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Kim Possible: Mirror, Mirror

By LJ58


"Are you sure they're coming, Sensei," Sherri asked uneasily as she scanned the skies again. Then the narrow trail that led down the mountain. Then the sky again.

"Stoppable-San assures me they are on their way, Shego-San," the old man smiled tolerantly at the brash, young student who had almost burned off his moustache her first day with them.

Then there were the genuine mishaps. The temper tantrums, and the involuntary outbursts that he and Stoppable likely understood better than the girl herself. Still, it had taken every day of seven and a half weeks to bring the girl to a point where she could now consciously control her own temperament so she no longer accidentally set fire to anything.

Or anyone.

Fortunately, ninja were very good at evading things. Even plasma fire.

Unfortunately, portions of the school were not so lucky. Buildings, after all, couldn't duck. Part of her training now involved a period set aside for rebuilding whatever she destroyed. She was a surprisingly skilled carpenter, if an unwilling one.

Considering how she claimed to feel about her own child when she first arrived, it was rather amusing to a degree to see her anxiety now. She had read and listened to everything she could about her 'namesake' since her arrival, and it had in turns amused, and infuriated her. There was pride in her daughter's skill and accomplishments, which was understandable, but she was beyond furious that she had snubbed so many chances to do the right thing.

That morality was still a genuine part of the original Shego, and he was able to use that to help mold and guide her as he and Stoppable disciplined the girl who had unknowingly slept half her life away.

"You don't think they got lost? Or run away? Sharonda is supposed to be really good at running away," the teen murmured, still eyeing the skies.

"But she is with Possible-San. And she knows the way quite well, Shego-San," he told her, having agreed to only use her alter-ego's name here. Sherri still liked to think no one really knew her real name in the world. "She will not be…..lost."

Sherri sighed, and scowled, and grumbled, "What if she changed her mind? What if she decided I didn't mean it when I said I didn't hate her? She might have run off, and done something stupid. Again."

"I am sure she wouldn't do that," Ron stated as he seemed to just appear behind her.

Sherrie squeaked, and almost jumped, but just turned and glared at him. "You could make a little more noise, Stoppable," she complained.

"Hello? Ninja," he smiled. "I just heard from Kim," he went on as those green eyes narrowed, and glittered just a bit too brightly.

He knew she had much better control over her fluctuating powers already, but she still had a problem with her temper. Like mother, like daughter. Or vice versa.

"You might want to know they're in Tokyo. They had to stop to do something. No, I don't know what. Kim did say they'd be here in an hour or so."

"What? Are they walking," she sputtered.

Both men chuckled as Sherri stayed on the wall looking out over the forested mountain, and refused to leave that vantage point.


"I hope she likes what I bought her," Shari murmured not for the first time as she glanced into the back of the car, and eyed the packages there as Kim flow low over the mountain, avoiding any radar that might have picked them up even if they were in full stealth mode.

Yamanouchi didn't mind her flying up, but they favored its guests not leading anyone else right to their door. Hence, full stealth, since she knew even Dr. Director was still looking to get a location on Yamanouchi for her own purposes.

As the woman had learned, though, knowing the school existed was thing. Finding it atop a mountain warded by mystic barriers was another. If Sensei knew you were coming, and could prepare, you weren't finding it.

Unless, like the late, unlamented Monkey Fist, you had a bit of mystic power of your own.

She shuddered at the memory of the last time she had seen him, and glanced over at Shego. This visit, she knew, looked to be a happier one.

Ron had told her the young Shego was getting quite anxious about seeing her….daughter. That one, she knew, still boggled the mind.

Meanwhile, her Shego was getting just as antsy, by turns demanding she speed up, and then dragging her own feet, even suggesting that maybe they were visiting too soon. She didn't need a psychology degree to know someone still had issues.

"I think she will love anything you bring her."


"As long as its not sushi," Kim added sagely.

Shego couldn't quite mask the giggle that one brought.

"Think she tried any?"

"I predict….not."

"Me, too," Shari agreed. "Girl doesn't know what she's missing, though," she sighed. "It can be quite good. With the right preparation."

