Samantha's POV

"So what if I look like Colleen? And you look like Santo?" I said as EJ decided to take a seat on the couch. When did I say he could sit? I wanted him out of my apartment.
"We look just like them Samantha! We share a history! Do you want to end up the way they did? Come on it's fate you have to understand that much at least" EJ eyes filled with joy as he continued to wave the picture of Santo and Colleen in my face.
It did freak me out how we resembled them, it had to be one of Stefano's tricks, how could we look exactly the same these types of things just don't happen in reality.
"Look I don't care. I love Lucas and he loves me. You lied to me EJ I can't just forgive and forget, this friendship will take time to build. It is growing but we aren't quite there yet so please just leave EJ. I would really like to be alone right now, Lucas isn't here that doesn't mean I need you babysitting me instead" I say pointing towards the door. EJ placed Santo and Colleens picture on the coffee table in front of him I saw his lips part but he didn't say anything.
That's when I realized he had noticed the sonogram picture I had placed on the coffee table, I was meant to show Lucas just before he left but he had left in such a rush I didn't have the chance. EJ picked up the picture and stared at it silently while I tried to get him to leave. I wanted to scream and yell but I was exhausted from the nights spent wondering where Will was. Will had gone missing a few nights ago, we ended up finding him at a friend's house. He had planned on running away from home but thankfully his friend had managed to stop him. I wanted Will with me but after his stunt Lucas had put his foot down and forced me to agree with him when we sent him to stay with Carrie and Austin in Switzerland. Will seemed more stable with Carrie and Austin which hurt me deeply. I loved my son so much only for people to try and push him away from me, I knew Will would be better away from Salem this time though too much was happening and his safety was important, no matter how I was feeling he had to leave.
"EJ I'm exhausted could you please leave I need to rest" I say as nicely as possible, trying hard not to let my rage get the better of me I needed to stay calm for the sake of my babies.
"Why are you alone again? I don't understand why you won't go to a safe house. And since you refuse that why can't Lucas be here? He knows you're in danger what the hell is he thinking?" EJ says in frustration while still staring at the picture.
"Look nothing has happened in a while. I need to get back to normal and forget everything else. Lucas has gone to Kate's okay so drop it" I say while walking towards the front door assuming EJ would follow but as usual he didn't.
Each step was killing me, my legs were swollen this pregnancy was the complete opposite of Wills. When I had him I was able to run, never got sick basically I felt as if I wasn't pregnant.
"Can I keep this?" EJ asked absentmindedly.
"Once Lucas has seen the picture I'll hand that one to you" I say opening the door swiftly, wishing I hadn't opened my mouth about Lucas not seeing the sonogram I knew EJ would start on me about Lucas not being there.
"He didn't go with you to the clinic?" EJ asks me shocked.
I internally groaned damn my big mouth. I didn't have any energy in me to argue with him, I left the door wide open and walked to my bedroom and laid down. My feet were killing me they were swollen and aching, I had the biggest headache I had ever had and to top it off I started to feel nauseated again. I listened as the door closed meaning EJ had finally left I was happy to be alone. Lucas was spending time with Kate since she called saying she missed him, though I bet it was just to bad mouth me and get Lucas away from me. Kate would be so happy to find out that these babies were EJs instead of Lucas's. Stefano would be over the moon just so he can get his stem cells. I refused to have an amnio test done due to the risks but also because I had a sickening feeling these babies would be EJs and if they were life was going to get so much more complicated. No one knew I was having twins, I couldn't do that to Lucas I couldn't tell him. How could I? It was bad enough that there was a possibility of me giving birth to a DiMera now I might be giving birth to two. I don't want these children influenced by the Dimeras, they were Bradys and that would be the end of that. I needed to tell Lucas but fear scared me away each time I tried. Lucas hadn't talked much about the baby/babies as the days went by he seemed to be distancing himself from me. I knew it was hard for him to accept what was happening, I knew he cared for me with the few things he did. But fear ate at me for another reason, if I told Lucas he may tell Stefano and if Stefano found out my babies would be in more danger. Lucas was the one who told EJ that I was pregnant even though I had told him not to, he was also the one to blurt out to my entire family that I was pregnant and that EJ or him could be the father. He was drunk both times, he had spilled the news twice by accident and I had forgiven him both times despite my anger telling me otherwise. Lucas usually held his liquor well but to many bad things had happened in Lucas's life I assumed it was his way of dealing with it. But I had had enough and banned alcohol from the apartment and from his lips, I hoped he hadn't drunk since I put my foot down. It wasn't good for his health and I was partly to blame for