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Chapter Four: The awakening.


It has been three days. Three long excruciating painful soul torturing days since my beautiful Bella has been taken from me and this world. When Bella's heart stopped beating on that fateful day three days ago it felt as though my heart stopped beating along with her.

When the heart monitor let out that long horrible wail it broke my heart into a million pieces. But what did me in was when they gave up trying to restart her heart and unplugged the heart monitor pulled the long white cotton sheet over her head to signal her death and called the time of death. That was the first time that I ever cried. I just collapsed onto my knees on the ground and with a bent head I let the tears fall. I had nothing else to live for anymore. She was my everything and now she was dead. But I would soon join her soon in the afterlife for a wolf couldn't live without his imprint. For if she died the wolf would soon follow.

After the ambulance took Bella's lifeless body away to the morgue at the hospital. The pack had to practically drag me back to my rabbit and Quil had to drive me back to the rez while the rest of the pack followed. When Billy found out what happened and what shape I was in. Sam suggested that I stay at his place in one of his guest bedrooms since Billy would not be capable to take care of me in my state.

Ever since Bella's death I haven't eaten or slept. I couldn't sleep for all my dreams were filled with my beautiful Bella and it was pure torture to wake up from my dreams to find her not there and the reality come crashing down on me that she was never going to be here because she was dead and wasn't coming back. As for eating I had absolutely no appetite what so ever. What was the point on even living anymore in a world that didn't have Bella in it.

Ever since that day I haven't done anything but sit in my room constantly thinking of nothing but my imprint my Bella. Every member of the pack and even Emily has come to visit me and talk to me. But I just sat there without answering them or acknowledging them. I was in so much pain that nothing mattered anymore. Everyone said they knew how I felt but they had no clue unless they lost their imprint their soul mate their best friend.

In fact the only time that I even left the room or even did anything half normal was when I went to Bella's funeral this morning. The only reason I even went to it was because I would get the chance to see my beautiful Bella again even if she had passed away.

There was no wake for her because as Charlie put it. It was her wish not to. After her near death experience with James her and Charlie sat down and wrote out what she wanted in the case of her death and that was one of her wishes. She didn't want a wake because she didn't want everyone to mourn her death but little did she know that everyone still would.

The whole pack, Emily, Kim and of course Billy showed up also along with me. We were all in dressed in our black and white suits which is one of the few times that we wore a shirt. When we arrived there it looked as though almost the whole town of Forks and half of La Push were there. Even with all the people there it was hard not to notice the Cullen's had showed up also which I kind of expected. Bella and the Cullen's were close at one time before they left so I figured they would show up to say their final goodbyes.

I also noticed that Bella's Forks friends were also there along with the whole Forks police force. But it was hard not to notice Charlie and Renee there. They looked as though they had been through hell and back. But that is what grieving parents who lost their one and only child would look like.

When I went by her casket one last time to see her beautiful goddess like face. I was taken back at what I saw she looked as though she was sleeping and I swear I could hear her heartbeat beating inside her chest. But I just chalked that up to my wild imagination and my hope that Bella wasn't dead so I just ignored it.

I guess one of the reasons Bella looked so lifelike was because another one of Bella's wishes was she didn't want a obtosise done on her body she requested that he body be left in the same state it was when she died. Another wish was for her not to be buried forever in a stuffy fancy outfit that she would never wear in the first place. Instead she wanted to take her internal rest in her comfortable skinny jeans, her grey hoodie that I gave her and her converse shoes. And her one last request was to be buried with her favorite things. She wanted her cell phone in her right pocket of her jeans like she always kept it there, she also wanted her worn out edition of weathering heights in her hands along with the dream cheather that I gave her.

The funeral was fast for they closed the casket and lowered it into the ground and then proceeded to fill it with the soft wet dirt that was beside it. But what confused me was as I was walking back to my rabbit the old lady from the rez that some considered crazy while others say she can see the future but none the less whenever she talked to someone it was always in riddles that made no sense. The old lady came up to me and looked me straight in the eye and said "Three bodies one grave." And then proceeded to walk away. I wasn't sure what to make of this so I just ignored it and continued on my way.

When I got back to Sam's place I just went back to my room and continued on with my soon ending life.


As the dim light from my cell phone lit up the inside of the coffin. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I had to be having one of my horrible nightmares that I usually had or this is just one really bad hallucination.

