Black Diamond by Dishie

Rating: NC-17

Outtake for Fandom4lls

Summary: What happened to Jacob after all the drama? Does he go into hiding? How did he elude all the drama when Tanya takes a bullet?

Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer is the owner and creator of Twilight


"For the State of California, County of San Francisco, Jacob Black, you have been found guilty of attempted rape, battery, kidnapping, fraud, harassment, aiding and abetting, breaking and entering and stalking and are hereby remanded to the San Quentin State Penitentiary for a period of fifteen years with the possibility of parole after eight years of served time. If it were left up to me, you would not be given the parole option because you are a menace to society and given that, at the time of the crimes, you were an officer of this court and it turns my stomach knowing that with the education and knowledge you have of the law and the system, you chose to willfully turn to the life of crime."

Wait. What? Did that ass wipe of a judge just say what I think he said? Guilty and San Quentin in the same sentence?


~ BD~

"Who'da thought that maggots were extra in this fine fucking dining room," I say for the millionth time, picking out the worms so I can have a decent meal.

"They don't bother you, Black. Just eat them and shut the fuck up," my cell neighbor of six years yells from the other side of the table. "I'm sick of you bitching all the time like some city snob."

"I am a city snob and don't deserve to be in here. That bitch should have just kept her mouth shut and I would still be driving my Mercedes." Every day I think about Bella and I vow to get her once I finally get out of here on parole. Just sixteen more months and she can count on seeing my face. I've kept my nose clean for almost eight years so I can get out of this hell-hole and she's the first person I plan on visiting.

"Sure, sure, Black. We're all innocent … aren't we fellas?" Jackson says, laughing while eating the extra protein on his plate.

"What are you in here for anyway, Black," Scotty, our newest resident, asks.

"I have no fucking clue. Some bitch by the name of Tanya Denali kidnapped my ex-girlfriend and the next thing I know I'm sitting here in this five star hotel," I grumble.

"Who's your ex?" he asks, as if he'd know who she is.

"Bella Swan. Actually, it's Cullen now. She went and whored her way into that Volturi wine family a while back and then lied about all this shit she said I did to her. Then that Denali cunt went and got herself shot so she couldn't tell anyone I didn't have anything to do with it." I push my tray away and drink the sour milk they serve around here.

"Wait … you talking about the same gal that practices law in Napa?" Jackson continues.

"What the fuck, Jackson? You writing a fucking story? What's with all the questions?"

"Well, I think I know her. She opened an office that helps the under privileged who can't afford a lawyer, right?" he frowns as he asks.

"I heard she went to school and opened her own office, yeah. Why?"

"Well, because she helped my sister who was brutally beaten and raped. She paid for my sister's recovery because my parents worked the vines during harvest and can't afford to eat, let alone the hospital fees while my sister was in a coma for five months," he explains.

"Yeah, well, little Miss Do-Gooder always was an advocate for the scums," I mumble a little too loud because Jackson shoots up from his chair and the next thing I know I'm face down in maggots.

"That's my sister you just called scum you fucker. Mrs. Cullen fixed my sister and now my sis is working as a paralegal in her office. She helped my sister get out of the fields, so you shut the fuck up."

I get up, and after wiping my face, I sling the slop onto Jackson. I bend over and look to my left and then to my right. "Well, once I'm out of here, Mrs. Cullen just might find herself in the same situation as your fat-assed sister." I laugh at him when he lunges at me again, only this time I'm quicker than him and I walk off laughing at his sorry ass.

~ BD ~

"Black, you got a visitor," the guard yells over the exercise yard. Who the fuck could be visiting me? Maybe it's about my parole! I take in a run toward the visitor shack. After I'm processed, I take the seat the guard escorts me to and see a familiar face and pick up the phone.

"Well if it isn't Mr. Bitch," I say, laughing into the plexi-glass.

"Black. I've heard a nasty rumor about you," Cullen says.

"I don't give a fuck. You came all this way to tell me that?" I say, sitting back in my metal folding chair that gives me hemorrhoids.

"Rumor has it that you plan on coming after my wife when you 'think' you're getting out of here. Well, I'm here to warn you. If you even point your body in the direction of my wife, I. Will. End. You."

