Just before Dusk, Lucius Malfoy stood; awaiting the arrival of Gilderoy Lockhart, whom he had challenged to a duel after Lockhart's constant boasting of how apparently

better he was at the Dark Arts than Lucius ever could be. Dressed in a Japanese samurai-inspired ensemble in hope to make an impression on the onlookers, especially as

it allowed him to strip to the waist, enabling him to show off his perfectly honed torso, at the same time remembering to cover his dark mark with a rather fetching though

otherwise unnecessary leather armguard. Lucius of course wasn't too worried about this duel- Lockhart was all mouth and no trousers after all; this was true, if Lockhart

wasn't shagging his current girlfriend, Florence, he was boasting about how easy it would be for him to defeat Lucius in a duel just to impress people. If he wasn't

boasting about how easy it was to defeat Lucius then obviously he was shagging Florence.

Daniel Redchild, one of the onlookers stood in the shadows also waiting for the duel to begin, followed by Narcissa Black and a bunch of fifth year Slytherin girls who were

followed by Andromeda Black who instantly stood next to Daniel. Avery was the next to walk in, she seemed as though she were looking for someone familiar to her.

Florence Amendola, Gilderoy's girlfriend was next who found a chair and sat down to wait for the duel to begin after looking around for everyone apparently seeing who

was here.

Avery noticed Daniel and Andromeda (also known as Andy) and stood next to them, she whispered, "Hey, long time, no see" in Daniel's ear. Daniel, apparently having

nothing to say simply nodded in acknowledgement of her presence.

Avery waved a little in front of Daniel, "hey talk after this, yeah?" she said.

One thing that was noticed about Florence was that she looked awfully tired; this was realized by Daniel who looked at Avery and Florence and nodded to Avery. "Okay."

Andy apparently catching sight of Avery waved. Avery looked rather confused and piped up and asked, "So guys... what exactly is happening?"

Florence looked over to Avery, leant over slightly and said in a very sarcastic tone, "oh Lucius being the poonce he is, wanting to show off... with my boyfriend."

Right at the moment Avery asked this, Severus arrived and walked over to the Black sisters and smirked, "so looks like a good crowd to see Lucius wipe the Florence with

that popinjay then?"

Avery glared at Florence slightly then smiled, "Well this should be interesting; Lucius is very good at the Dark Arts."

Lucius upon hearing Avery's comment to Florence couldn't help himself but to comment, he smirked to himself and said to everyone assembled, "I'm waiting upon the

arrival of that upstart Lockhart... decided he needs showing his place... but it looks." He smirked again. "As though he's going to be late." He paused before adding "such

bad form."

Avery walked over to Lucius and smirked, "should be interesting... so when is this planned?" she asked.

Florence, naturally stood up for Lockhart, who had not yet made an appearance glared at Lucius, "remember who you're talking about, Malfoy." She scowled.

Avery looked at Florence, "you know just because you're biased, doesn't mean you're right." She said, with a sarcastic smile.

Florence rolled her eyes and looked at her nails, "whatever Harp..." was all she could say to this.

Avery shrugged, "just my opinion, hun."

Florence yawned slightly; she looked tireder by this time, "well I do hope he arrives soon..."

Just moments later, with much surprise Gilderoy strutted in and smirked at the crowd, feeling rather impressed that so many had come to apparently watch him defeat

Lucius. "So I see you're all ready then." He said, shooting Lucius an apparent death glare. "I'd be scared if I were you, Lucius... very scared." He grinned to himself and

took his position. "Sorry I'm late by the way; had a bit of a hold up." He added hoping no more questions would be asked of where he'd been.

Florence smiled at Gilderoy, rather relieved he'd finally arrived, "good luck my love."

"Thanks Flo." he said, "not that I'll need it." he muttered to himself so no one else could hear. He looked to Lucius, taking note of how he was dressed; he himself dressed

in denim blue jeans, and an unzipped studded leather jacket.

Florence stood next to Lockhart for support; she didn't show the worry she held deep inside for him, while Avery took one look at Lockhart and giggled slightly. Lockhart

looked at Avery and shook his head, flicked his wand out of his pocket and examined it, twirling it through his fingers, "come on baby; show us what you can do." He said

softly to it, before smirking and slipping it back into his pocket.

Avery who had noticed this looked at her Gilderoy weirdly, "hey Lockhart... you're going to need that wand... don't put it away."

Florence, although she supported Lockhart couldn't help but find the need to try not to laugh at Lockhart's display. Gilderoy smirked at Avery, not noticing Florence trying

to hide her giggles, "I know, I know, Avery... but the duel hasn't begun, has it?" he grinned. "More dramatic effect." he thought to himself.

Avery cocked an eyebrow at him, "Yeah but... what's the point?" she asked, with a rather amused expression on her face.

Even Florence couldn't stop herself from raising an eyebrow at Lockhart; apparently she knew what he was doing. She looked around to find Lucius but couldn't see him,

perhaps hidden in the crowd or exited the Duelling Room for a surprise attack on Lockhart, "now Luci has gone..." she sighed.

Lockhart smirked, "hence why I put my wand away." He chuckled and winked at Florence.

Lucius suddenly appeared from nowhere as it seemed, "I've gone nowhere, Florence." He said, as he glared at her, "Just preparing myself..." he turned to look at Lockhart

who looked rather proud and confident, "so Lockhart, think you are ready for this then?" he asked.

Avery smirked and walked to the further outskirts of the room. Lockhart looked at Lucius, "Oh Lucius... I know I am." He smirked.

"Very well then." Said Lucius coolly, "IF you have a second... they should stand ready." He looked at Daniel. "Daniel would you do me the honour?" he asked and turned

back to Lockhart. "So Lockhart" he paused to take one last looked at Lockhart, "take your place then... and we'll get to it!" Lucius said as he leapt up onto the platform.

He tossed his hair back and drew his wand from his cane and passed the cover to Redchild.

"Of course I have a second; I have a minute if you need it." Lockhart sneered as he hauled himself onto the platform with a bit of a grunt, he lay on his stomach for a split

second, just a few feet away from Lucius before crawling to his feet. He smoothed his hair down and drew his wand from his pocket. "Ready when you are." He said


Lucius arched an eyebrow as far as it would allow him as he looked at Lockhart. "First, you uncouth fellow." he said to Lockhart, "it is customary to acknowledge ones

opponent, like so." He said as he made a short, stiff bow, his wand held, raised before him.