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Summery: Post New Moon. Pre Eclipse. Bella died in a car accident. But came back not as a human or vampire but as something totally different. Now she has a unbreakable connection to both the La Push pack and The Cullen's. And if that isn't enough she is hiding a secret from everyone especially Jacob.


Chapter One: The day I died.

There I was in my last class for the day which was of course Biology. In which I just had to have as Edward as my lab partner who just stared at me throughout the whole class as if he was trying to read my mind with no such luck.

It has been two weeks since we returned from Italy. When I got home Charlie gave me quite a talking since he had been worried half to death. Renee gave me the same lecher. But Jacob was a totally different matter all together. He had been ignoring my calls and avoiding any and all contact with me what so ever. I even went as far as to drive down to his house a couple of times to find him not home.

After we got home from our little trip from Italy. Edward asked if I could ever forgive him and take him back. In which I replied to him that I needed time and space. I was far from forgiving Edward for what he did to me. I mean really how can you forgive someone after they left you empty and alone in a zombie like state for months and months on end. And taking him back was a totally different matter all together. Things could never go back to what they once were between myself and Edward. That day he left me destroyed any and all chances of that ever happening. If we ever did get back together and that is a BIG if. Things would never be the same. But all the same Edward agreed to give me time and space and hasn't come to visit me at my house or called me. In fact the only time we saw or spoke to each other was at school. I knew by the way he would smile at me and grab for my hand to hold in between classes and at lunch that he wanted to be with me once again but I just wasn't ready for that. I wasn't ready to give him my heart so he could just break it again.

Just then the bell rang for the last class of the day and I turned to face him and impatiently yelled at him "What! Stop staring at me."

"I'm sorry Bella. I am just so captivated by your beauty that I couldn't bare to look away." Replied Edward using all his charm to try to sweep me off my feet.

"Oh please. Don't start throwing me cheesy lines hoping that one of them will sweep me off my feet." I replied as I rolled my eyes and then proceeded to head toward the door of the room.

"Bella my love please wait." Said Edward as he grabbed my arm in his iron like grip and twirled me around to face him.

"No you don't get to call me that. Not anymore." I replied referring to his my love comment as I tried to yank my arm out of his grip with no hope.

"Bella please can't we just leave the past to rest and go back to the way we were before. When it was just you and me." He tried again and then very slowly leaned in to kiss me. In which I just turned my head so his cold as ice lips landed on my cheek instead of my lips.

At that Edward let out a frustrated sigh as his grip on my arms tightened making me wince in pain and making me cry out in pain.

"Please let me go Edward. Your hurting me." I cried out in a whisper as I felt his arm only tighten. Knowing for a fact that his hands were defiantly going to leave marks. That's when I felt it. A sharp pain in my stomach. I had first felt it that day in Italy when we were in the presence of the Voltorri. But back then it wasn't as painful as it was now. It was just a twinge of pain as if I had a upset stomach. But as the weeks passed the pain grew but it was strange the pain only appeared when I was scared or in pain or just all out angry. But I pushed the pain away as I desperately tried to find a way to escape.

Just as I was praying that Edward would stop before he snapped my bones I heard the most wonderful sound that made the ever tightening pressure on my arms disappear. That sound was the sound of my savior growling deep in his throat at the doorway of the classroom.

"Get away from her leech." Growled out Jacob. As he stalked towards us. In which Edward just released his hold on me just to push me behind him. As if he was protecting me from Jacob. When it was him I need protected from.

"Leave mutt. Can't you see that you have lost? Bella is with me now. We're together again. And I will be damned if I am going to let some mutt steal her away again." Edward replied in a low, deep menacing voice as he crouched low as if getting ready to strike.

"Funny. It didn't seem that way to me. It sounded as though she was trying to get away from you. Or did her pleas of freedom not reach you dead disgusting rotting ears." Jacob simply replied as he continued to advance on us.

"Don't come any closer Mutt." Said Edward and a dangerously low voice as if he was close to loosing all control.