"Again … I don't give a fuck. You came all this way to tell me that?" I laugh at him and sit forward and point at him through the glass. "You don't scare me, Cullen. You're the one that's scared. You know I'll get to her. And you know what? You're right. But," I say, sitting back in my chair, "I have no idea what you're talking about," I say, licking my lips to emphasis my point. I know these calls are monitored and I'm not going to admit or confess to nothing.

"That's all I wanted to know, Black. I will protect what's mine. You gave her up years ago, why you still insist on hounding her, is beyond me."

"I'm in here because of her asshole," I say, sitting forward, my nose pressed against the glass.

"Wait, you think you're here because of her? Not because you drove all the way to Tahoe and then forcefully entered her home and beat her and put a knife to her face? She made you do that? She made you conspire to kidnap her off the school campus? And I guess that was her that was hanging out at the gate at Rosalie's house in San Francisco, right? She did all that while you sat at home knitting? You're more delusional than I thought you sick fuck. Trust me, Black … you won't see the light come the judgment day of your parole hearing."

I watch as he hangs up the receiver, gets up and walks out. Yeah, you better walk away, wine boy because there is nowhere your wife is safe. After she finishes sucking me down her throat, she will wish she was dead.

~ BD ~

Just two more months. I've already been told by Davis, our resident parole officer, that my early release looks good. I've had only a few minor incidents placed in my file and those were early on in my term and are being called 'growing pains' of learning the system and the ropes of prison life.

I've been working in laundry for about six months now. A skate fucking job. All I have to do is make sure the Warden's panties are bleached and I'm good to go. I so want to take a pair and jack off in them and tuck them in with his crisp white shirts, but thought he would figure out who did it and put an end to me getting out of here.

The realization that I will actually walk into that whore's office gives me a woody. I want to put my dick in her sweet, warm mouth before she gets taught my lesson. Who does she think she is putting me in here? I knew when Hale got those charges filed against me, she had something to do with it. I think about when her Superman came to visit me threatening me last year and I laugh. In fact, I'm still laughing when I hear the door open to the laundry room but don't see anyone. I look around and shrug it off when the room is empty except for me.

I turn back and toss the sheets into the dryer when I'm nailed in my lower back that drops me to my knees. Once I recover enough to turn around to see who the fuck hit me, I'm hit again throwing me against the industrial-sized washing machines.

"Dude, WTF man? I thought we were friends."

"We will be once you suck me off, bitch." The next thing I know someone pulls my head back by the root of my hair and my mouth opens wide.

"You even think about biting my dick and you are a dead man, now swallow."

These incidents continue several times a week until shower day arrives. The one time I allow myself to take a long hot shower and the first thing I know there's a full house in the stalls, and then when I open my eyes after rinsing the suds from hair, I'm alone. It's eerily quiet and I somehow know what's coming next.

"Drop the soap, baby," I hear the words echo in the vast shower room.

"Come on … don't. You've jizzed down my throat more times than I've received in my lifetime … don't do this. Please," I beg, pushing my ass into the corner of next available wall.

"Bend the fuck over, bitch. Take it like a man." The next thing I know my arms are being pulled nearly out of the sockets and my legs are spread and my ass is being rammed by the biggest dick in this prison. I watch as blood mixes with the water swirling near the drain. It's the first time in my life I can say I'm happy when he busts his nut up my ass because it means he's done.

"Think of me when you sit down tomorrow, princess."

I've opted to give up my laundry job and tend to stay in my cell out shear survival. It's only a few more weeks before my hearing and if I want to make it out of here alive, I need to take precautions.

"Black, you got mail," the guard says, passing a crisp white envelope through the bars. It doesn't have a return address on it, but I notice it's been opened and read.

Mr. Black,

I heard a rumor … I heard things have been a little rough for you in prison these past few months.

I know it's hard to swallow, but if you sit down and think about it, it could be a lot worse.

Your parole hearing is just around the corner and after our last communication, I am hopeful you have changed the goals after your release.

If so, I would like to offer you a job working the vines at a local winery in Napa. My princess is always on my mind.

Give it some thought.


"Hello, Mr. Cullen."