"So, do you want to know how she's been doing?"

"You know? You never said a word," Shari huffed.

"I'm sorry. I was busy, and…. Well, Ron said she has been doing a lot better when I called him. She can consciously control herself, and her powers already. She just still has issues with….temper."

"Yeah, that sounds about right," Shari actually smiled.

"He said she seems to be really looking forward to seeing you again, too."

"Really," Shari asked.

"Really. That was him that called back just before you came out of the boutique, by the way. He said that Sherri sounds a little anxious that you might have changed your mind."

"I was worried it might be the other way around."

"You two really need to sit down and talk."

"Yeah," Shari agreed.

"So? What was in that special package that took so long for you to get?"

"It's a surprise, Princess," she smirked.

"Not for me, though. So, give?"

"Nope. It's a surprise."

"How about a hint?"

"I swear, you're worse than a kid," Shari grumbled.

"Am not," Kim pouted.

"Don't even aim that my way, Kimmie," Shari warned, seeing the beginnings of one of her infamous pouts. "Not even looking," she said, staring out the window as the terrain flew past below them.

"Ah, you're no fun."

"Oh, you want fun," Shari asked, sounding much more like herself of late. "How about I dangle you outside by your seatbelt while I take over?"

"That could be fun," Kim remarked thoughtfully.

Shari snorted, then shook her head.

"Right. Forgot who I was talking to here."

Kim only smiled at her now.

"Five minutes out, and we'll land outside the gates. I think even Sensei draws a line at having us fly right into his school."

"Beats walking up the side of a mountain," Shari agreed, having heard of a few of Kim's previous visits by then.


Sherri watched the flying car swoop down over the trees, and land just outside the main gates as its turbines powered down, and the car shut off.

She couldn't help but smile as she watched the two women climb out of the car. Shari paused, then leaned over into the back of the car to pull out several packages. That made her smile all the more.

Then Kim pulled out two small totes. The redhead was laughing at her daughter as she balanced all the packages she was carrying, but Shari only glared at her.

Her daughter.

It had taken a while to get used to thinking of her that way.

First she had thought her an imposter. Then a clone. Then she found out the child she had feared, feared for, and even considered aborting, was a grown woman who had been living her own life for all those years she had unknowingly slept away her own life.

There were times, she knew, that it was a very good thing that treacherous blue guy was gone, or she might have just hunted him down. She was just glad she didn't have to find out what she might have done to him. Just as well.

She laughed as Shari almost dropped one package from her armload, but caught it on her knee, bounced it back up, and then caught it on top of the heap.

Both women looked up at her when she started laughing, and she couldn't help it, she waved back.

"So, you're learning soccer," she teased as she jumped down from the wall to join them as they neared the gates.

She dug her fingers into the nearest log halfway down to slow her descent, and then dropped down beside Shari, and just smiled at her.

"Ahem," a gruff voice drawled, just as a bucket was poured over the wall, and water sent up a cloud of steam as it drowned the smoldering gouges she had left in the wall.

"Sorry," Sherri shouted up at the ninja who was glaring at her. "My bad."

"Something tells me you've been apologizing a lot lately," Shari grinned at her as she eyed the scorched wood.

"Maybe a little," the younger Shego sighed. "Honestly, though, some of they caused. They really like to push you here."

"Don't I know it," Kim smiled. "Other than that, how are you doing?"

"I, uh, really….. Well, I read about you, and….."

"I cleared your name," Shari told her abruptly as they entered the now open gates, Ron appearing with the other ninja who thoughtfully took their things to a room Kim often used while she was visiting. It also left the two green-skinned women standing and staring at one another as they babbled.

"Not going to hug?"


Sherri hugged her without warning, and squeezed her so hard Shari yelped.

"I'm sorry about everything I said. I'm sorry I ever thought about killing you. I'm sorry…"

"It's okay," Shari said, resisting the tears brimming in her eyes. "Believe me, I understand."

Sherri held on for a moment longer, and then sighed before she let her go.

"So, you actually cleared my name?"

