There was a hushed silence. No one spoke. No one made a move. Sasuke's speed was incredible. He jumped from above them in the blink of an eye, and he now had one arm resting on Naruto's shoulder, the other on his hip near his katana. Naruto's blue eyes were wide. The other boy's words were swimming in his head.

'You're alive because of my whim. Our bonds are broken…broken…'

"Maybe I should finish what I started, ne, Naruto?" The Uchiha's voice sounded teasing…playful…it made Naruto sick to his stomach. How could he go back to the village without Sasuke? If he couldn't save him…

"How can I be Hokage, if I can't even save my best friend…my most important person?" He whispered in Sasuke's ear. "Go ahead. Do it." He rested his temple against Sasuke's, an intimate gesture that the other spectators picked up on.

Sakura knew. She'd known for a long time. Surpisingly, it made her fight that much harder to get Sasuke back. Naruto deserved to be happy…but why was Sasuke doing this? She didn't know what they were saying, they were speaking in hushed whispers. But, judging by the look on Naruto's face, it wasn't good. She took a brave step forward.

"Sasuke-kun, please. We…we love you! Come back to us. We can help you grow stronger, we can help you defeat Itachi! You have a life in Konoha! You have people who…who love you!" She exclaimed, pouring her heart and soul into every word. She watched as he smirked, pressing his cheek roughly against Naruto's.

"Did you hear that, Naruto. I have people who love me." He hissed patronizingly. "Love makes you weak. I don't need useless bonds such as that." He moved his lips to Naruto's ear. "I know what kind of love you have for me, Naruto. And frankly, I'm disgusted."

"Cut the act, teme. I know that's not true. I was awake all those nights, you know." He smiled as he heard Sasuke's breath hitch in his throat. "I was awake, and I watched you stare at me. I felt your fingertips, brushing back my bangs. I heard you whispered all those words, I don't even think you knew what they meant."

"Naruto…" Sasuke warned in a low voice.

"Naruto, will you save me? I don't want this for myself…but I'm conflicted. I have to…" Naruto repeated Sasuke's words back tohim, making the raven tighten his grip on his arm. "My heart belongs to you…but I have to repopulate my clan. That one hurt me the most. It's like dangling it in front of my face, but not letting me have it. How could you possibly think you could say those things, and have me not react like this? How could you not expect me to fight tooth and nail to bring you back."

"N-Naruto…" The Uchiha's voice was pained now. He sounded like he was about to crack. Yes, he'd snuck into Naruto's room through that rickety door that lead to his balcony. Yes, he'd sat beside the blonde while he slept, whispering his insecurities to what he thought was his sleeping blonde. But now that those words were out in the open…what was he to do? Did Naruto feels those things, too? He'd always been so interested in Sakura…Sasuke never even bothered to fathom what it would be like to actually be with Naruto. To him, it was always some far-off fantasy that was impeding his drive to seek revenge on Itachi. But it was almost reality now…he could taste it…

"Sasuke-kun…please come back with us." Sakura didn't come any closer. She knew this really ought to be a private moment between her teammates…but she wanted Naruto to know that she supported him. She always would, no matter what.

"Please…" Naruto whispered that one, tiny word in Sasuke's ear. It was like his whole world was sucked up into that one syllable, spoken by this one young man that would without a doubt be his salvation. Slowly, despite himself and all he'd set out to do…Sasuke nodded.

Happy tears slid down Naruto's face, and Sakura felt like her heart just might explode.


"Tsunade! You never said he'd be kept in a cell!" Naruto screamed, his eyes holding betrayal for the woman sitting in front of him, seemingly safe behind her desk. She pinched the bridge of her nose in annoyance. She was about to raise her head and cuss out the immature brat in front of her, until she saw the look on his face. His big, blue eyes were swimming with tears, and distrust. Umino Iruka, who was standing beside her next to Hatake Kakashi, recognized that look right away. He hadn't seen it on his young students face since he was very young, but it was the same expression the blonde used to have when he was face with the hateful villagers of Konoha. It broke his heart to see it again.

"Gaki, please listen…try to understand-" Tsunade began, but Naruto quickly cut her off.

"Don't call me that! I don't want you to call me by that nickname! And I won't 'try to understand'! Understand what? That you lied to me! You said he could come back…and now he's in prison? Awaiting trial? THAT COULD RESULT IN CAPITOL PUNISHMENT?" The blond screamed again, clutching his hair. "HE COULD DIE!"

"Naruto-kun, it's very unlikely that he will be put to death. He went under duress." Kakashi supplied, trying to ease the tension. That did little to sate Naruto's fears. He removed Tsunade's necklace from around his neck, and slammed it on her desk.

"I will never trust you again!" He hissed, before whipping around, and stalking out of the office. He didn't stop until he was in the basement of the Hokage Tower. Where Sasuke was. In his cell. Said raven was laying on his tiny cot, staring up at the ceiling. When he heard footsteps, he sat up. When he saw who it was, his face instantly brightened.

"Naruto," he began, but when he took in the blonde's current state, he knew something was wrong. "Have you been crying?"

Naruto gripped the bars of the holding cell, his knees having failed him. "Sh-She lied to me! Tsunade lied to me! She promised me that we could bring you back, and everything would be okay again! Any now you're in here! And nothing's okay!" He sobbed. Sasuke approached him, and reached out to touch his tearstained cheek gently.

"Naruto, I knew this would happen. It's just for a little while. They need to be sure I won't do anything, it's standard procedure. You're thinking the worst…you never do that! What's gotten into you, Usuratonkachi?" He said; worry seeping into his normally stoic voice. He truly, honestly cared for the young man in front of him. Naruto put his hand over Sasuke's, the intimate gesture calming him a little bit.

"I don't want to lose you…not again!" He leaned in to Sasuke's touch like it was the only thing anchoring him to the Earth. "If they take you from me…I'll never forgive them!"

Sasuke frowned. "Nothing will happen to me. You forget…I'm an Uchiha. They can't put me to death…hell, I'll flash them a smile, and they'll make me a friggen Jonin." He joked, waggling his eyebrows. He inwardly cringed at how ridiculous he sounded, but he really wanted to cheer his blonde up. Said boy laughed through his tears, his big blue eyes staring into Sasuke's black ones.

"Man…you're full of yourself." He teased.

It was good to have him back.

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