But as I thought back to what had happened to land me here I knew it was a possibility. I remembered everything from being hit and being stuck in my truck with Jacob and I remember slipping into uncoincesness. I also remember the dream I had about being in heaven and meeting Harry again and turning into an angel. Too bad the dream wasn't real because it would really come in handy right now.

As my mind ran a hundred miles an hour taking the whole situation. I realized that I didn't pass out after I was lifted out of the truck that I actually did die. But I guess when they tried to revive me that last time I guess my heartbeat was so weak that they couldn't detect it. Yeah that had to be it. That was the only logical reason.

But now that I know how I got here. I had to find out how to get out. Every part of my being what to freak out and completely loose it but I knew if I did my breathing would increase and even more oxygen would be lost that way. I didn't want that to happen because I seriously didn't know how much oxygen I had left in this casket.

As calmly as I possibly could I thought about what to do to get out of this awful situation. The casket was made out of wood and lined with a purple velvet material so it would be easy for someone to take an ax to get me out. But if that was to happen I would have to get someone who could help me. Someone who would believe me if I told them I was alive. My first thought was Jacob. He has been my best friend since birth and we seem to have an almost spiritual connection so I knew I could count on him no matter what.

So I flipped open my cell phone and quickly picked Jacobs name out of my contacts and hit the dial button but for some reason it never connected the call. Then I realized why when I looked at the phone screen it had the words No service written across the screen. Of course Charlie must have disconnected the cell phone service before the buried me. No point in keeping it after I died it would have been pointless but of course at this point I would have been thankful it he had.

Without my cell phone all my options of a rescue flew out the window. How was someone supposed to know I was buried alive in this casket now? My situation reminded me of the story of Bloody Mary. How Mary's father thought she had died of an illness and buried her only to find out that Mary was not dead just in a coma.

I did my best to remain calm as my mind ran over different ideas and sinarioes. But as the minutes ticked by and I had yet to come up with an idea I started to panic. I wouldn't die like this! I did not survive from being almost crushed by a van, being bitten by a vampire and almost turned into one, suffering months of depression from being abandoned by the Cullen's , being almost killed by Laurent, jumping off a cliff and drowning and being almost killed by the Voltorri to die like this!

If I am going to die. I am gonna go down fighting. At that I started kicking and punching the lid of the coffin with all my might and when I started to panic that is when the adrenaline kicked in. And as I punched, clawed, and kicked at the lid of the coffin I started to hear the wood creak as my punches made the wood of the coffin buckle under the sheer force of the punch.

Hearing that I kept up with my assault on the coffin and soon the wood of the coffin splintered and busted sending some dirt in through the hole in the coffin I just made. From there I started to tunnel my way upwards through the loose and moist dirt. I wasn't very difficult. It was like when Jacob and I used to make tunnels in the snow when we were younger. I would just dig and push dirt out of the way as I would use all my might to dig my feet into the sides of the tunnel and push myself upwards towards the sky.

After 15 minutes of digging and pushing myself towards what I believed was the surface. I finally broke through and I breathed in a big lung full of cool crisp fresh evening air. That gave me enough energy to finally pull myself out from my grave. When I was all the way out I collapsed on the ground.

As I laid on my back breathing in the cool fresh night air I looked up at the stars that twinkled in the sky and thought I had never seen such a beautiful sight especially after what I had just been though. After about ten minutes of lying there resting and taking in on how thankful I was to be alive. I finally sat up to take in my surroundings.

It looked to be around evening time for the sun was still peeking out from behind the horizon but it was still dark enough for the stars to come out and the moon to shine bright in the sky. I looked around and judging by the numerous tombstones that lined the grounds I was in in the Forks cemetery.

With the last few rays of sunlight barley peaking over the horizon I looked right in front of me and saw a black granite tombstone with a baby faced angel with eyes gazing upwards towards the sky statue sitting right on top of the tombstone obviously a part of the tombstone. But then I looked to see whose name was written on it and was surprised to find it was mine. I was looking at my very own tombstone.

There right in front of me was my tombstone with the bright white letter spelling out Isabella "Bella" Marie Swan. With my birthdate and the date of three days ago carved on the smooth stone. But that was not all that was carved on the stone. Below that it also said "Beloved daughter, sister and friend. She will be greatly missed."

Okay I got the daughter and friend part. But I was an only child so how was I a sister? But after a while I just figured they were just speaking figuratively. Like I was like a sister but not actually a sister by blood.

