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Part Nine


"NO!" Donna screamed; and continued to do so until she raced over to Cobb. She lashed out, slapping him hard as she shouted at him, "You bastard! You shot my daughter! She was unarmed, you gutless utter bastard!"

It was only then that she realised why he hadn't tried to attack her in retaliation; he was being held down doggedly by his fellow soldiers.

The Doctor had reached Jenny's side milliseconds before Martha did. She frantically pressed down on the wound, her experience in A&E all too evident. "Doctor, you'll have to let go of her so that I can deal with her wounds properly," Martha told him firmly.

He released his hold and strode over to Cobb, glaring as he picked up the abandoned weapon and handed it over to another soldier, far from Cobb. "You may want to destroy all," the Doctor told Cobb, "but I would rather build a new world." With that he reached over and smashed the globe-like icon on the pedestal that they had all been drawn to look at.

As colours swirled all around them, Donna said in awe, "That's beautiful! It's changing everything."

"It was meant to. Biological engineering that kick starts the life force here. Or better known as the Breath of Life according to the panel we walked passed," the Doctor said as he joined her.

"Doctor, we need to get Jenny to the medbay as soon as possible! She's losing a lot of blood," Martha called out.

"We'll save her," the Doctor promised Donna in a whisper. "Nobody else dies today."

Fortunately some soldiers rushed forward with a makeshift stretcher. With a determined air, they picked Jenny up and carried her to the TARDIS.

After what seemed like hours later, having administered blood plasma supplied by the TARDIS that would normally be used for the Doctor himself, and removing the offending bullet from Jenny's body, it became a waiting game to see whether she would pull through or not. Martha had gone to rest for a short while to get a drink and power nap, leaving the Doctor to oversee things, and Donna to supervise him. She had felt that things were going as well as could be expected, but the new parents were panicking as much as she would have anticipated. Martha couldn't blame them because it had been very close at one point whether or not Jenny would survive. But Martha would not have walked away, however how temporary, unless she felt that things could get dramatically better. Her experience in A&E was proving to be invaluable.

Later on, Martha entered the medbay to find all was quiet and the Doctor and Donna were firmly snuggled up together in a large comfortable chair that the TARDIS had provided for them. Both were sound asleep, clasping each other; obviously tired out after their emotional day. She smiled at them in understanding as she turned her attention onto her patient.

Jenny was doing well, according to the readings the TARDIS was giving Martha. Vitals signs were much stronger, the botched together blood transfusion, containing elements of the Doctor and Donna's blood, had held and the tissue around the bullet wound was healing very nicely. That Time Lord DNA was finally paying off for Jenny; and them, her parents. Martha didn't think she would get the sight of Donna crying distraughtly out of her head in a hurry; so thank goodness the girl had pulled through. There was little doubt in Martha's mind that Donna would have suffered more than grief if Jenny had died; that girl meant so much to her. To the pair of her parents come to that, judging by the Doctor's frantic actions earlier.

The Doctor stirred, changing position in the chair ever so slightly, so Martha went over to gently touch his arm. "Why don't you two get off to bed? I can take over now, and Jenny is progressing well," she suggested to him.

He snuffled awake, looked lost for a few seconds and then beamed at her. "She is? That's marvellous! Thank you, Martha." He then tenderly caressed Donna's cheek to wake her. "Come on, Mrs Smith. Let's get you properly into bed," he crooned at her.

"What?" Donna jumped awake and blinked blearily at Martha. "Hello, Martha. Is there any news?"

"Yes, and all of it good. Now get to bed; that's an order," Martha told her with a chuckle. "I'll be here keeping an eye on things. I promise to keep you informed if anything changes."

Donna gratefully kissed Martha's cheek as she stood up, assisted by the Doctor. "We'll see you later then," she bade her farewell.

Martha watched them both saunter down the corridor towards a bedroom, hand in hand and in much healthier spirits than earlier then when they'd first entered the medbay.

They continued to enjoy walking hand in hand until they stopped outside Donna's bedroom and she looked at him shyly. "I suppose we ought to have that talk now… unless you're in a hurry to get to your own room," she suggested anxiously.

"No; no I'm not in any hurry," he confirmed. "I also think a talk would be good." He followed her in through the door and asked, "Where do you want to do this?"

"On the bed…," she began to say, but he had already clambered onto the bed to lie back on her pillows and had started to toe off his converses before the words were hardly out of her mouth. She briefly frowned at him.

"What?" he demanded, and patted the bed beside him in invitation. "Come and talk to me."

An amused smile flittered across her features. "So… what do you have to tell me?" she asked as she walked nearer. She allowed her hands to be captured by him and used to pull her down onto the bed beside him. He took no time in wrapping his arms around her body to draw her closer still.

"First of all, I'm sorry I wasn't there for you in any shape or form when you found out about the pregnancy. It was unforgiveable really. Especially when you consider that I should have been there to support you when your dad died," he began.

"I've already told you that I don't blame you. It was John who made those promises to me, not you; so there was no way I would expect you to do any more than you did," she answered as she adjusted her clothing so that she could lie down comfortably with him.

