laying low. Keeping busy in….my own ways. He called, and said he needed to see me. I didn't even know he was sick," she echoed.


"Yeah. Talk about flooring me," she grimaced. "I went to see what was so urgent, and found him literally at death's door."

"Shego, if he's already dead…..?"

"No. No, it's not him. He….told me something. Something…. You have to see. I still have trouble believing it. Processing it. That twisted, blue freak," she growled for a moment, her eyes glittering with some of her former fire. "Anyway, you have to see. Then you'll understand."

"All right. If it is that serious, though, shouldn't we call…..?"

"No! No, please. You have to see first. Then you'll understand. Afterward. After…. I'll do anything you say. Just help me. Help….us."

She knew Wade was listening.

"All right, Shego. I believe you. Oddly enough, I trust you."

She was ready for a sarcastic response when Shego looked at her, and genuinely shocked her.

"Thank you, Kimberly," was all she said.


"Wade, you there?"

"I'm five minutes from your location, Kim," the young genius told her as Kim called him after her arrival. "What have you found?"

Kim, standing in front of a row of faltering computers, all plugged into a very opaque tank, could only stare.

"She's right, Wade. You have to see it for yourself," she told him. "But you might want to hurry it up. Time is definitely an issue."

Six minutes later, Wade showed up carrying a heavy tool belt around his thick waist as the now teen tech wizard gaped at the sight before him.

"Is that….?"

"I think it's me," Shego nodded, all three of them staring at the slender young girl floating in a tank of translucent fluid. A girl with dark hair, and green skin that looked very much like a teenage Shego.

"You? I thought you kept Drew from ever cloning you," Wade frowned.

"You don't get it," Shego told them as she pulled out a thick notebook that was obviously well-worn, and filled with handwritten notes in a bizarre mathematical code. "From what Drew said, and what little I could decipher, she is the real Shego."

Both of them gaped at Shego who looked ready to break down.

"I'm the clone," she said quietly.

"How is that even possible," Kim exclaimed. "You've…. You're….."

"I don't know. Something he found early on. Something he perfected without fully understanding it. Something he never could replicate, obviously, or he would have probably tried it with you," she said to Kim. "But, please, I think the machines are breaking down, and she's going to die. She was apparently….frozen all this time. Only you can see nothing is frozen now. I would have gotten her out myself, but I don't have a clue how to do it without killing her. You have to help her. Please," she said, handing over the notebook to Wade. "Do…. Do whatever it is you guys do, and….save her."

"Of course, we will," Kim told the woman as Kim pulled off her Kimmunicatior, and opened a USB port.

"Annie, are you there?"

"Online, KP," a female voice chirped. "Where else would I be?"

"I'm plugging into an old computer console. "I need a full systems scan, and operation check ASAP."

"Just plug me in, Kim," the voice quipped.

"Who is….?"

"Annie is the AI that helps run my car. She's also classified," she added as Shego just stared at her as Wade began running a small device over the power conduits.

A moment later the eerily human voice spoke again.

"Okay, Kim, the short version is…. We've got fading systems, bad wiring, and an extremely worn out O2 recycler. As it stands, you're looking at complete shutdown in two, maybe three weeks. If nothing else goes wrong. The good news is the power flow is still strong, and the nutrient bath has kept the specimen alive, and in perfect stasis in spite of the cryo unit's obvious failure."

"She's not a specimen," Shego hissed, clenching her gloved fists.

"Easy, Shego. Annie's an AI. She speaks the language of geeks and lab rats."

"Only because that's the way you programmed me, KP," the voice shot back.

"Kim," Wade walked back over to where she was examining the computers. "I heard. She's right, the power levels are green, but the systems are hacked, and cobbled so badly I'm surprised they've lasted this long. Still, if' I'm right, an electric charge sent right through the tank should wake…the girl, and let us pull her out without any real harm. It's just a question of viable mental and physical recovery afterward."

"All right. Let's calibrate the voltage and do it. I'm not going to risk leaving her in there unnecessarily if the systems are as bad as you and Annie said."

"They are," he and Annie replied as one, making Shego looked genuinely anxious.

"Don't worry, Shego. We'll get her out. Wade?'

"Calibrating now," he told her tapping on a virtual laptop that sprang up over his left wrist when he activated the black band he wore there. "Looks like….. Yes, that should work. Just like a defibrillator," he said, and quickly went to a fuse box, and began to gingerly pull wires, and reset them before switching them to a lead he had already isolated.

"Annie, you heard what we're trying."

"Couldn't help but hear it, KP. I am plugged in here."