his excessive drinking. I tried to sleep, but my thoughts prevented me from entering the rest that I so desperately needed. I slipped off the bed and walked into the kitchen lazily each step felt heavy and forced. I looked at the front door which was unlocked I walked towards it and locked it. Just as I stepped away from the door I felt something being dragged along. I looked down to see an envelope, bending down slowly as to not to hurt my back I found it was addressed to me. I made myself a cup of hot chocolate praying that I could stomach the drink I walked into the living room with the letter in hand. Taking a quick sip of the piping hot drink and closed my eyes I felt sick to my stomach. I wouldn't be able to drink the rest of it and so placed it on the coffee table in front of me that's when I noticed EJ had left the picture of Santo and Colleen. I picked up the picture and scrutinized it, why did they have to look like EJ and I and why did they have to look so in love! Colleen was smiling widely while Santo had his arms wrapped around her waist. Colleen had her head bent to the left to gaze at Santo, while Santo had bent his head down to meet her gaze, you could see how deeply they were in love. This picture just fueled EJ's thought that he and I belonged together. It didn't matter about what happened in the past, what mattered was the future. My family would be upset, Stefano would win and who knows what evil things he would continue to do, it didn't matter how I felt about EJ, I loved him but Mum and Dad would not want this for me.
I placed the picture back down and opened the envelope slowly trying to pull my mind off of EJ, I unfolded the letter and began to read-

Dearest Samantha-Brady to be DiMera,
I see you still haven't changed your mind and well I'm not in the least bit surprised. I take joy in the fact that you are so deluded enough to think you will have a normal life after you give birth to my grandson or granddaughter. I have told you time and time again that I need the stem cells from that baby to survive. I have asked you nicely and you flatly refused. I will now fulfill what I had told you. Since you refuse to help me I will one by one hurt each and every member of your family until you finally agree to help me. You are no exception to this threat Samantha. Do the wise thing and accept my offer.
Can't wait for the wedding,

The guy was out of his mind I'm deluded! He's deluded. I needed to get a hold of Lucas and the rest of my family what if he does try and hurt the people I care about? DiMera's were ruthless knowing Stefano he would do anything to put a couple more years into his life span. That family made my blood boil, how could he even think of harming his own grandchild? I knew Andrew and Tony would be at their father's beck and call, I didn't have a clue as to why EJ hadn't gone running to his father.
EJ had lied every minute since he had met me just to fulfill his father's wishes. Stefano had met me one day outside the Brady Bar and explained if I married EJ he would no longer hurt a Brady, I told him he was lying and that I wanted nothing to do with him or EJ. If EJ wasn't a DiMera I could see us getting married, having children and growing old together. If only EJ had told me the truth earlier none of this would be happening! EJ broke my heart, I had truly fallen for him. For the first time in my life I didn't have to play games to get the guy, EJ had accepted me for the way I was. I knew it was too good to be true why would the universe want Samantha Brady to be happy after all the disgusting, horrible, vile things I had done. I tried putting my defenses up but EJ knocked it down so easily, he had entered by heart, invaded my mind and body I was so stupid to let it happen. Now I'm pregnant possible with his children there was no escape, if this hadn't happened I would have had nothing to do with EJ but it has and I'm trying so hard to be civil with him. I keep my defenses up but I can feel cracks forming the more time I spent with EJ which I knew was wrong but it felt so right. I'm with Lucas I tell myself to keep from breaking and running into EJ's arms. There were so many times over the past three months that I had wanted to run across the hall bang on EJs door and tell him I wanted him back. But I had stopped myself each time thinking of my family. My family would never accept our union and I didn't want to upset them more than I already have. I had hurt them to many times in my past and had finally been forgiven and accepted by my family. Trusting Stefano wasn't an option either, how could he even possibly think I would happily agree to his terms? Marry EJ? Who knew if I did if Stefano would keep his promise? I placed the infuriating letter back in the envelope when smoke started coming out of the envelope.
"What the hell?" I say as I breathed in the grey smoke. I began coughing and threw the letter to the ground. I watched the letter continue to burn under my feet thankfully I was wearing slippers and stomped on it while coughing on the couch, I didn't want my apartment to burn down. After a few more stomps on the paper it stopped burning and eventually my coughing stopped. My throat was now dry due to the amount of coughing the bloody burning paper had evoked in me, I needed water and so I tried to get up from the couch only to fall to my knees, I tried to get up but I could feel my energy rapidly disappearing eventually after a few seconds my eye site blurred and then everything went black.


