Jeff and Mariah backed away from the Gojirasaurus, which let out a hiss apon seeing the 2 people standing in front of it.
"Bail, Man!" Mariah yell as she turned and Ran away. Jeff took several steps back, then hit a rock, and fell on his rear. He looked up at the 18 foot carnivorous creature standing over him. It growled, looking straight at him.

"Easy, Big guy. You don't wanna eat me, I barely have any meat on me! All Skin and bones!" Jeff said to it. The dinosaur tilted its Head, confused. Jeff realized it was looking at the Wind stone in his hand. "Your not gonna hurt me are you big guy?" Jeff stood up, and the Gojirasaurus back up, allowing him to get up. He looked at his stone, then back at the dinosaur. It let out a gentle growl.

"Jeff! What are you doing? Get away from that thing!" Mariah Called.

"I don't think he'll hurt us. Well me at least, I think Because I have his stone." He reached out his hand hesitantly. The Gojirasaurus leaned in and sniffed the palm of his hand, then licked it, much like a dog would, then let out a hacking sound, it didn't seem to like the taste.

"See, he won't hurt us." Mariah walked over slowly, still cautious of the dinosaur. It looked at her, and tilted its head again. She reached her brother and looked at the Gojirasaurus.

"Are you sure?" She asked.

"I have the stone, it had the same symbol on the card. I think they go together." Mariah looked at it.

"Kinda small for a Dinosaur, don't ya think?" She asked. At that, the Gojirasaurus let out a deep, angry growl. They both backed up.

"I don't think he likes that word." Jeff said, sweat rolling down his neck. Mariah laughed nervously.

"D-Did I say small? I-I Meant Tall! Yeah! Your pretty tall!" She said. The Dinosaur seemed to calm down after that. Jeff walked over to it, and petted its head. It then nuzzled him, letting out a purr-like growl.

"Your not so bad are ya big guy? Hmm... Gojirasaurus means 'Godzilla Lizard'. Its named after the movie Monster. You know what? I'll call you Zilla." Mariah looked at her brother.

"Are you serious? Your gonna keep it?"

"Why not?"

"How about the fact that is a Freakin' Dinosaur!"

Meanwhile, At the D-Lab, a computer screen light up, a red light pointing out a location on a map. Max, Rex and Zoe ran in.

"Reese! Wheres the Dinosaur?" Max asked Zoe's older sister.

"Right Here in the local woods." She replied.

"Alright guys! lets go!" Max said as he and the gang ran to the teleporter pad. They each pressed a button on their Dinobracers, teleporting them to the woods. When they arrived, there was nothing to be seen but trees.
"Alright, guys," Rex said, "Keep you Eyes peeled." They suddenly heared a loud Roar, and they ran toward the sound of it, when they reached the sorce, they were shocked to see a Gojirasaurus standing in front of 2 teenagers. Zoe Realized who they were.

"Mariah! Jeff! Get away from there!" She yelled. They both looked over at them confused.

"Hey, Zoe, Calm down, Zilla's alright." Jeff said.

"Zilla?" Max asked.

"Thats what I named him." Rex noticed the wind stone in Jeffs hand.
"Did you summon it?" Rex asked.

"Huh? Yeah I guess. I just found the Card and the stone, and now I guess this thing likes me. Mariah got one too. We Just don't know how to get hers to work." Max ,Rex and Zoe Looked at each other.

"Should we tell them?" Zoe asked Max and Rex.

"Why not? If they touched the stones already, they can only be used by them, Right?" Max asked.

"But I thought all the stones were collected, We had three, the Alpha Gang had the other three. I didn't know there were more then one of each element." Rex said.

"We'll figure that out later. Right now, we should show them how to call Zilla back before the Alpha Gang get his signal." Max said.

"Good point." Rex said. He looked over to Jeff. "Hey Jeff."


"You see that dial on the bottom of your stone?" Jeff looked.


"Twist it."

"Okay." He did so, and Zilla suddenly glowed and turned backl into a card, and zoomed into Jeff hand. "Whoa, Wild. How did you know that would work?"

"We got experiance, Now try sliding the card down across the dials." He did, and the card zoomed down to the ground, and turned into what appeared to be a smaller version of Zilla.

"Wow, awesome!" Jeff exclaimed.

"No way! He got smaller!" Mariah said, and at that, Zilla jumped up and bit Her on the top on the head, she screamed and ran around trying to yank him off, everyone else couldn't help but laugh.

"So, you mind telling me how you know this stuff?" Jeff asked. They smiled.

"Follow us, and we'll explain on the way." Zoe said, and they walked away towards the D-Lab, with Mariah not far Behind, still trying to yank Zilla off.