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God! I have got to relax! I look down at my hands and see how white my knuckles are and then glance in the rearview mirror to see that my jaw is clenched and the inside of my lip is raw from being chewed to a pulp! I'm sure the double shot espresso Frappuccino isn't helping either, but mostly this is just… me. I look at the speedometer to make sure I'm not at risk of getting a speeding ticket and then ease my foot off the gas pedal. I put on Robert Pattinson's piano concerto No. 1 in the CD player hoping the soothing sounds will calm me. If anything can relax me, it's Robert Pattinson. With some effort, I force my job and everything that comes with it out of my mind and just listen. I remind myself that I am on vacation for two solid weeks. I can't recall the last time I took a vacation and I am looking forward to every minute of it… alone. I have been away from my favorite activity for far too long. I rented a chalet in Tahoe City that is guaranteed to have the most beautiful view of Lake Tahoe, away from all the hustle and bustle of San Francisco. I have it all planned out; endless skiing, cozy fireplace, snow packed mountains, and peace and quiet.

I also rented a four-wheel drive SUV because January at Lake Tahoe can get pretty treacherous and often requires the use of chains to get over most of the mountain roads. My BMW Z4, affectionately known as "baby", wouldn't work at all in the snow so she's safe and sound at home. Plus, the SUV afforded me the room to haul all of my gear comfortably. My final destination… Squaw Valley. They have some of the best black diamond runs I've been on. I get turned on just thinking about it. I can't wait!

Living in The City definitely has its perks in that if you want to get away, it is within a couple of hours driving distance in any direction; north leads you to the wine country, east to Lake Tahoe or Reno, north or south to anywhere coastal and west, well, some of the best beaches in the country. So, why has it taken me five years to do this? I had asked myself that question almost daily until I finally made the decision to just do it. The very next day, I told my supervising attorney that I was taking two weeks' vacation in January and to prepare for my absence. She had six weeks to plan as I was not taking no for an answer.

I am the senior paralegal for the largest law firm in San Francisco. I have poured myself into my work for years, and especially after a heart wrenching split from the man I thought was the love of my life. That is until my best friend decided she wanted him as well. Of course she only wanted to fuck him, nothing more, nothing less. I still can't believe that she threw away our friendship and ruined my relationship with Jake forever just so she could fuck him. I will never understand that logic.

I met Jacob Black while having lunch with my best friend, Jessica. He walked over to our table and she introduced him as one of the new attorneys in her law firm. I'll never forget how I humiliated myself by blatantly staring at him, lost in all of his beauty. He had bent over, brought his face level with mine and simply put his finger under my chin, closing my mouth for me and flashing the whitest teeth I've ever seen. For the next three years Jake and I were inseparable until one fateful afternoon when I was running errands and decided to stop by Jessica's to return a sweater I had borrowed. I saw Jake's car in front of her condo and got a sick feeling immediately. After not getting an answer to my knock at the door, I let myself in with my key Jess had given me for emergencies. I was thinking this might be one of those emergencies.

After calling out Jessica's name, and not getting a response, I went to her room to hang up the sweater. I really didn't want to touch the door for fear of what was on the other side of it. I still held faith that I was wrong in my suspicions. But when I opened the door my heart died in that very instant as I saw my best friend and the love of my life fucking like dogs. I could do nothing but stand there in stunned silence until Jessica looked over her shoulder and saw me. I knew then, at that moment, I was completely and utterly broken. The pain and loss that radiated from the center of my chest where my heart once lived was indescribable.

"Babe…I…Bella…." Jacob had said trying to find something, anything, to explain himself.

Jessica could do nothing but lower herself off her hands and knees, hanging her head to her chest, not saying a word. She knew it was useless. Fisting her sweater in my hands, I vomited in it and then looked from Jacob to Jessica and I threw the sweater at them. The flurry of arms and legs was almost comical. I couldn't bring myself to laugh though. I amazed even myself how calm I was when I turned and left the room, silently shutting the bedroom door. It was almost as if I was having an out-of-body experience, feeling like my body was moving in slow motion as I walked out of their lives forever. That was five years ago. I haven't had a man in my bed since.

For the next five years I poured myself into my work making me the most productive and most sought after paralegal in the firm. Of course I would be a practicing attorney today if I hadn't quit school like a jilted idiot because I couldn't handle dealing with a broken heart and school work at the same time. My heart was beyond broken, it was dead. I promised myself that one day I would return to school and become that "high powered attorney" that Charlie always dreamed I would be. Charlie's my dad. I love my dad.

Thinking of Jake always makes me miss what we had. I miss having strong arms to hold me, warm passionate kisses, and sex. God, I miss sex. I need sex. I want sex. I'm going to have sex! After hearing myself say that out loud, I start laughing because not only did I say it out loud, I said it with conviction and determination. Shaking my head at myself, I glimpse to my right and see a black Denali riding beside me with the most beautiful man behind the wheel. He is watching me incredulously as if he is wondering what the hell I could be laughing at. Of course this makes me laugh even harder. I catch him looking inside my car, first the passenger seat, then the back seat and seeing that I was alone, he looked back at me with these beautiful, sexy eyes and a smile that could literally stop me from breathing. I cover my mouth quickly to suppress a giggle when his car starts to run onto the shoulder. Aww… I think he was slightly embarrassed because he sped away.