"What are you afraid of letting Bella make her own choices? Why don't you let Bella decide if she wants to go or stay." Jacob suggested as he held out his hand for me to take.

It didn't take but a mere half a second for me to encase my hand in Jacobs outstretched one. As he gently eased me out from behind of Edward. In that split second that our hands were intertwined I didn't see Sam's Jacob or wolf Jacob. I saw MY Jacob. The one I grew up with. The one I made mud pies with as a child. The one that saved me and fixed me when Edward left. The one that I fell in love with.

But my happiness soon faded when the shock that Edward received when he realized I had willingly chosen Jacob over him had wore off. And he once again grabbed my now bruised arm and yanked me back towards him as Jacob was guiding me ever so gentle towards the exit.

"You're. Not. Going. Anywhere." Said Edward noticing the anger lacing his voice as his eyes turned from a beautiful golden color to pitch black.

"Let go of her now blood sucker." Growled out Jacob.

"Edward if you don't let go of me now. I will scream bloody murder and then everyone will come running in to see what is going on. And then they will see the bruises that you left on my arms. And knowing Charlie he will want to write you up for assault. Now won't that ruin that low profile you are trying to keep up. I am sure the Voltorri would love to know that you are drawing attention to yourself and risk at exposing the existence of vampires." I practically growled to him as I tried to ignore the pain in my stomach that grew.

At my threat. Edward eyes grew wide as he couldn't believe what he was hearing. But reluctantly he gave up and let me go. But that still didn't stop him from glaring at us both as I once again intertwined my fingers in Jacobs once again and left through the door.

"This isn't over. Not by a long shot." yelled Edward at our retreating backs and we walked out the door and into the empty hallway.

"Are you okay?" Asked Jacob as he noticed my pained expression on my face. I was in pain that was for sure but not from the bruises that Edward bestowed on me. Not that it didn't hurt it did but the pain that was radiating from my stomach was so much worse.

"I'm fine. I am just not feeling too well right now." I replied wrapping my arms around my stomach.

"Do you want me to stay with you? I have patrol but I am sure the Quil or Embry wouldn't mind covering for me." Asked Jacob as he wrapped one arm across my back and held me tight to his side as if to comfort me. As soon as he did that all the pain that I had felt melted away as if Jacobs touch was magic.

"No don't do that. It wouldn't be fair to the rest of the pack. Plus I am feeling better already." I replied to him as I then wrapped my arm around his back tightening the hold that we had on each other. Drawing us closer if that was at all possible.

"I have just got to say Bells. I am proud of you. You stood your ground and not only did you threaten him you growled at him also. Looks like I am starting to rub off on you." Said Jacob with the biggest smile on his face. As he helped me into the driver side of my truck once we reached the parking lot.

"Well that is bound to happen when you spend enough time with a pack full of teenager werewolf's." I replied back to him feeling the same big grin break across my face as well.

But the smile soon faded as I felt someone glaring at me from across the parking lot. I turned to see the whole Cullen clan minus Dr. Fang and Esme glaring at us. I just rolled my eyes at them and turned my attention back to the bronze god standing in front of me.

"Just ignore them Bells." Replied Jacob when he noticed my expression had changed.

At that the smile returned to my face. Which made Jacob added "Bells you better get going before your dad thinks you got kidnapped or something. And don't worry I will be patrolling outside your house tonight. Those leeches won't get near you. I promise." He said as his hand cupped my cheek with such a loving gesture. Unlike Edwards ice cold unyielding embrace.

After a minute of staring into his loving eyes his hands dropped from me to close my door and whispered to be safe and watched as I drove out of the parking lot. But those words he whispered fell on deph ears for when I pulled out of the parking lot onto the main road that led away from the still crowded high school some other driver coming from the opposite direction swervered all over the road before it swerved into my lane and slammed head first into my truck.

