When Kisame pressed his lips against the eldest Uchiha's, he couldn't shake the feeling that something was very wrong. Maybe it was the fact that he was more than ten years older than the boy? Or, the fact that the raven haired prodigy was crying into the kiss and gripping Kisame's night shirt so hard, it was likely to tear? He pulled away.

"Itachi-sama. We really shouldn't do this. I'm a grown man…and you're just a boy. You're only 19! And I…Itachi-sama?"

The grip on Kisame's shirt tightened painfully. Itachi's eyes were squeezed shut tightly, but tears were falling from underneath them in a stready rhythm. His small shoulders were shaking violently with sobs. Kisame just didn't know what to do.

"Y-You…y-you promised! H-Have I already d-disgusted you? I-Is it…all the blood on my hands? I…I know they're not clean…I kn-know I'm not clean…but I am a virgin, Kisame-kun. I'm not dirty th-there…" He whimpered. He crawled forward, straddling Kisame's broad, muscular thighs. He was so small compared to the blue-skinned man. Kisame brought his arms around the small boy, cradling him against his chest.

"Itachi…you…hey, listen! I don't think you're dirty. Far from it. I think you're really upset right now. You're not Dirty. I'm not disgusted by you." He said soothingly.

Itachi began to kiss a trail up Kisame's broad neck. "Prove it…" He whispered over hot skin. "Prove it to me. Show me you don't think I'm disgusting. Touch me…Kisame." He rocked his hips forward, against the other man's groin. He could feel that Kisame was hard…that he wanted this. "Don't deny what you feel, Kisame-kun."

"Itachi. Will you please listen to me? You're tired. You're upset…and you're delirious. I don't think you're disgusting. I am not repulsed by you. And I will prove it. By lying here with you while you sleep off whatever's gotten in to you. Now please…" He maneuvered them so they were lying down, Itachi wrapped up in Kisame's strong arms. Itachi's wild eyes were searching Kisame's yellow orbs for any sign of betrayal. Finding none, he closed shifted and got comfortable. Right before the raven haired boy fell asleep, Kisames kissed his forehead softly.


After a long hard day of training, Naruto was ready to come home and relax. What made it even sweeter was the fact someone was waiting for him there. Sasuke was on house arrest for the next couple of months, and he was staying in Naruto's apartment. As the blonde raced home, he couldn't help but picture Sasuke in an apron, cooking for him. He knew it was bogus, but he laughed at the thought. If anything, he'd be the one to cook for the raven. He'd do anything for him.

As he threw open the door to his apartment, he found a sight he thought he'd never see. Sasuke was, indeed, in the kitchen. Cooking. He didn't have an apron on, but he was still cooking. And, but the smell of it…it was ramen. Naruto heard the raven chuckle.

"Welcome home, Naruto." He greeted him. Naruto walked into the kitchen, and wrapped his arms around Sasuke, so they were standing chest to back. He kissed the top of Sasuke's head. "I didn't peg you for the domestic type." He teased. Sasuke smiled.

"My fondest memories of my mother are of her in the kitchen. It's nice to be able to do the things she did for me, for someone precious to me. Like cook you your favorite food after you've trained all day." He sounded so…sweet. Naruto pulled away a little bit, letting Sasuke turn around to face him.

"Sasuke…what's gotten in to you?" Naruto muttered. He was being so…so un-Sasuke. It was sort of scaring him. The Uchiha smiled sadly.

"You saved me, Naruto. Saved me from doing something I would have regretted. You've shown me what forgiveness is. What true strength is. I'm not saying that I am forgiving…him…but I am saying that Mother wouldn't have wanted me to poison myself with the thought of revenge." He lay his head against Naruto's chest. "She would have loved you, Naruto. I wish she could have met you."

Naruto's blue eyes welled up tears, and he hugged the Uchiha so tightly, it must have hurt. But Sasuke squeezed him back just as hard, wishing for this moment to never end. But it had to…because the ramen was boiling over.



Deidara woke up alone. As he rubbed his tired eyes, he called out for him.

"Danna? Danna, are you there? Hmm."

He got no reply. As he sat up, and actually looked around the room, he noticed something shocking. All of Sasori's things were gone. He clothes from the closet they shared, his tools from the desk…all of his half-finished puppets that usually hung on the walls. Even his bedding was gone. Panic set in Deidara's chest.

"What…?" He murmured. He got up, still in his boxers, and went to his door, throwing it open. He looked up and down the hallway, and noticed the only person in the hallway was Uchiha Itachi.

"Hey. Teme. Have you…uh…seen Sasori-sempai?" He asked begrudgingly. Itachi turned around…and the look on his face was sympathetic. Almost hurt.

"Early this morning he requested a new partner. He moved into the spare room." Itachi said in a hushed voice, walking closer to Deidara's door. He noticed the look on the blondes face. Something had happened. "Do you…want to talk? I know…we haven't been close or…even friends. But, I can be here for you. I can talk to you."

Deidara was so lost. He nodded briskly, despite himself. He needed to…talk to someone. He stepped to the side, and let Itachi come inside his room. Deidara collapsed on his bed, his head in his hands.

"I fucked up." He murmured, running his hands through his hair. Itachi sat down next to him.

"What happened?" Itachi offered. He was trying very hard to be friendly. To be normal.

Deidara sighed nervously, tugging on his blonde ponytail. "We…we had sex last night. And I thought everything went good…I though he liked it…and before we fell asleep, I said 'I love you'…maybe that was it…Maybe that was what…"

"You said you loved him?" Itachi murmured. He knew Sasori's background. Love didn't really fit into the equation. He had been in Akatsuki longer than the blonde. He knew the ins and outs of the other members.

"Yeah…and you want to know the really fucked up part? I meant it."

Itachi patted his back. This would be hard on the blonde…