Wow! He was stunning. I must be needing sex more than I thought because just looking at him made me want to ask the nice man to pull over so I could fuck him in the back seat and, because I'm a nice girl, I would say thank you very much and then be on my merry way. Then I really do bust out laughing. Who said vacationing solo isn't fun?

The drive to Tahoe takes just under four hours and I decide I better stop in Truckee to gas up before getting off the highway and heading toward Tahoe City. After I fill up the tank, I grab my bag off of the front seat and head towards the convenience store. I'm in a perfectly good mood, humming a melody from my CD, when I look up and see the black Denali at one of the gas pumps. Like some kind of radar my eyes begin scanning for the driver but damn it I don't see him. I sigh, disappointed, as I dig in my bag for my wallet. Clearly not paying attention to where I am going, I walk into what feels like a brick wall. Suddenly that brick wall sprouts arms and those arms just happen to wrap around me, preventing me from falling on my face. I can feel the blush that rushes to my cheeks. God! Can I really be this damn clumsy?

"I am so sorry!" I muffle into a solid chest. Pulling away, I look up into those same eyes that passed me on the highway. Mr. Denali-man.

"They're green." I mumble.

I can do nothing but stare into his beautiful, light jade green eyes. He helps me get my footing and I stumble again. He tightens his grip on my arms to steady me and all I can say is… "It's you," as if I am in a trance, a trance brought on by the sexiest man to ever live.

He leaves a slow trail of heat down my arms as he releases me, looking at the palms of his hands and closing them before lowering them to his side.

"And it's you." He returns, smiling.

The surge that runs through my body where he touched me is indescribable. I slowly roam my eyes over his face and I fixate on his mouth. A mouth that I seriously want to nibble on for lunch. He must sense that I am about to do just that very thing because he slowly gives me the sexiest panty-dropping smile I have ever seen. "So, you ski." He says matter of factly, nodding towards my car.

I swallow hard and shake my head out of the idiotic trance I am in.

"I noticed your skis" He says as I look in the direction of my car.

"Um...yes… I'm headed to Tahoe City." I look at his car and see he has skis as well. Just two skis. One for each foot. He's alone! Is he going to Squaw!

"You ski around here?" I ask.

He is holding my eyes captive and won't let them go. I wish he would quit looking at me like that. No, I'm lying. I don't really want him to, but if he doesn't soon I'll really need that trip to the ladies room.

"Yes, I ski at Kirkwood, Squaw and Northstar, but this trip is to Squaw." He says casually.

"Mmm… that's great." I say. "Maybe I'll see you around then." I flash him my best smile.

"Yeah, well, I guess I better head out. You going to be okay there?" He says, touching my arm before he turns to walk towards his car.

"Yeah... yeah... good bumping into you." I chuckle at my own clumsiness as I head toward the convenience store.

I couldn't help myself though and turned around, looking over my shoulder… What! Was he just checking out my ass! He was! The nerve! And I throw him my best sexy smile and turn to enter the store. Yeah, I am thinking I need to get laid. Geez, I so sounded like a guy just then.

After filling my tank, hitting the ladies room and purchasing a bottle of water, I head toward Hwy 89 to Tahoe City. You can tell it has recently snowed because the roads are still a little slick and there's no green to be seen. The snow is at least four feet deep on the ground and it gives me butterflies knowing that there will be fresh powder on the top of the mountain. In my opinion, Squaw Valley has the best black diamond skiing around and I can't wait to get out there.

I drive past Squaw on my way to Tahoe City and see little black specks skiing down the mountain. It's too late to ski today, but I'll be there bright and early in the morning. I'm glad that I purchased a four-day pass so I don't have to deal with the lines every day. If I want to ski more then I will deal with it then. I think about my plans and what I want to do this week. I know I want to take a drive around the lake, maybe a little hike, weather permitting, take in some local sites and take a day trip down the mountain to visit a friend that lives in Reno. Alice and Rosalie, my best friends in the entire world, will be coming to hang out so I need to leave time out for them because they don't ski. Yeah, I think four days on the slopes should take care of it.

I drive toward Tahoe City, which is roughly twenty minutes from Squaw. I had thought about renting a condo at the resort but decided I would much prefer to have a view of beautiful Lake Tahoe instead and wouldn't mind the drive back and forth every day. I make a turn at Fanny Bridge. Lovingly named because tourists stop to hang over the edge to see the huge trout fish in the Truckee River swimming by and, well, all you see are fannies. I also drive past the Sunnyside Resort that has the absolute best deep fried zucchini and strawberry margaritas on the planet. I make a mental note to take the girls there when they arrive later this week.