"It took a while, and a lot of…..humility," she grit out, thinking of how she had literally gotten down on her knees, and bowed to the Japanese premier to assure him of her sincerity. "But, yeah. Well, except for China. Just don't try visiting there."

"They wouldn't take an apology?"

"They wanted my head. Not an apology," Shari grimaced.

"Wow. Talk about jerks."

"You could say that," Shari sighed. "So, I hear you've been getting pretty good with your control again."

"Well, pretty much," she said, trying not to look back at the walls where the acrid stench of plasma still smoldered in spite of the water someone had apparently been clever enough to have ready.

"Hey, even I still have accidents, but it gets easier," Shari assured her. "Oh, there is something else I wanted to give you, too."

"So, all those boxes weren't just yours," Sherri teased.

Kim actually laughed at Shari now.

"She's got your number."

"Hey, it was a good sale. Anyway, here," she said, holding out a small, leather portfolio. I saved this for you."


"I guess you know Gramps disowned…me, and that pretty much left you penniless. I made some good investments, and had some money put back, so….. I thought I would…..try to give you what Gramps should have left you."

Sherri frowned as she opened the folder, and eyed the financial porfolio in front of her.

"Is that…..?"

"It's all clean. I earned that money honestly at the start. It is completely clean," she assured her.

"No. No, I mean….. Well, I'm glad it isn't…..blood money, but…. Is that seven zeros," she gasped, staring at the account balance.

"Oh. Yeah. Well, that's just the cash. You have a lot of properties, and investments you might want to review. Anyway, it's all yours."

Sherri surprised her when she closed the portfolio, and looked up at her. "What about you," she asked.


"Are you…..going to have to go…..back to jail?"

"Well, I don't really know. Yet. They're still arguing over that back at GJ. The harpy…. That is….Bets," she sighed, eyeing Kim's expression, "Is actually trying to keep me out of jail."

"Really? That's a surprise," Sherri blurted as they headed toward their quarters.

"Well, she's also afraid that on her own, Shari might decide to turn her back on us again," Kim added. "She doesn't always make good decisions on her own."

"Now, wait one minute, Princess," Shari blustered.

"I kind of got that feeling after reading about your….life," Sherri said with a faint frown. Then she smiled. "Although, you could make a case that she made taking some of those freaks down easier just by being there."

"Wait. Wait, wait, wait," Shari shook her head. "Are you trying to say you think I was….?"

Sherri grinned.

"I was evil," she sputtered.

"Was," Kim and her unlikely mother both echoed with matching smirks.

"Gah," she sputtered again. "I cannot believe you think…. I should….. Maybe I'll just leave, and take my presents with me," she huffed.

"No," Sherri yelped, and hugged her again. "Don't go."

"She's teasing," Kim told her. "She couldn't wait to get here herself."

"Then why did you stop in Tokyo?"

"Aside from apologizing to some big shots," Shari huffed, "I had a last minute gift to pick up."


"Want to see it?"

"Sure," Sherri grinned, and led her to her own quarters.

"Is your room with ours," Kim asked, eyeing the closed doors.

"Uh, no," Sherri sighed now as they approached the room Shari had been given.

"Where is it?"

"Did you see that little building at the far end of the compound?"

"The storage….? Ooooohhhhhhh," Kim murmured.

"Burned more than a few bridges, did we," Shari laughed at her.

"Shari," the younger woman groaned. "They were accidents. Well, mostly."

All three laughed over that one.

"So, what's the haul," Sherri asked as she eyed the packages in Shego's room.

"Now you two really sound alike," Kim teased.

"Watch it, Possible," Shari huffed. "Or you really won't get your gift."

"You got me…..?" Shari smirked.

"You didn't have to," Kim told her as Sherri eyed the packages that Shari was sifting.

"Never mind her," the woman told her daughter. "What did I get?"

Three outfits, and several personal items later, Shari held up one last box. "This one is…. Well, I know Henry took your costume. It was kind of dated, anyway, so….."

Sherri opened the box, and stared.

