Hagrid gave Fang a hearty pat. "Com'n Fang! There's work ter be done!" Fang looked up at him with his large droopy eyes and wagged his tail. They set out together, making their rounds as Head Grounds Keeper (and Deputy Grounds Keeper, as Hagrid referred to him). Hagrid slowed as he rounded a corner of the school and heard shouting. He frowned and picked up the pace just in time to see a small, red-headed Gryffindor first year punch out an older Slytherin boy so hard he was knocked out cold.

"He did it! He hit Harold!" Hagrid looked up from the Slytherin on the ground to see three others, one pointing an accusing finger at the first year.

"And I'm sure he did nothin' ter deserve it neither. He'll be fine. We'll jus' nip up ter the infirmary," Hagrid picked up the unconscious boy, "and you can come with me." he said to the small boy, and started towards the nearest door. "Git on home, Fang." the massive dog looked from Hagrid, to the boy, then the Slytherins, and turned to lumber back to Hagrid's hut.

Poppy fussed over the boy the moment Hagrid laid him on a bed, and he was up and gone within five minutes. Hagrid turned to the small boy and stood up tall, looking down at him.

"Alrigh', what happened?" he asked, trying to sound very authoritative.

"They said I couldn't be a dragon tamer!" the boy exploded the words as if he'd been holding them in the whole time.

"...what?" Hagrid asked, surprised.

"They said I'm too small to be a dragon tamer when I grow up! But I'm gonna show them! I'm gonna be the best dragon tamer there ever was!" the boy looked up at Hagrid with determination in his eyes, and Hagrid felt his resolve break down. He knelt

"Well, you won't get ter be a dragon tamer if you get yerself expelled. Now, you'll be getting a detention for hitting that boy, so I expect to see you down at my house Friday night 'round seven... but I promise it'll be somethin' interestin'. And if you want ter borrow some books 'bout dragons, you can stop by anytime." Hagrid stood back up and winked at the boy, he smiled back. "What's yer name, anyway?"

"Charlie Weasley." The boy stuck out his hand.

"Pleased ter meet you, Charlie. I'm Hagrid" Hagrid shook the boys hand happily, already planning an exciting night for Friday, with this new, kindred spirit, in the form of a small, red-headed boy.