"Good afternoon, Juanita, is my wife around?" I ask. Juanita is Bella's new paralegal that she hired after advocating her brutal rape and battery case.

"No, she's at the courthouse. She should be back anytime now, do you want to leave a message?" she asks shyly. I wonder if she will ever overcome her fear of speaking to people in general.

"Do you mind if I hang out for a few minutes? I want to take her to lunch since I'm in town."

"No, I'm sure she won't mind at all," she blushes. "Um … Mr. Cullen, I … um … wanted to talk to you about something," she begins, tucking her chin to her chest. "Um, as you may know, my brother is in San Quentin and I went to visit him a week ago. Anyway, he told me about a conversation he had with a prisoner there. I think you may know him? Jacob Black?"

"Yes, I know him," I answer, coldly.

"Well, my brother, Jackson, told me that Mr. Black has said things about your Bella. He said that Mr. Black intends to make parole next year and that he has threatened to come after Mrs. Cullen when he gets out."

A mixture of thoughts runs through my brain all at the same time and I try to process what Juanita has just told me.

"Have you mentioned any of this to Bella, Juanita?" I ask, walking across the room to stand in front of her desk.

"No. I know I should have, but I know that she is like me when it comes to him. I was hoping I would have an opportunity to talk to you about it," she explains.

"Thank you. I'm glad you did," I say just before the front door opens. I turn and see my beautiful wife's beaming smile.

"Hello, handsome," she says, reaching up to kiss me.

"Hello, beautiful. I thought I would take my wife to lunch, is she available?" I flirt.

"She sure is. Let me go to the ladies room and I'll be right back," she says before she scurries down the hall. I turn to Juanita and ask her not to mention Jacob to Bella and she agreed to keep the secret.

After I lunch, I return Bella to her office and once I am back at the winery, I immediately phone the parole division of the California Department of Corrections to obtain any information about his release. I inform them about Jacob's threat and then decide to call Bella's attorney's office.

"Eric, it's Edward, how are you?" I ask out of courtesy.

"Good, good, Edward. What can I do for you?"

"Well, it seems that Jacob Black is up for parole in sixteen months and he has been making threats against Bella in prison. It seems Bella's paralegal has a brother in San Quentin that knows Jacob. The brother told his sister about the threats and she told me about them today. I want to make sure those threats are known and that they make it into the file when review time comes," I explain hoping there is something, anything, he can do.

"What is his problem? You would think he would use this time wisely and straighten up rather than risk going back to prison with an even stiffer sentence," he says incredulously.
"Can you help me with this, Eric? I don't want Bella affected by this asshole again. She's happy and well-adjusted and I don't want him around her," I ask.

"I'll see what I can do, Edward. I'll get back to you, all right? Oh, nice new batch of your reserve this year. Very nice."

"Thanks, Eric. You take care of Jacob Black and you will get a case of that for Christmas this year." I chuckle before hanging up. It was then that I decide to take a trip to San Quentin and pay my little buddy a visit.

After telling Bella I needed to go to San Francisco, I make it a point to go on a day I know she has a court appearance just in case she decides she might want to go along. My plan works.

After seeing Jacob that day, the first thing I notice is that he has aged considerably. Not only because eight years has gone by, he just looks haggard and tired. He's gotten a few tattoos and the typical prison markings. I guess that life does that to you. But what is really noticeable is his hardened attitude. His speech mannerism, and the brash, cold, vulgar way he speaks. I fear for Bella even more now and decide to contact Eric about it as soon as I can.

The following day after my trip to San Quentin, I'm sitting at my desk and Em and Jasper come in and we head to mom's for lunch. Everyone sits around the table but Bella, with her office being in Napa now, she doesn't come home for lunch much.

"So," I begin and everyone looks up from their plates at me. "I went to San Quentin yesterday." Good Lord the dropping of forks and the way everyone speaks over each other was startling.

"What on earth for?" my mother belts out. I tell them the story of Jacob's threat against Bella and they all sit and stare at me in stunned silence. I go on to tell them about my call to Eric Hale's office with the hope that he will be able to do anything to keep Jacob in prison, especially with these threats against the person he is in prison for harming.