Thank God I had been wearing my seatbelt for if I hadn't I would of slammed head first through the windshield shattering my skull and then proceed to fly though the air until I landed on the cold wet pavement. But since I was wearing my seat belt my head just got the worse whiplash of it's life. Not to mention the hurt and pain that came along with the whole front end of your truck being slammed against your chest. With the pain that seeped through my body I couldn't keep up the fight to stay conscience. My last thoughts as I slipped into the sweet black abyss was I never got to say goodbye. I never got to say how much I loved them.


I watched in horror as the driver slammed into Bella's truck. Making the whole front in crumple as if it was a pop can being smashed. And if that wasn't enough the truck was pushed so hard by the other car that it flipped over and over again until on the third roll it landed right side up again. But resembling a oversized paper weight instead of the truck that held my precious Bella.

As the truck finally came to a stop I ran up to her at superhuman speed not caring if anyone saw. Sam could chew me out and leactcher me as much as he wants but even he knew that nothing in the world is more important when our imprints were concerned. Bella was my imprint and not only that but she was in pain and hurt also. I knew that Sam and Jared would do the same if it was their imprint in that truck right now. But their imprint wasn't. It was mine. It was my Bella.

I ran to the truck to find that Bella was still fastened to seat and uncoincense. As her limp form was being pinned to the seat by the crumpled front end that got smashed into her chest on impact. I looked her over and saw that she had several small cuts all over her ivory skin from the million of shards of glass that came from the once whole windshield. And one large gash on her forehead with blood slowly running down her forehead. That I could only assume she got when the force of the impact caused her head to snap forward and slamming her head on the steering wheel.

Just then out of the corner of my eye. I saw the Cullen's run toward me and my Bella. The only thing that ran through my head was that there were leeches advancing on my hurt imprint. And I would do anything in the world to keep her safe. So I took a defensive stance in front of the truck where my precious Bella laid unconicence and let out a low warning growl. Treaty or no treaty if they took one more step towards my imprint I would rip them a new one.

But I didn't need to worry for as the took one more step they smelt Bella's blood from the many cuts over her body and took that as a sign to stay back as to not be tempted by the overpowering scent. Well they could be as tempted as they wanted. They were not getting anywhere near MY Bella.

Just then I heard the sirens advancing on us. And saw the flashing lights of the fire truck followed by the ambulance followed by the police cruisers. I was not surprised to see the fire truck for everyone knew that the fire truck was the first one on scene in the event of a emergency. Apparently one of Bella's classmates called the police department to notify them and Bella's father of what happened which set off a chain reaction causing to sent out all available units to help in the rescue of Bella.

But I wasn't waiting for them to arrive in order to help my imprint I thought as I slid into the truck in through the passengers side door and crawled across the glass covered seat to my Bella. What I saw almost made me want to cry. There was my Bella unconciense pinned against the seat by the steering wheel and the pushed in dash board. Both of her hands were wrapped her stomach as if a way to protect herself from the crushing feeling being forced upon her. I couldn't help but slid in next to her and caress her skin with my hands trying to coax her awake without luck.

At that moment was the time that the paramedics showed up and ran up to the truck to assess the situation.

"I can't get her to wake up. Why isn't she waking up?" I asked the paramedic freaking out over her condition.

"It's okay she just probley lost a lot of blood from her cuts she received. We just need to enter a IV into her to get her to come around." Answered the gray haired paramedic as he ran to the ambulance and came back with a bag of liquid attached to a long tube.

"Okay Sonny I need you to do exactly as I say and I will walk you through what to do." He said as he handed me the IV. He had to have me do it for I was the only one close enough to do it since the truck was in such a crumpled mess of twisted metal.

I followed the paramedics instructions to the tee. But I had to admit that my hands were shaking because I didn't want to cause any more harm to my poor imprints body.

Just after I had Bella hooked up to the IV the paramedic instructed me to hold the bag upright and squeeze it a couple of times.

And sure enough after I did that. Bella stirred and rose as if waking up from a deep sleep.

