Julie collects the appetizer plates. "Hyacinth and Richard, you look so happy. It's nice to see a couple who's been married as long as you've been married still be so happy with each other." Tarquin says in the lull between courses.

"You know this all a recent development. Dad and Mum have just regained their close connection. They took it upon themselves to make their relationship better. They weren't always this close. Mum wrote Dad a letter to tell him exactly how she felt. It saved their relationship, that letter. My mother was so smart and proactive. I love seeing them like this again." Sheridan smiles towards his parents. They are so happy together again.

Julie comes over carrying their main courses. "Right here we are. I have to say you picked four of the most delicious dishes on the menu. The chicken lasagne for the older gentleman, lemon fettuccine with chicken for the young Mr. Bucket, the fettuccini with lemon chicken for the lady, and the pasta with peppers for the young man. Can I add parmesan or pepper to anyone's pasta?"

"I'll have parmesan please," Hyacinth says holding her plate up for Julie.

"I'll have pepper please," Tarquin says.

"I'll have both parmesan and pepper please," Richard requests holding his plate up.

"I'll have both parmesan and pepper as well." Sheridan says sweetly.

Hyacinth picks up her fork and her spoon. She never cuts her pasta. One of her teachers in high school was Italian and she used to cringe when she saw people cut their pasta. Tarquin watches Hyacinth with curiosity. Richard watches the elegance of Hyacinth with pride. She turns her wrist beautifully and the pasta turns elegantly around the tangs of the fork. "Eat," Hyacinth says smiling at Richard. He was trying not to be obvious when he was watching her, but Hyacinth always knows when someone is watching her.

"How do you always know when I'm watching you? It's eerie how much you know without ever having to look at me." Richard says as he begins to eat his pasta.

"You have very intense eyes, Richard. I know you don't realize it, but I can always feel your eyes on me." Hyacinth says cheekily.

"You do have pretty intense eyes, dad. You used to frighten my friends when I was a child." Sheridan admits.

"How can anyone be frightened of your father?" Tarquin asks cheekily.

"Only small children are frightened of him and only when he stares at someone for an extended period of time." Sheridan replies.

"Trust you to side with your mother. I didn't think I was that bad when you were small." Richard pouts.

"Your eyes are beautiful, Richard. I can just tell when you're watching me closely. You also carry all your emotion in your eyes. I can always tell what you're feeling of thinking from your eyes." Hyacinth says sweetly.