"I don't want anyone to tell Bella about this. At least not until we find out if he makes parole. There's no sense in her being upset unnecessarily. If he is let out, I will tell her, but not now. All right?" I look around the table and everyone agrees.

"Alice? I mean it. If you tell her you will not be privy to anymore secrets or planning, got it?" I laugh when she looks appalled because she's the first one to let anything out of the bag, but she is my sister-in-law and my brother's wife. I don't want to keep her locked out of family business but this is her last chance to prove herself.

Fourteen months later

I log on to California Department of Corrections to get Jacob's hearing date of June twenty-third. Three weeks from today. I decide to make a trip to see Juanita.

"Hello, Juanita, is Bella around?" I ask hoping Bella isn't in.

"No, she's at a Joint Case Conference. I don't expect her until after lunch," she explains.

"Good. It's you I wanted to see. I have a favor to ask of you."

Three days later, Juanita and I are on our way to San Quentin to visit her brother on his scheduled visiting day.

"Jackson, this is Edward Cullen, Bella's husband. I told you about him in my letters, remember?"

"Sure, yeah, nice to meet you," he says, standing to shake my hand.

"Well, Jackson, it's like this, you have a friend here by the name of Jacob Black—"

"Whoa," he says, holding up his two hands. "Black is not my friend. Let's get that cleared up right now."

"Oh, well, even better," I say with a smile. "Thank you for informing your sister about Jacob's threat against my wife. She's been harmed by him numerous times and the thought of him touching her again is not acceptable," I explain.

"Agreed," he says, "What can I do to help?" He sits forward as if he's in on a conspiracy.

"I have a plan."

Two hours later, I drop Juanita off at the corner so she can walk back to the office without me being detected. I don't want Bella to suspect I was anywhere near Jacob and if everything goes according to plan, we won't hear from Jacob.

Over the next several weeks, it appears that Jacob has met with some unfortunate incidents where several inmates have taken to Jacob. It seems they have turned to him into their prison wife and he is highly sought after for 'sexual' favors. Man, I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

It's the day of Jacob's parole hearing and Bella is totally oblivious of that fact. I've kept it from her intentionally and won't mention it to her unless fully necessary. I do not leave my office because I want to be near the phone when Eric Hale gets word of his approval or denial.

My brothers spend a large portion of the day keeping me company to keep my mind off the subject and it has worked for the most part … until my cell phone rings.

I look at the screen … Eric Hale.

"This is it," I say to Emmett and Jasper who have taken up residency on the couch.


"I'm sorry, Edward, it was granted," is all I hear before the phone drops from hand and I drop to my knees. My brothers knew right away because Jasper gets on the phone and have a conversation with Eric and Emmett helps me up to my chair.

"Eric is filing an emergency temporary protective order. He said it will be approved before Jacob is released from prison in three days," Jasper explains his conversation with Eric.

"What am I going to tell Bella? How do I explain to her that it's going to start all over again and there's not a fucking thing we can do about it? That she has to live each day looking over her shoulder out of fear that he wants to hurt her again?" I put my head in my hands and for the first time since Bella left me years ago, I cry. I cry because I am utterly helpless and I have to tell my wife she can't go to her office anymore until this is taken care of.

I have three days to tell her. In those three days Eric has obtained the TPO, notified the judge and we've contacted our friends on the police force. I have also hired a new security team to protect my wife. Just the way it was before Tanya kidnapped Bella.

Three days after receiving word that Jacob Black is to be released, I wake up dreading the conversation I have to have with her. This is going to set us back emotionally and it's something I do not want to do.

I smell coffee and bacon wafting up from the kitchen and know that she's down there, happy and content. I kiss her good morning, take the cup of coffee she offers me, take the newspaper off the counter and walk to the breakfast table to wait for her to join me.

I take the few minutes to read the headlines while I watch her out the corner of my eye as she plates our eggs … then I see it.


I read the brief article and learn that it is indeed Jacob Black. I fold the paper in half, put it off to the side of the table. I take the plate that is offered to me by my beautiful wife and we sit together to discuss the day's events and plan a date night for the weekend.

Jacob Black is never mentioned in our home again … and the killer was never found.