He sighed slightly in exasperation. "That child was mine, and I missed out on feeling pleased about their existence for even a few seconds. I shall always regret that."

"It was John's child…," she started to protest, but he quickly interrupted her.

"My child," he insisted. Unable to resist any longer, he reached out to caress her cheek in exactly the same way John had done. "My child, with you," he said more softly. "Did you know that I planned on proposing to you that night?"

"You did?" Donna then shook her head as if that could clear it properly. "I'm so confused; you're talking as though you are John but I know that I'm lying here talking to the Doctor."

"Let's try explaining it in a different way, since I'm getting nowhere fast here. What do you remember about the journal you were given to read in the flat?" he asked instead of telling her something.

"Well, I remember all the adventures and all the illustrations," she replied.

He brought his hands up to her head and wove a hand in through her tresses, so that he could play with a lock of her hair. "And who were you surprised to see in there?"

She thought very carefully. "There were all sorts of weird and wonderful creatures, and there were lots of people I didn't know. Oh, I saw me drawn near the back. That took me by surprise; and John said…"

"What did I say?" he encouraged her with a whisper.

"That the Doctor was so in love with me," she said in realisation. "But… but…?"

"John Smith is me, and I am him. Do you understand now?" He guided her mouth closer so that he could ghost his lips over her flesh. "The only difference is confidence; but you made me as John confident that I was capable of anything as long as you loved me."

She let out a sob of relief as she clutched his collar. "Then you're my John? You really are! Obviously there were similarities when I saw you peeping through, but I thought I was mad for loving you," she confessed. "And I thought you'd think I was mad for trying to find you."

"Far from mad," he commented gleefully. "I thought it was bloody marvellous of you; and I have missed being able to do this with you so much, my love."

They shared hesitant, tender kisses that quickly became fervent as their pent up desires broke through. So much had happened when they had needed such comfort from each other, and now, finally, they were able to ask and take it.

"Hello sleepyhead," Martha greeted Jenny softly when her eyes fluttered open. "We've been worried about you."

Jenny readily accepted the sip of water Martha offered her before croakily asking, "Where are Mum and Dad?"

"Getting some much needed sleep," Martha informed her. "I told them to go, so no thinking they'd run off and abandoned you. In fact they only went to bed about fifteen minutes ago; they've been here the whole time, looking over you."

Jenny mentally checked her body parts and then tentatively asked, "What did you have to do?"

Martha smiled reassuringly at her. "First we had to remove a bullet from your chest, second we had to stem the blood flow, and third we had to replace some of the blood that you lost. That part was no easy feat, seeing as you are part human and part Time Lord. But we did it in the end, and luckily you inherited some superior healing powers along with your DNA otherwise I'm not sure you'd still be with us."

"Wow!" Jenny exclaimed. "Thank you, Martha Jones."

Martha snickered. "You are very welcome, Jenny erm… What's the rest of your name? Are you Jenny Smith or Jenny Noble?"

"I don't know," Jenny admitted. "Although Dad kept calling Mum 'Mrs Smith' for a while."

Martha patted her hand. "Then I'd say it's up to you what name you want to use, seeing as you're the one who'll have to live with it."

Jenny thought for a few seconds. "What's the custom with this matter?"

"Well, if your parents are married then it's easy; you take your dad's surname. But they aren't, then you tend to take your mum's name," Martha supplied.

"Are my parents married?" Jenny inevitably asked.

"You tell me," Martha answered with a shrug. "I lost track of their relationship. For all I know they could have got married on some planet or other and not bothered to tell me."

Jenny laughed as Martha helped her sit up in the bed. She felt sure Martha was joking with her; she was beginning to get the hang of these things called jokes now.

"Martha, can I ask you something as a doctor?" Jenny hesitantly asked her as Martha checked her physical signs. When Martha seemed to acquiesce, Jenny continued with her question. "What exactly is a pregnancy for, and why didn't Dad explain about the baby?"

"You don't know?" Martha wondered.

"There are a lot of things I don't know; like, why does Dad keep pushing his mouth onto Mum at every opportunity when he thinks I'm not looking. I tried it once with a guard but it didn't do anything for me, and Dad was very annoyed. Does it have to be done in secret, or is it in shame?"

"Neither; but it is a private activity that is meant to be pleasurable," Martha explained, but Jenny was nowhere near convinced by the look of things. "Kissing is done to bond and to arouse the female so that she is receptive for sex," Martha tried stating matter of factly instead. "Sex is the creative act of producing a baby, before you ask; and the process of maturation is called a pregnancy. I'll find some books on it in the TARDIS library for you later."

"Thank you!" Jenny answered with a grateful smile. "So, are my parents are creating a new baby at the moment? The place will be overrun with them if they are not careful."

"Don't worry, Jenny. I'm sure they have things in hand," Martha placated her whilst wanting to chuckle at her naivety.

Resisting staying in the TARDIS was beginning to be seem like the boring future option.



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