"What's going on? Why can't I move?" Asked Bella as she fully woke completely awake and struggled to free herself from the confines of her restraint.

"Bella you were in a car accident. You are pinned in your truck. We are doing everything we can to free you." I replied to her in a sweet and calming voice.

And out of the corner of my eye I saw some of Charlie fellow police officers pull the guy who was obviously drunk from his Hummer and proceeded to shove his unharmed body into the back of police cruiser. He was lucky for if he was around when I get done taking care of Bella he was going to be pushing up daises.

Before Bella could say anymore I heard one of the firefighters run up to us and proceeded to tell us that they were going to have to use the jaws of life and cut off the roof in order to get Bella out. Then he handed me his jacket and told me to hold in above our head to protect ourselves from the breaking and falling glass.

But as I held the Jacket above our heads I heard the words escape Bella's mouth that I never wanted to hear.

"Jacob I'm scared." She said as tears started to stream down her face.

When I saw this it practically tore my heart apart. My Bella, My imprint, My life was scared and crying and there was nothing I could do about it. So I just held her in my arms and kissed her forehead as we heard the jaws of life eat away at the roof of the truck.

"Jacob I don't know if I am going to make it out of this alive. But if I don't I wanted you to know that I love you. I have and always will love you." She confessed as the tears continued to stream down her face.

"I love you too my Bells." I replied looking deep into those chestnut eyes that I love so much.

At that moment I took the chance to lean down until our lips touched in a passionate kiss. I put all the pent up passion and love into the kiss as our mouth slashed over each others again and again in a frenzy fury. Putting as much as we could of ourselves into that kiss.

I pulled out of the kiss reluctantly leaving us all gasping for breath. And heard Bella whimper from the loss of contact and at that moment I realized that Bella was thinking that was our goodbye kiss.

"Bella that was not our goodbye kiss. That was our first of many more kisses to come. I love you Bella. You are my everything. I can't live without you." I simply replied telling the complete truth. If the imprint of the wolf dies then he too shall follow her into death.

Just then the sound of the saw died down and as I lifted to coat off our heads losing our privacy I saw the roof being lifted off the truck.

Just as much as I hated doing it. I knew I had to let the paramedics tend to my mate as I removed myself from her side and let the paramedic take my place.

I got out of the truck and stood next to a very concerned and by the looks of it a freaking out Charlie as he paced back and forth constantly running his hands through his hair over and over again glancing at the pavement and then back at Bella again from the sidelines.

I wasn't much better. It took all I had to not loose control. For the wolf was clawing and ripping trying to get out.

I watched as I saw the paramedics and firefighters gently lift Bella from the torn wreckage and place her gently on at gurney and hook her up to heart monitor as they waited for the helicopter to land in the cleared spot in the high school parking lot so they could air lift her to the Forks hospital.

Then all time seemed to stop when Bella eyes fluttered close and the heart monitor she was hooked up to suddenly flat lines sending a long whiny beep to sound throughout the area. At that sound everyone scrambled. The paramedics ran to start CPR as the other ran to get the defibulator. When the other paramedic came back with the defibulator the other paramedic that had been straddling her doing compressions on her chest got off her and kept on doing compressions as the other paramedic hooked her up and yelled "Clear." As they sent volts of energy throughout her body.

As they continued to shock my poor mate with electricity to get her heart started. I was going insane. I was holding on by a thread. The only thing that was keeping me from phasing right there on the spot was when Sam showed up with the whole pack and alpha ordered me not to. Sam understood the insanity I was going through. My mate, My Bella was dying right in front of my eyes. And there was nothing I could do about it.

Just then my whole world came crashing down around me and I fell to my knees in pure agony as I heard the words I never ever wanted to hear.

"Time of death. 3:37 p.m." Said the paramedic as he pulled a white sheet over Bella's head. My only thought was Don't worry my Bella I will soon join you. I love you. And at that I collapsed to my knees and cried in pure sorrow and heartbreak.

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