Lockhart, doubled over with laughing at the sight of Lucius dealing with the dust bubble, "I warned you!" he sniggered, suddenly falling silent as the dust bubble

vanished. "How did he do that?" he asked himself. "Playtime?" he said to Lucius. "Who said it was playtime?" he pulled a grin which was cut short as he saw the ropes

inching towards him, his eyes widened at the same time his mouth dropped; he wondered how we was going to escape this one. He wracked his mind as the ropes

drew closer to him, ready to wrap themselves around him more than they already were; one had already started at one of his feet. He thought hard and fast and

flicked out his wand at the first one he thought of. "EXPLOSIVE-ARMY-MOUSE!" he yelled, apparently meaning "Expelliarmus." He watched on as a heap of sparks and a

cloudy puff floated and sparked towards Lucius, exploding into something that could only be described as a raincloud that showered one's opponent with millions of live

mice. Lockhart, though bounded up, looked rather impressed by this, "Really Lucius? Really?" he grinned.

Lucius's satisfied expression as he watched the ropes bind Lockhart up, should have shown Lockhart how little Lucius really did think of him, however it hadn't; Lockhart

simply looked rather impressed with himself as he watched not only the cloud of mice come towards him but also the satisfaction on his face, which told the thick-

minded Lockhart, Lucius was impressed with the spell he had just cast. Before Lucius could stop himself, he shrieked, "Eeeaahhhh." Completely caught unaware as he

was too busy watching Lockhart. Apparently Lockhart had done the right thing by setting mice onto Lucius, as he showed nothing but signs of hating them. Lockhart

laughed hard as he watched the mice tangle in Lucius's hair, ran down his robes; he thrashed about wildly in attempt to get them off, obviously losing the last bit of

cool he had left, he raised his wand "Volate Ascendare Mures... ugh!" he said as all the mice rose up and hovered in an ominous squeaking cloud above him. He whirled

his wand at the cloud, causing it to spin, with a flick of his wand he said, "Depulso Descendo" the cloud of mouse was now rapidly heading towards Lockhart, who was

still laughing hard at Lucius's reaction to the mice like a madman on crack or something.

"Thought you were braver than that, Lucius!" he sneered. He looked up at the cloud of mice coming towards him, there wasn't going to be much time to react at all; his

eyes widened as he thought about the effects they could have on his hair; the good thing was he was no longer unbound, apparently distracting Lucius with the mice

broke the spell of the ropes. With quick thinking he decided it best to use the spell Lucius used on him back. Realizing he was completely untied came as a bit of a

surprise to him. He grinned, feeling rather successful of his work, snapped back, raised his wand, and yelled, "Repulso Accenddeoreo!" he thought he broke his wand

when he heard a slight snap from his wand, however when he looked at the cloud of mice he realized he had done some sort of magic. He grinned at Lucius and

watched as the cloud of mice turned from grey to a shade of bright emerald green. Lockhart sniggered to himself as it floated towards Lucius, emitting the foulest

stench anyone in the room could think of- if not, fouler. Lockhart sniggered again as mounds of what seemed to be muggle Oreos fell from the cloud, bursting into a

brownish-green cloud of foul-smelling gas over Lucius. Lockhart sniggered, his thumb and forefinger held his nose as he watched on, unable to hide his audible


Lucius flailed everywhere unable to handle the stench. The crowd fled the Duelling Room, Lockhart stood there, his nose still held as he watched Lucius flail over the

cloud- the stench of the cloud was unbearable as more Oreos dropped down on Lucius and exploded into more gas. He could not believe the effect he had caused, yet

he was rather proud of himself; he didn't want anyone to know it was by accident of course he had created this gas cloud. With one last cough and splutter from Lucius,

the cloud combusted into a fouler stench than the last; Lucius knew it was now time to flee the room just as the onlookers had done, there was no point staying when

there was no one to watch the finale of the duel. With that Lucius leapt off the platform, hurried towards the door, opened it and ran out, his nose covered just as

Lockhart's was.

Lockhart was too proud of himself to run out of the Duelling Room, cursing audibly as Lucius bolted up to the Slytherin Common Room. Lockhart knew he'd won fair and

square; he ran up to the Ravenclaw Common Room, grabbed a spare change of robes, hit the spas, ran back to the common room, raked a comb through his now

perfectly clean hair, making sure others in the room didn't notice, once he'd finished he told of the happenings to those who didn't see once he'd finished perfecting his

hair, of course telling them he hadn't even ruffled his hair up, not even the slightest bit.

His next lesson; he strutted in through the door and beamed, "You won't believe what just happened a few minutes ago!" he grinned.