"I reversed the color scheme on it, so maybe people would notice the difference, and would realize you were the 'good' girl. I also got a higher grade plasma-resistant synthetic pleather, so it's tougher, but airier. More comfortable, too. You have five hidden pockets, matching boots and gloves, and a complete tool kit every…..hero needs."

Sherri, still wearing ninja gear just then, held up the bodysuit, and smiled.

"I love it," she smiled. "Thank you, Shari," she beamed, hugging the garment to her.

"That was pretty nice," Kim told her erstwhile rival.

"Oh, hey, you need to get your gizmo, too. Like we talked about."


"Yeah, Kim was helping some loopy inventor, and perfected a genetic decoder that can tell you if you have anything wrong, or anything to worry about. It worked on me, so she can check you, and ensure if you are okay now, or…..what. Especially after your….nap," Shari told her as Kim stood up.

"You want to try it now, or…..?"

"Now," both women barked.

"Wow. Impatient much," she grinned.

Both women glared.

"You two really are alike," she teased, and went out to her room, returning with a small tote from which she took out a small, silver briefcase.

"That little thing can really read my genetic structure, and stuff," Sherri asked as Kim opened the case to place the diodes on her temples via the 'crown,' before she activated the computer controls.

"It can, and does. Just sit still a few minutes, and when it finishes, I can tell you exactly what you have, or don't have to worry about."

"What did it tell you," Sherri asked her daughter as she sat there, feeling very subconscious.

"Uh, I've got augmented physiology, and green skin."

"She has a major melanin imbalance. The physiology is actually quite healthy, and she has nothing to worry about."


Kim explained about the photoreceptors in her cells, and how they were overloaded by the residual radiation she inherited from her mother. And how that was likely what caused her pigmentation.

"Can it be….fixed," she finally asked as Kim studied the binary code when the machine started chirping.

"Kim," Shari asked.

"No," she finally told her. "Your exposure didn't just leach the melanin in your cells, it all but vaporized it. You don't have any to work with."

"What about Shari," she asked quietly.

"Same as you," her daughter told her quietly before Kim could speak. "I was hoping it wouldn't be for you, but….. Hey, we are trendsetters," she smiled.

"Anything else," Sherri asked.

"Other than the fact you're a walking fusion reactor," Kim smiled. "No. Physiologically speaking, you're probably one of the healthiest people on the planet, Sherri. You have nothing to worry about. Nothing," she assured her as she closed down the decoder.

"No one else is going to see that, are they?"

"I've already deleted your profile," Kim assured her. "No one will ever know I even used it on you, or your daughter."

Sherri nodded.

"Well, the green skin still kind of sucks, but….. It's really a major relief to know I'm not going to be facing any other health issues."

"I think Henry's twins, and your own daughter have already proven that anyway," Kim added pointedly.

"Yeah. Yeah, they did," Sherri smiled. "Thanks, Kimberly."

"What," Shari asked.

"I just had a thought. You still have your costume? Right?"

"Well…. Yeah," Shari said quietly. "But I'm retired. It's kind of expected after all I….."

"You retired from evil," Sherri said with a smile.

"Hold on. Don't forget, you're the only Shego now. You…."

"I'm not saying you have to join Hego again. He is a lot more stuffy than I remembered," she grimaced.

"Tell me about it," Shari huffed.


"You Shego. Me, nobody," Shari reminded her.

"No. We're Shego."

"What," she and Kim both blurted.

"Well, think about it. If the twins can be Wego. We can both be Shego," she told her daughter with a grin. "Besides, I've been thinking it would be kind of cool fighting crime with you. And when I say you, I mean both of you," she smiled at Kim. "I've been reading up on you, too, and wow…. You didn't tell me half of what you do! You're just….. You're amazing!"

"No big," Kim smiled, making the older Shego growl indignantly.

"So, what do you say," Sherri beamed.

"Oh, no…..!"

"Actually, that sounds like a great idea," Kim agreed."

"Princess," the older Shego hissed. "Now wait one second…..!"

She and Sherri just smiled. Then their expression twisted into matching poults.

