Jeff was having an awful morning, to put it in simple terms. He woke up 30 minutes late, tripped over his own feet, got toothpaste on his shirt and to add on Kurt was bugging him about being at his boyfriend's house till 10 the night before.

"My god Jeff! I just want to know what you two did yesterday…" Kurt droned on.

"GOD DAMMIT KURT! WE WATCHED MOVIES!" Jeff felt terrible for yelling at Kurt but he also didn't care at the same time.

"Fine Sterling. I can just ask Nick" Kurt strutted out to the vehicle to wait for Finn and Jeff.

"Jeesh, just leave me alone" Jeff mumbled under his breath. Finn walked up to him and patted him on the shoulder and smiled dragging him out to the car.

-School Hallways

Jeff's morning got not better at school. Finn and Kurt went ahead of him, per his request. As soon as he walked through the hallway in front of the Choir Room he was hit with a freezing cold cherry slushy.

As all the football players laughed, Jeff walked into the choir room to change and wash up.

"Oh god babe, are you okay?" Nick asked, concern filling his eyes.

"Fucking perfect." Jeff snapped.

Nick didn't say another word and helped him clean up, afterward giving him a small peck on the cheek.

"Nicky, I'm sorry for snapping at you… I just haven't had the ideal morning." Jeff felt truly bad for snapping at his boyfriend.

Nick simply smiled and grabbed Jeff's hand and pulled him to sit down. When the two sat down Kurt asked Nick about the night before.

"We just watched movies. What do you think we did?" Nick's voice dripping with innocence.

"Well Nick, next time don't fall asleep and make me worry." Nick nodded and winked at Jeff.

"So you didn't tell him?" Nick spoke only to where Jeff could hear. Jeff chuckled softly.

"Hell no, he'd go ape shit. He's a gossipy one I tell you." Nick chuckled and pecked Jeff on the cheek.

"You don't regret it do you?" Nick's voice was still barely at a whisper.

"Regret blowing you? No." Jeff looked up to see Nick blushing and to hear that the room was dead silent. Santana ran full speed at Jeff and tackled him into a hug.

"MY GAYBY IS GROWING UP!" Santana shrieked, crushing Jeff into a hug. No one realized when Finn got up and pinned Nick to the wall.

"What the fuck is your problem, Duval?" Finn didn't wait for an answer when he kneed Nick right in the balls causing Nick to shout in pain and fall to the floor. Jeff ran over to Nick and started to apologize.


"He made you give him a blow job Jeff! And you're apologizing."

Jeff couldn't help but laugh. "Finn, I never thought you were this stupid… Nick didn't make me give him a blowjob." Puck, Santana, and Mercedes let out loud cat calls.

Finn just started wide-eyed at the blond boy. Jeff had already put his full attention back onto Nick.

"Nicky, I'm so sorry about Finn… are you okay?" Jeff knew it was a stupid question, but he asked anyway.

Nick nodded and winced while he stood up. "I'm fine." He gave Jeff a reassuring smile.

Nick and Jeff walked towards their 1st period... that is until someone started a fight.

Really this is just a filler chapter, give me some suggestions on what you want to see for the future.