After I had caught my breath from sitting and laying on the soft wet cemetery ground. I had decided I had better get a move on unless I wanted to spend the night on the cold wet floor which wouldn't be good. I did not just crawl my way out of my own grave just to wind up dying of the cold from the elements.

So with all the strength I had left in me. I slowly and shakily stood up on my own two feet. I had trouble standing up it was like I was a newborn baby calf that was trying to stand up yet still having trouble. After I was finally able to stay standing without stumbling. I looked down at my body to judge my appearance and was not really shocked but surprised to what I saw.

I was covered caked in dirt and mud from head to toe. I bet I looked like something from the night of the walking dead. But no matter how bad my appearance was nothing was worse than my hands. While digging and clawing at the coffin door and the tunneling through the loose dirt and mud to the surface I had broken off each and every one of my fingernails. Cause they were none existence. There was no nail there at all. Instead of a nail there were cuts and raw bleeding fingers. There was actually blood just pouring down my fingers and onto the ground. They actually hurt to put any pressure on them or even move them for that matter.

Ignoring the pain that radiated from my hands I carefully flipped my hood up on my hoodie and started my trek to my house. I walked on the sidewalk along side of the road on my home and thankfully none of the cars that passed me noticed me with my hood up. I really didn't need to start a panic that the dead were raising from the graves. I just needed to get home and fast.

My prayers were soon answered twenty minutes later as I finally arrived at home but my joy was soon turned into sorrow to notice that the house was pitch black dark and the cruiser was missing from its usually spot in the driveway. Not to mention that the doors and windows were locked up tight and the spare was missing from its usual spot underweight the loose floor board on the porch. I come back to the land of the living only to find out that I am locked out of my own house. I was planning on waiting for Charlie to come home but that was until I noticed the three day's worth of newspapers sitting on the welcome mat abandoned. He must have not come home since the day of the accident. Maybe because it held to many painful memories of me.

He is probley at either at Billy's and Jacobs place or with Sue since she went through a similar thing not too long ago. Either way he was in La Push and I had nothing to do but head down the long winding road towards my second home.

I walked and walked and for a change of pace walked some more down the road not really thinking as I walked down the roadside kind of in a state of shock at what I had just been through. But soon after an hour of non-stop walking I found myself in a familiar driveway. I was standing in front of Sam and Emily's house. From where I was standing I could hear the roar of laughter and talking and judging by the noise it sounded as though the whole pack was there and judging by the amazing aroma of baked ham and mashed potatoes and gravy along with baked beans and briskets wafting from the windows and the wide open door they were all gathered there for a late supper.

I walked towards the warm glow that radiated from the warm welcoming home and peaked through the window to see a mere shell of my wonderful Jake slowly walk towards the table and sat down at the last remaining seat at the table which was the only one facing away from the doorway and me.

Jake looked so weak and fragile sitting there slumped in his chair. I looked as though he had to have lost at least seventy pounds at least if not more. And his muscle mass went down considerably. He was once was one of the largest of the wolves in the pack since he was supposed to be Alpha but now he was the smallest. It seemed as though he was really was sick this time. He was much like I was when I was in my "zombie phase".

As I continued to watch it broke my heart to watch him sit there with such a look of sorrow written on his face. Looking down at the table in front of him as if he could see right through it.

That is when Emily stood up and said "We are all gathered here today to honor the memory and to mourn the loss of our friend and sister Bella. To some of us she was our friend to others our sister and to one of us our soul mate." Said Emily looking down at a grief stricken Jake at the last part who started to cry at that last part.

"I now ask that we have a moment of silence to honor the passing of Bella." Said Emily as she sat back down in her seat next to Sam and closed her eyes and bowed her head as the rest of the pack followed suit.

That is when the whole house was silent except for the faint but painful sound of Jacobs silent cries as he covered his face in his hands.

Finally I couldn't take it anymore. I couldn't stand to see Jacob in so much pain anymore. I had to do something anything to lessen the sorrow. So I did the only thing I could think of.

I so silently walked through the open doorway and up behind Jacob and then I leaned down and from behind him I wrapped my arms around his strong frame. My hands wound from his strong shoulders down to the front of his chest were I laced my hands together and laid my head against his while I rested my chin on his shoulder and breathed in his musky scent. I was finally home here with Jacob I was finally home.

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