"Gah! When did you learn….? Stop that! Both of you," she demanded, and bolted from the room with a wordless cry.


"Hi, Marty."

The lawyer turned to stare at the window of his office where he was working late more out of a need to avoid his manic wife of late than any real need to work.

"Shego?" He blinked. "Wow. You look…..just like…. You look good," he caught himself.

"You don't. Look good, that is," she quipped. "Wow, you really let yourself go," she sniggered as she jumped into the window, and stepped down onto the carpeted floor to walk over to stand next to him.

"I'm glad….you're okay. I mean, you know, after I heard….about what happened. I always wondered…."

"I'll bet you did. I can see how broke up you were over me," he was told as the young woman sauntered around his desk, paused to pick up the less than flattering image of his wife, and smirked at him before she set it back down.


"It's Shego, Marty. I just came by to tell you something. Something important."

"Uh, sure," he said. "I was hoping….."

"I'm talking," she said, her tone cool, somber, and less than inviting. She almost sounded like Henry.

"Right," he grimaced. "You first."

"Walter told me you came by asking about me. And Shari."

"Yes, I was hoping…."

"My daughter doesn't know about you. I don't intend to tell her. Ever. Frankly, even I'm surprised at how big a loser you turned out to be. I can't believe I ever thought you mattered. At all. You obviously didn't think I did. Did you?"


"How fast did you marry after high school, Marty," she cut him off, her glittering eyes boring into his now.

Marty wisely said nothing.

"No. I won't tell her anything about you. She doesn't need anything from you, and neither do I. So do yourself a favor. Stay away from us. Don't even mention us. You won't like what I do if you bother my daughter."

"But…She's still my….. That is….our…."

"My daughter. Understand, Marty," she said, a glowing fist shook in his face before he shoved backwards to avoid the heat of that potentially lethal glow.

Martin groaned.

"Yes," he croaked, knowing Ella was going to hate him for caving. She was going to hate him a lot. Only he could survive her hate.

He wasn't so sure about surviving Sherri. She always did have a wicked temper. Aviarius had learned that the hard way recently from what he had heard.

"Good. Then we won't have to repeat this meeting. I, of course, was never here," she smirked at him as she went back to the window, her dark costume making her blend in with the shadows as she levered herself back out onto the sill. "Be smart, and remember to forget."

Martin shuddered as the girl simply jumped off the sill into the darkness beyond.

The fact he knew his office was on the sixth floor didn't stop her for a second. If that didn't tell him something about Sherri, nothing else would. She lived on a completely different level than he did. Or ever would. It was one thing to see Henry break things with unnatural ease. But Sherri just leapt out of a window six stories up like she had wings.

Then, too, he recalled all the stories of the 'other' Shego. All she had done.

He definitely didn't want either of them angry with him.

He glanced back at the window, and backpedaled, almost falling over as an older, more mature version of Sherri appeared in his office now.

"You're supposed to be my old man," the gruff, sardonic woman chortled as she walked over and stared down at him as he sagged in his chair as he slowly composed himself again.

"You…. That is…."

"Yeah, yeah. Mom's being proactive now that she's getting her head wrapped around the whole motherhood thingy," Shego said with a faintly sardonic tone. One that suggested she found it more than amusing.

"I was…. That is, I'm….."

"I know who you are, Marty. It wasn't hard to find out. I've been sneaking around longer than mom's been alive. Well, before she got frozen, anyway. I also know you're the little weasel that kept turning his back on me when Henry tried to get me legal representation in the past. And now you want to ooze your slimy way back into my family?"

"I…. I….."

"I talked to William."


"And I followed mom. She's still not as cautious as she should be. Nor half as sneaky as I can be."

Martin gave a weak smile.

"So, you're the old man," she repeated. "What a disappointment."


"Tell you what, pops. You forget I exist, and I'll return the favor."


"But if you ever hurt my mom again?"

Martin felt his chest knot.

"They won't even find the ashes," Shego told him as she smirked over her shoulder at him before she leapt out the window the same way her unlikely mother had done.

