"Jesus Christ, Kurt! Will you hurry up?" This boy I swear will be the death of me. "Jeff, shut up. You yelling at me will get us nowhere. I'm almost ready anyway" Good. "Hey Kurt? Do you think we will have any new kids an McKinley this year?" "Maybe, but I highly doubt it. I mean we haven't had very many new kids." Yeah I know, but why can't a really hot, gay, musical guy come to our school? "Yeah, I guess you're right. I'm just tired of seeing the same old faces all the damn time, ya know?" Why is he smirking at me? What a creep. "Why are you looking at me like that?" Why is he laughing? "N-nothing Jeff. I-You want this hot, gay, musical guy to show up at McKinley and sweep you off your feet now don't you? If so, then sweetie you better keep wishing." Asshat. "Yes asshole I know, and holy shit can you read minds or something?" That's pretty cool. Is he like superhuman? No Jeff. Stop being stupid.
"No, now let's go." "Are you sure, is your hair perfect enough, or is your outfit clean enough. KURT I THINK I SEE LINT!" "SHUT UP, JEFF!" "Okie Dokie Pokie! Why are we going to a mall all the way out in Westerville anyway?" Yeah Kurt. Hm, hm, hm? "It's huge, biggest mall I've ever been in!" "Okay well let's go before I change my mind"

Wow, he wasn't kidding when he said the mall was huge! There has to be like 800 stores in here. I hope there is a Gap….. "See Jeff! I told this mall was huge! I'm in shopping heaven, I swear to you!" He's twirling around….. "Kurt, stop you are embarrassing me!" "Oh ha, sorry" You better be….. "What was that?" Oh shit I said that out loud? "N-nothing…" "Whatever" Let's go to the Gap, Gap, Gap! "Kurt, I need pants let's go to the Gap!" "Okay come on" This mall is really crowded my god, but the Gap is so empty just like 2 other guys are in here. One happens to be mighty fine; shorter, with brown hair, really nice ass too.. "Jeff, you're drooling" what? oh shit I actually am. How attractive…. "Haha sorry" "IT'S OKAY JEFF. YOU CAN STARE AT ANY CUTE BRUNETTES YOU WANT TO!" Oh hell to the no this boy did not just do that to me…. "Kurt, I'm going to kill you. Really really painfully." Now Mr. Sexy Pants is staring. Thanks Kurt. Make me seem like a creep why don't you? "Jesus Kurt you are just as bad, staring at Curly Q over there." Just walk away, lucky for me I have to stand next to them to find pants…. woo. "I'll be over there finding pants." "Have fun dear! But remember, you can't have his pants!" Oh god. "Shut it." How come pants in my size have to be on the bottom shelf. God these shelves are so short, only short person friendly I tell you. "HEY BLONDIE NICE ASS!" "Wha- OW FUCK MY HEAD!" Great I just hit my head in front of Mr. Sexy Pants and he's laughing at me. This is so embarrassing. "Shut it Hummel or I'll burn every single vogue magazine you have" Ha, that got him to shut up. Wow, this guy has such a nice ass! Come on Jeff, you have to look aw- "Jeff! You have to be more discrete when you check out someone who is r-" Two can play at this game! "Shut up, Kurt! Verbally assaulting you best friend isn't going to make Curly Q like you!" Oh no the bitch glare. He's walking closer… time to finish the show. "Well boys, I gotta run!" And I fucking hauled ass out of that store.

He's really telling the Gap story again, Jesus Christ. Why is Berry running towards us? "GUYS GUYS! WE HAVE TWO NEW STUDENTS!" "Are they joining Glee Club?" "Yes Jeff! WHY WOULD I CARE IF THE WEREN'T!" Meooow, someone is catty this morning. "What are their names?" "Nicholas Duval and Blaine Anderson" I hope they are gay….. looks like Kurt does, too. "Well, come on they are trying out right now! HURRY! HURRY!" Get your panties out of a twist, damn. Walking to the choir room I just let my mind race, the one thing on my mind most was if the 2 guys were gay "Mr. Schue if I may say something before they start? I am Rachael Berry lead soloist fo-" "Rachael, can it" "DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO JEFF!"
Wait a second…. Mr. Sexy Pants and Curly Q are here? Oh my god, please kill me now. I really hope they don't recognize me…


-This is my first niff and first fanfic ever. I may or may not continue it. If I do it will be in many different perspectives. Tell me what you think. c:-