"Good. I want you to stay online and monitor the patient's vitals. Keep us informed of any change. I don't want any surprises here."

"No big," the AI retorted.

"Okay, now I believe you programmed her," Shego said with a hopeful smile. "You really think….?"

"Trust us, Shego," she told her. "Remember, we pull off the impossible on a near daily basis. Wade?"

"Almost ready. Just need to replace a few fuses. Okay, the system is live. I pull this breaker, and we're going to be waking up Sleeping Beauty."

Both women frowned at him.

"Sorry. Couldn't help it. I was watching a vid with my girlfriend's sister," he grinned. "Oh, and you might want to back off. I'm not sure this won't electrify the panels, too. The insulation is pretty bad here."


"The Kimmunicator is well insulated. She will be fine," Annie quipped dryly.

"All right, Wade," Kim nodded. "You wake her, and then Annie will trigger the release systems to flush, and open the tank."

"Here we go, Kim," he nodded. "In three. Two. One, and… Now," he said, and pulled the breaker even as the lights flickered violently, and the smell of burning wires and ozone filled the small chamber as the fluid in the tank began to bubble.

Right before the teen twitched and writhed, and suddenly opened her eyes to stare around in genuine panic.

"Now, Annie," Kim shouted as the girl began to bang on the sides of the tank, obviously panicked as she tried to do something that had her looking all the more fearful.

"Releasing the nutrient fluids now. Seals opening. She's all yours, Kim."

"Vitals," Wade asked as Kim and Shego pulled open the top of the opaque tank, and pulled the silently wailing girl up and out of the tank. She shuddered, clutching at the mask over her lower jaw with fumbling hands as she tried to climb up on her own, and ended up falling into their arms.

"Calm down," Kim told her as Shego easily lifted her when she might have fallen with her frantic struggles. "We're here to help you. Do you understand? We're here to help."

"Pulse is racing, and blood pressure is higher than the stratosphere," Annie chirped, "But she's curiously stabilizing."

"Wha….? Who are you," the raspy voice grit out after they set her on a nearby exam table, and Shego found a sheet to wrap around her naked body. Wade had been discreetly looking the other way, giving them time to see to her modesty while shutting down the rest of the still shorting equipment.

"Friends," Kim told her, as the young girl's eyes locked on Shego.

"What are you?"

"I think….I'm you," Shego said quietly. "What do you last remember?"

"Some blue freak claimed he was a doctor. That he could…." She paused, looking around. "He said he could help me, and the next thing I know, I'm waking up with some old lady trying to copy my look," she huffed, sounding calmer, but eyeing Shego with a cold sneer.

"I think Drew cloned you," Shego told her.

"Cloned? You're supposed to be….? Sick! I'll kill that blue…..!"

"He's already dead," Kim told her, offering her an old, slightly musty towel she found that was cleaner than the dusty sheet they had offered.

"What?" She stared around her. "How…? How long was I in that box?"

"Close to sixteen years," Shego told her.

"Sixteen…..years," the young Shego suddenly paled, and fell over into Kim's arms.

"What now," Wade asked. "We can't just leave her. She's going to need help. Medical help, as well as therapy. Even short-term hibernation is known to cause…..genuine problems. And her long-term hibernation could be far worse than anything Nasa has ever tried researching."

"Are you saying….?"

"She's going to be okay, Shego," Kim cut in, shooting Wade a warning glance as Shego just stared at her younger 'twin' with a curious expression. "But there will be some serious adjustment issues. Remember, she's been asleep most of her life."

"Oh. Yeah. Yeah. As much as I hate to say this….. Maybe we had better go see Hego."

Which was when the girl began moan, and started to recover in record time considering.

"Ohhhhh, my head," she moaned, realizing she was staring into the older Shego's eyes as the woman held her.

"Get off, freak," she huffed, pushing her away, heedless of the sheet that slipped dangerously. "God. I can't believe…. Just get away from me."

"Shego," Kim called, and both women turned toward her.

"What," the younger woman snapped.

"Calm down. We were just agreeing we need to take you to see Hego. He can probably help you…..adjust to what's happened better than strangers."

"Okay," she nodded. "Let's go. Just keep the science project away from me," she growled, pulling the sheet back up. "I don't suppose one of you found my uniform? Because no way I am walking into Go Tower wearing a damn bed sheet!"

"No uniform," Wade told her quietly as he returned from a trip outside. "But I had a spare coverall in my car," he said as he offered it.

She eyed the green coverall made for his large, male body, and grumbled.

"Don't look at me. Even if I had anything, it wouldn't fit you," Kim said with a faint smile to try to relax her. Even younger, Shego had a well-rounded frame that made her look scrawny.