"Oh, hell," he rasped, clutching his chest, and wondering if he was really too young to have a heart attack.


"Restless," Kim asked when Shego/Shari walked back into the hotel to join her just after one in the morning.

"Yeah," Shego said. "I just, uh, needed to….stretch my legs."

"Uh-huh," Kim murmured knowingly. "What'd you find out?"

"I saw my father."


"I hope never to see him again," she grimaced. "I can't believe my mom ever let that guy touch her. Talk about….. Ugh," she said, wrinkling her nose.

"That bad?"


"Well, maybe he was better looking in high school," she suggested as she patted the couch next to her as she glanced back at the TV where a movie was playing on the television.

"So, what next, Possible? I mean, except for China, I've got the world off my neck, a new pardon, and even Bets says I'm pretty much on my own now."

"I guess that's up to you, Shego," she called her again.

"You know, I kind of liked it when you called me Shari."

"If that's what you want," Kim nodded. "So, you're staying honest?"

Shego smiled.

"Have to, Kimmie. Mom would kick my butt if I don't keep our name clean. I'm guessing that is one reason she came up with that cockamamie notion in the first place."

"Going back to Team Go?"

Shego's expression was far too familiar to mistake.

"You know, I do have an alternative suggestion. If you think it might help?"


"Yeah. Your mom's idea about joining me got me thinking."

"Princess," she growled.

"You never said no," Kim beamed.

Shego just sighed, and leaned back to stare at the TV.

"My rep is going to be so shot."

"So, make a new one," Kim told her.

Shego eyed her, and then murmured thoughtfully.


"…..And this time, I will finally put paid to that annoying redhead, and all her do-gooding friends!"

"Want to bet," someone asked from overhead as the small man in the strange helmet looked up to gape at the newcomer.

"Shego? What are you doing here? I heard you gave up villainy."

"Yep, I did," another voice remarked from behind him. "You should consider retiring, too, old man."

He turned to see another Shego standing next to his primary computer console, slamming a glowing fist through the controls to his sonic weapon that would have decimated whole mountains. And quite a few armies.

Only Shego had just ensured he could never turn it on.

"Two Shegos," he gaped. "How is this being possible?"

"Speaking of Possible," an all-too familiar voice sniggered as she dropped down from the smoldering canon of his ultra-low frequency sonic cannon. "I suggest we leave, before we all end up with headaches," the redhead told the two green women as the younger Shego made short work of the few henches who had tried to keep her from grabbing the hard drives out of the computer core that was already self-destructing thanks to the older Shego's direct intervention.

"This is impossible," Professor Dementor howled as he looked from Kim, to two Shegos, and saw his henches all running for the nearest exits.

"Haven't you heard," the younger Shego grinned. "Anything is possible…."

"For Team Possible," the other Shego sniggered.

"Okay, now it sounds a bit cocky," Kim muttered.

The dwarf screamed wordlessly as he tried to flee.

Only to run into Kim.

"I think you know how the rest of this goes," Kim added, even as she delivered a quick snap kick that sent him flying into a panel, and knocked him senseless.

"I remember how this goes," the older Shego declared as she grabbed up the unconscious man even as the sonic cannon began to vibrate alarmingly even as smoke and sparks surrounded it. "Let's blow this low-rent lair, before it blows."

"Lead the way," the Kim grinned at the younger girl, following her out as she balanced the hard drives in her hands she had been given.

"This is going to be fun," the younger Shego enthused as they raced for the exit.

"Doy," her daughter moaned, dragging her burden less than carefully behind her.

Kim only chortled.

She was right. It was going to be fun.


Miranda was still annoyed with Henry over going back to patrol the city again when she heard something in the living room. Sighing, she went to see what her boys were getting into now, and froze as she stared at the scene before her.

"Hi, mommy," Robbie said from under the couch.

The couch being held up in the air over his head by his brother Bobbie.

"We lost our cars," Bobbie beamed, the little boy grinning as his twin reclaimed the two racing cars that had rolled under the heavy couch.

Miranda never felt the floor when she passed out.

Never the End…..