How could he not go to the clinic with Samantha, any expecting mother should not have to go through this on her own. If Lucas loved her why hadn't he gone with her? I'm so mad I could punch him. I'm so mad at Samantha for siding with Lucas. Is she that blind? Lucas can never give her what I can; I love her more than Lucas why couldn't she see that? Yes I made mistakes big mistakes! I'll regret them for the rest of my life! But how can Samantha not understand? She has made huge mistakes all of which I had known and turned a blind eye to. She was young, naive and didn't know better. I had accepted her for the way she was unlike Lucas constantly trying to change her time and time again. They had been together for two months, every minute they spent together was like hell for me. I loved her and I wasn't going to let Lucas have her, I would get through to Samantha one way or another I just had to. I heard footsteps outside my apartment breaking me out of my thoughts, I walked over to door and looked through the peephole, I watched as Lucas knocked at the door but Samantha's didn't open it? That's strange I thought to myself, once Samantha had left me alone in the living room with her apartment door wide open I had walked out and went across the hallway to spend the day in my apartment to continue with Mythics'. Wherever Samantha went I tried to stay close, she seemed to get in trouble when she left her apartment. Lucas seemed intent on leaving Samantha alone which was a stupid thing for him to do considering she was in danger. He knew that and he still left to visit his mum. The guy didn't know how to prioritize and I couldn't believe Samantha would rather be with him instead of me. I would never stop letting her know how I felt, I knew how she felt I just needed her to accept it and not give a damn about what her family thought. If they loved her they would accept me regardless of my surname. I hadn't heard any noises coming from Samantha's apartment all day which would mean she was still inside.
I watched as Lucas continued to knock louder and louder while shouting 'Sami! Sami!' It angered me to see him yelling out her name like that, why didn't that bloody idiot have the keys to the apartment? Most probably in his drunken state he left the keys in the apartment, another reason I hated Lucas he couldn't hold his liquor down. If he ever hurt Samantha while being drunk I would kill him, actually if he ever hurt Samantha period I would kill him. I grabbed the spare key to Samantha's apartment, she had given me it when we were best friends and had forgotten to take them back when she broke up with me. I didn't bother to remind her knowing they would come in handy one day. I walked out of my apartment and instantly Lucas turned around, I could see he wasn't going to be friendly. My presence always caused him to go into fury mode, at least I could contain myself for Samantha's sake.
"What do you want EJ" he spat.
"Why don't you have a key? Did Samantha kick you out? About time" I say trying to annoy him.
"I left my keys at home not that I need to tell you anything" Lucas said and continued to bang on the door.
"Are you drunk?" I ask him.
"I am not drunk! My mum has just made me very angry!" Lucas says thumping harder.
"You know she may not be home" I say trying to get Lucas far away from Samantha.
His Mum had made him angry, what was new I thought dryly. "Sami!" Lucas yelled once more.
Not a single sound was coming from the apartment no footsteps, no noise. It was like no one was home which wasn't possible since I knew for sure she hadn't left the apartment all day; I was becoming to feel more worried for Samantha. Had something happened to her? Wasn't like her to take this long to open the door, why hasn't she opened it? Oh god had Stefano or my brothers done something to her? A sickening feeling washed over me I prayed silently that she was okay.
"Lucas stop your screaming and move away from the door" I say ready to open the door.
"Why do you have a key to Sami's apartment?" Lucas said angrily.
I ignore him and push my way to the door and place the key in the lock thankfully it clicked open, I was dreading that she had changed the locks after she had broken up with me. Instantly Lucas pushed past me causing the door to fly open hitting the wall with a loud bang. The man was an ape no class what so ever, what did Samantha see in him? I quickly followed Lucas into the apartment only to stop due to shock, there in the living room was a pale looking Samantha unconscious lying on the floor. Lucas continued to stand there as if he had lost his mind while mine went into overdrive. I check her pulse which was racing and see she was lightly breathing, I pulled out my phone dialing 911
"I need an ambulance to 41 Maddock street apartment 352 Samantha Brady is pregnant she is unconscious on the floor she's breathing but very lightly hurry" I say and with that I lift Samantha onto the couch.
"Don't touch her" Lucas yells.