"So, who are you guys?"

"I'm Kim Possible."

"That's supposed to be a real name," she snorted as she pulled on the garment Wade offered only after Wade pointedly left the room again.

"I'm a Global Justice agent," she told her. "So is Wade. Shego…. That is, the Shego we've known all these years," she said, nodding to the older woman who had reacted as if slapped when her younger self had shoved her away, "Called us in to help you when she found you."

"Are you trying to say no one even knew I was missing? No one knew….? You thought that fake was me?"

"One, I'm not that old," Kim told her. "So I wasn't around when you and Lipski were meeting. And at the time, no one thought there was another Shego. Not even…."

"Surely Hego noticed…..?"

"No one noticed, kid," Shego said quietly as she dropped the sheet after zipping up the coverall that was a bit baggy, but at least covered her. "I didn't even know about you until…..very recently."

"You. Zip it," she told Shego. "So, you're some kind of smart guy agent? Tell me why my power isn't working," she said, holding up a small, surprisingly dainty hand with longer nails than the older Shego. So long they looked more like claws. "I can't even get a flutter."

"Long-term hibernation sickness. You'll be recovering for a few weeks, maybe months before you're completely back to normal," Kim told her. "And you should thank Shego. Our Shego. Without her, we would have never found you before the equipment failed, and you died in here. She probably saved your life."

"Whatever. Yo, nerd boy. Take me home, because I'm already tired of this scene," she shouted as she went out after Wade.

"Well, I see where you got your sunny disposition," Kim tried to joke.

"She hates me," Shego murmured as the young girl vanished. "And I don't blame her."


"I'm not Shego. Remember? I'm…. I don't know who I am. Or...what."

"We'll figure it out," Kim told her, going over to put a hand on her shoulder in comfort after reclaiming her Kimmunicator.

"You guys okay in there?"

"We're coming, Wade. I guess you-know-who is riding with you?"

"Yes. She's very…..blunt. Isn't she?"

"She always was," Kim said cryptically as she eyed Shego, and led her outside. The clinic/lab behind them was completely dead now. She planted a GJ homing beacon in it, though, just in case they had to call in a tech team to clean it up. First, she and Wade needed to look it over themselves. One never knew what was left when you were dealing with Drew Lipski. "We'll meet you at Go Tower. You might want to call ahead, and warn Hego, though."

"Good idea. Although I was hoping you two would explain," Wade told her over the Kimmunicator as she and the older Shego walked back to the Roth parked just outside the mountain stronghold that housed the faux clinic.

Wade's sleek, coupe style sports car was just rising into the air as they spoke, and she waved as the young Shego looked back down, staring sternly their way.

"You guys just don't like real aircraft, or what," Shego tried to joke as they climbed into the car.

Kim understood her mood.

"Our cars can literally go anywhere, and get the job done doing it."

"Showoffs," she grumbled as she tightened her seatbelt again. Tightly. Kim realized Shego was looking a bit paler than usual.

She didn't tease, though.

"Home, KP," the voice came from the dash this time.

"No. Go City. And try to contact Hego at the Go Tower. Since he's been doing part-time hero work again, he might still be there."

"Again? I thought he retired….again."

"He came out of retirement when a few of your old foes started killing cops instead of just robbing people."

"Doy," she murmured, remembering when all the bad guys did was wreak a little havoc, and stand around ranting. "Well, I'll bet Mir…. Ah, his family isn't too happy."

"Miranda almost divorced him. He managed to convince her to stay with him."

"So, you really know….us? I mean, them."

"Sheryl Marie Gordeaux," she told her quietly. "I am with GJ now. And Wade is very thorough."

"I don't use that name any more."

"So, you're not Sheryl. Not Shego. What do we call you?"

Shego looked down. "Clone?"

"I don't buy that. Whatever Drew did, it's just hard to believe….."

Shego just looked at her, despair darkening her eyes.

"I've fought his clones. And his robots. You're human, She…. You're human," she said, cutting her off at the woman's scowl. "Whatever else you are, you're as human as the rest of us. Would a clone be so depressed if that was all you were?"

"I don't know. But it sure makes me understand hating cloning so hotly all this time," she remarked quietly.

"We'll talk to Hego. Then figure something out. Okay?"

"You're not turning me in?"

"Right now, you and your…..doppelganger both need help. Not jail."

Shego gave a weak smile at that, but said nothing as Kim opened the frequency when Annie announced she had Hego on the line.

This, she knew, was going to be complicated.

To Be Continued…..