He watched the clock all night, and when it finally moved to 8:16, the widest smile broke out over his face. She stayed. She was still here. He went to bed happy for the first time in weeks.

The next morning, he got up extra early and got away from his mom so he could make a stop on the way to school. He reached the diner just as it opened, sat down, and carefully counted out enough money to buy a hot chocolate.

"Here, Ruby," he said, giving her just enough to cover the cost of the beverage plus a quarter extra as a tip. "You need to give Emma some hot chocolate when she comes down here."

"OK, Henry, whatever you want."

"Oh, and you have to put cinnamon in it."

Ruby quirked an eyebrow. "Cinnamon?"

"Yeah. She'll like it. You'll see."

When Emma came down at last, he sat quietly in his chair and waited for her to figure out the cocoa was from him. Instead, she thought it was from Graham. Henry mentally made a note to keep an eye on the Sheriff (that's my mom, back off), and piped up.

"I did," he chirped, delighting in Emma's surprise. "I like cinnamon too."

And just like that, he had the opening he needed. Operation Cobra was about to gain one more member.