I pull into the drive of my rental, excited to be out of the car and into my home away from home. In my attempt to bring everything in from the car in one trip, I overload my arms and hands. Hmmm, that logic didn't work out so well and I end up dropping everything when I try to unlock the door. When I finally get the door open, my breath is taken away by what I see inside. The living room is typical Tahoe-esque, with oak everywhere. There's a huge floor-to-ceiling river rock fireplace that goes from one wall to the next with an ample supply of wood next to the hearth that is just screaming to be burned. The floor is solid oak with soft, thick area rugs matching the colors of the couch and overstuffed chairs. There's even a huge deer antler chandelier hanging low from the ceiling that gives off a low light, adding softness to the entire living area. The kitchen is huge with cabinetry that matches the oak throughout the house. But I absolutely fall in love with the island that is half granite for food preparation and half tiered, which is covered in copper and used for a breakfast bar. And of course, I couldn't miss the Sub-zero refrigerator.

As I climb the beautiful oak staircase leading to the huge master en suite, I can't help but notice the Jacuzzi tub for two. Oh yeah! I can't believe this beautiful room has a fireplace too, right in front of a very comfortable looking couch. That will be great for reading. The king sized four-post bed is beautiful as well and looks toasty warm and inviting. I smile at the thought of being able to use the whole damned thing. The French doors lead out to a deck which overlooks Lake Tahoe. To say it is a beautiful view is a serious understatement. I think I love this room the best. In fact I imagine I could spend my entire vacation in here alone.

I put my bags next to the bed and head down the hall to the second bedroom and private bath. The bath is smaller and only has a shower but I won't be using that room anyway. I then go back to my room and unpack my bags, settling in. I am already relaxed and can't wait until I can start a fire, open a bottle of wine and start reading that book I've wanted to read for over a year now. I silently vow not to turn on my computer or the TV.

After I finish unpacking, I run out to my car and remove my skis from the racks and put them in the mud room for safe keeping, caressing them and feeling the newly sharpened edges and new wax. I am happy I had them tuned up before I left home. I also splurged on a new pair of Salomon boots that match my skis. A girl has to look good you know. I also picked up a couple pairs of powder pants that look like blue jeans and make my ass look awesome. I am set and ready to go and I find it hard to contain my excitement about getting out there tomorrow.

I take pictures of each bedroom and bathroom and text it to the girls so they can fight over the rooms before they get here because I don't want to hear it or be involved. We are like sisters, therefore we fight like sisters, but I love them to death.

As I get familiar with where things are in the kitchen I am drawn to the French doors leading off the dining room. They take me to another large deck that overlooks the lake and what do I see there? A beautiful, inviting hot tub with my name written all over it. I remove the cover, turn it on and go back inside to see what's in the refrigerator. I had asked that the house be well stocked before I arrived so I didn't have to worry about that when I got here and the owners did not disappoint. I brought out some fruit, cheeses, breads and spreads. I had brought my own supply of wine because I have my favorites. I'll admit that I am a wine snob. After I prepare a mini-feast and open a bottle of wine, I twist my hair up on top of my head and secure it with the chopsticks I found on a sushi tray in the dining room. I remove all my clothes, discarding them where I stand, grab my snack, my bottle of wine and head outside to the hot tub. Mmm… I am in heaven, a heaven that serves cheese plates and wine.

After soaking and drinking nearly a full bottle of wine, I was feeling warm and fuzzy and lay my head back. I close my eyes and just enjoy the outdoors and soft, rolling, warm water against my skin. When I feel a cold wetness on my face, I open my eyes and see that it has begun to snow. I close my eyes again and feel each snowflake touch my skin. That is one of the most pleasurable experiences of my life. I thought for a moment that I might spend the night in the tub but my wilted fingers and toes told me it would be better to go inside now. Reluctantly, I stand and do a full body stretch looking out at the shimmering lights reflected on the lake. It is only then that I take in my surroundings and see two old men sitting in their hot tub on the deck of the neighboring house, and they are watching me. Pervs. I wish I had a camera, their faces are priceless! If I didn't have my wine-glow going on I would make a shy, mad dash back in the house, but I giggle instead and climb out gathering my dishes and go inside. I'll be shy tomorrow. Well… I gave those two old men some stuff to think about, stuff naughty dreams are made of.

I'm too exhausted to start a fire tonight and decide to go upstairs, take a shower and go to bed. After setting my alarm, I snuggle in and recall the green eyes that looked into mine so intently, hoping I have the chance to see him again. I store those thoughts away because Christmas is coming early the next morning in the form of black diamonds.

I wake up the next morning excited like it was my first day of school. I hop out of bed, get dressed, put my hair into a French braid and make a large pot of coffee. I force myself to eat breakfast because I know I won't want to stop until lunch. I then make a cheese and cracker snack, fill my thermos and make myself a coffee to go before loading my gear in the car and heading out the door. Man…I sure hope that I see Mr. Denali Man today.

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