Jeff sat on his Bike waiting for his sister to come out of the school building. The bell had just rang 2 minutes before. He sighed.

"Whats always taking her?" He asked him self. He than saw Mariah walk out talking to her freind, Zoe Drake.

"So, It Exploded in his face?" Zoe asked her.

"Yeah,Thats what happened. But it hasn't happened to you yet, so maybe thats a good sign." Mariah Replied. Zoe Made a Nervous laugh.

"Yeah, Maybe. Well, see ya." Zoe waved goodbye, and walked of over to Rex and Max.

"What was that about?" Jeff asked.

"Just telling her what happened to my old Lab partner."

"I don't think she needed to know that."

"Oh, Well." She hoped on her bike, and they rode off into the woods. They reached their usual hang out spot, a little shaded area near the lake. They leaned their bikes up against a tree.

"You hear about those dinosaur sightings latly?"Jeff asked.

"Who hasen't? Their all over the place. and as fast as they appear, they disappear."

" Another thing, you remember that gameshow that Zoe was on? A Utahraptor appeared there. And when the city was attacked by that one with the Big claws? I saw her and her friends run by on TV."


"So I think their involved."

"I think your pairanoid."

"I am not."

"Are too."

"What ever." Suddenly he saw something wash up on the bank."Hm?" He walked over to it and picked it up. It was a metal egg shaped object, with a large zig-zag going through the middle.

"What is it?"Mariah Asked.

"Its some kinda weird Egg." Another was laying next to it, Mariah noticed and pick it up and they opened them. Inside each was an odd stone and 2 cards. Mariahs had a flaming symbol on hers, and Jeff had what appeared to be wind.

"Whats up with this?" Jeff wondered, he looked at the cards, one had a pictue of a dinosaur on it, the other had a Dinosaur attacking another."Thats weird, Dinosaurs. I Think this ones a Gojirasaurus. And the one on yours looks like a Daspletosaurus. It was a relitive of the T-Rex, I think."

"Maybe their game peices or something."

"Why would peices of a game be floating around in a lake?" He looked at his card, then at hers. He smiled" Wind beats Fire."

"No, it doesn't."

"Yes it does. You just blow it out. Like this." He blew on the card, which then suddenly started glowing. "What the Hell?" He dropped the card, and he and Mariah backed away, and They coudn't believe their eyes, as the Gojirasaurus on the card came to life, and Roared.