"Well I don't intend on leaving her on the floor Lucas! Now calm yourself down right now" I order him.
Lucas helps me make Samantha more comfortable on the couch, she still hadn't come to no matter how much Lucas and I tried to wake her. I looked at the surroundings in the living room I felt her mug which was cold, telling me she had been unconscious for a while. Lucas was also looking around the room making sure there wasn't anyone else in the apartment. It angered me now that he seemed to worry about Samantha when he should have been with her, If I could have been by her side then I would have. But she didn't want me, I wanted her to be happy through her pregnancy and well today she didn't seem very happy to have me around.
"The floors covered in something black" Lucas says bending down and whipping his finger across the wooden floors.
He bent down and put his hand under the couch pulling something that looked burnt from under it.
"What is it?" I ask him as I run my hand through Samantha's hair.
"It looks like a burnt letter? But I don't see a match box, or a match. I doubt Sami would be that stupid and burn something in the living room" Lucas say while opening the letter.
"Agree" I say turning my focus back onto Samantha, the letter could wait right now we needed Samantha to open her eyes.
I leave the room to get a glass of water and hurry back, I flick some droplets onto Samantha's face but she doesn't react one little bit.
"That's not helping EJ stop it! Sami wouldn't want you here, the ambulance is on its way so you can leave" Lucas said forcefully.
I notice he hadn't opened the letter yet instead one hand held the burnt letter while the other held the picture of Santo and Colleen. Lucas hadn't even bothered to look at the sonogram picture which was placed on the coffee table where I had last placed it.
"If you weren't such an idiot you would see I am trying to help. Why did you leave her in the apartment all alone? Are you stupid? She needs protection, you know my father is after her and the child yet you're not doing anything to help her. You're not even going to doctors' appointments with her? Who knows how she's actually doing. Grow up Lucas!" I tell him.
"I've been telling her for weeks now that we need to go to a safe house she just won't budge. I love her! She doesn't tell me when she has a doctor's appointment, even when I ask. Because she wants to spare me the hurt when we find out whose baby she is carrying. Sami is selfless I know that more than anybody. I know she isn't safe here but what can I do if she won't take my advice. Her fathers a police cop and she still won't listen. She wants a normal life, she's been through so much I'll do what she tells me to do I don't want to hurt her. You need to stay away from her, I don't care if she's starting to form a friendship with you again" Lucas says giving me a piece of his mind while folding the letter and placing it in his pocket aggressively.
"She's sparing you the pain if she ends up having my baby? Is that what you think Lucas? How can you think that? Do you think I care for a second whose baby Samantha is carrying? If it's yours I don't care, I love Samantha! She was meant to be with me! I was going to tell her the truth but Roman bet me, but if I had told her you wouldn't even be standing here Lucas. I know she loves me too just that she cares to much about what her family will think to do anything about it. She doesn't let you know about the pregnancy most probably because you haven't asked or done anything to let her know that you care about her pregnancy. How many times have you left her alone just so you could run to Kate's or even work? You know she's in danger put your foot down and drag her to safety! Samantha's stubborn not stupid" I yell at him.
"Why did you show her this?" Lucas says ignoring everything I had said.
"It's a picture of her great aunt and my grandfather, why shouldn't I show her?" I ask him aggressively.
"It's obviously photo shopped, you'll do anything to get Sami back" he says throwing the picture onto the coffee table.
We continue to argue back and forth while trying to get Samantha to open her eyes. She doesn't wake up filling me with panic and worry. Finally the ambulance arrives causing Lucas and I to stop our quarrel. The paramedics quickly assess Samantha's condition and start injecting her with something.
"What are you doing to her?" Lucas asks concerned.
"We are giving her Saline it's just water and salt she is very dehydrated we need to get her to the hospital and perform a couple tests on Miss Brady and her baby" the paramedic said quickly.
I was going to start another argument with Lucas, how was Samantha dehydrated? He obviously was not taking care of her like I thought he was. Whenever he was around Samantha he put on a show pretending he cared when all he wanted to do was drift Samantha and I away. Everything Lucas was doing was hurting Samantha. I stopped myself from blowing up, I was concerned about Samantha and that was fueling my mind to think negatively towards Lucas, he may have been taking care of Samantha but obviously not enough. A few minutes later Sami was quickly driven away in the ambulance with Lucas at her side. I follow suit in my car speeding my way through traffic with two things in mind. Samantha and my baby.

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