Samis POV

It seemed like forever that Belle was outside the room, she should be back soon it was 3pm and her appointment with Dad was in thirty minutes. I continued to play with Clair when all of a sudden she began to cry.
"Shuuush shhuu shhuu" I say trying to stop her from crying it didn't work.
I look at the door but Belle doesn't come, she must not be able to hear Clair cry I thought internally. I carefully and slowly make my way out of bed with Clair in my arms. I remembered when Will was a baby he use to quieten down just by walking around the room and rocking him back and forth. I began to walk towards the window, the day was nice and sunny I couldn't wait to go outside. I continued to rock Clair and within a few minutes she had quietened down.
"I see you must have been sick of sitting around Sweetie, I know the feeling I've been in this room for five days. Thanks to you I get to walk around these four walls that no one lets me do. I finally get to look outside" I laugh as Clair plays with my hair with her tiny hands.
"Don't forget what I told you okay" I said nuzzling her with my nose, she laughed.
I continued to rock her back and forth, I was starting to get a bit dizzy with the walking but that was because I was walking in circles, if only I was allowed out of the room I thought to myself. I looked through the window on the door and saw that Belle was still on the phone, I wondered who she was talking to she didn't seem stressed out and so I walked back to the window which let me look at what I was missing out on. Clair continued to play with my long curly hair while I looked outside as people walked or drove passed the hospital. I let out a sigh, Dad was no where closer to catching Andrew. There was no sign of Andrew since my note but then again everyone could be keeping information from me. Arg I can't catch a break can I? I'm strong, I've bounced back on so many occasions yet people think I'm weak! I've been walking around the room for a good twenty or so odd minutes and I haven't collapsed. Yes I'm a bit tired but who wouldn't be in my condition. I let my anger dissolve it was getting me nowhere and I did not want that stupid blood pressure monitor to go off I thought dryly. I returned my attention back to Clair her eyes wide open taking in my expression.
"Well Sweetie you'll be leaving soon, thank you for keeping me company" I said giving her a smile. Just as I was about to return to the bed I heard the door to the room open I was about to tell Belle that she should leave or she'll be late for her appointment with Dad but then I spotted EJ at her side. He looked so angry, I didn't know why. Strange I thought to myself sarcastically, Belle walked to my side and I passed Clair to her.
"Belle I think you should go you'll be late for Roman" I say helping her with the pram.
"Yeah it's ten past three it will only take me ten minutes to get to the station anyway" Belle said calmly while her eyes darted between EJ and I anxiously.
"Samantha get back on the bed" EJ said forcefully while pointing at the bed.
I rolled my eyes at him, while Belle gave me a look. What was up with her and her looks? I stood there looking at her trying to read what she was telling me.
"Sami get on the bed, I shouldn't have left Clair with you it was silly of me to do that. Why did you get out of bed? You look exhausted" she said unhappily.
"I'm fine, Clair was crying the second I started walking around she stopped. Seems she hates being stuck in one place for too long just like her Aunt" I say pointing out how I was feeling at the same time.
"Well darling Clair is a baby, while you are an adult who needs to be in one place at the moment. So please get back in the bed" EJ says trying to be calm.
"Sami" Belle says.
"Nope" I say, I had had enough of today.
"Nope?" EJ says confused.
"I'm perfectly fine with standing. Belle you're going to be late" I say trying to push her to leave.
"Sami you are not well. You're getting paler by the second, I'm not leaving until you get on that bed. I'll go see Roman another time" Belle said with worry.
"Samantha Jean Brady get back on the bed before I force you in" EJ said not so nicely. EJ began to walk towards me he stopped walking as he approached Clairs pram.
"Elvis Junior Wells-DiMera I don't want to lay down" I said with a slight mocking tone.
"You're being very childish Sami" Belle said giving Clair to EJ and grabbing my hand and towing me to the bed while I tried to get out of her hold. We passed EJ while he placed Clair in the pram, his eyes were on fire due to my disobedience. Good I thought about time he knew how I felt being cooped up in here.
"When did you become stronger then me?" I asked Belle annoyed.
"The fact that I am towing you along so easily should tell you how little energy you have Sami" she says letting go of my hand and trying to push me down onto the bed into a lying position. Belle looked at me while I defiantly refused to lay down, she seemed satisfied that I was sitting on the bed at least.
"I know I can't walk but why can't I just stand?" I say under my breath.
Belle turned around and walked up to EJ who helped turn the pram around in the confined room. I saw my chance then both were busy in the corner I ran for the door and swung it open nearly making one foot out the door.
"Charles!" EJ and Belle yelled out.
And just like that Charles blocked my only route to freedom as I banged right into his hard, huge, solid chest. It was like the guy was made of concrete!
"Charles be a doll and move" I said coldly rubbing my head from the impact.
Charles just stood there not speaking but giving me a heavy stare. I wish I could just hit him. Why couldn't I leave the room? And what was up with people giving me stares? Belle, Lucas, EJ all gave me stares and now my own bodyguard was giving me "the stare".
While I pondered on that thought EJ grabbed me around my waist and lifted me into his arms with ease easily.
"For crying out loud EJ. Put. Me. Down." I said each word slowly and angrily so he could understand.
"Not. Bloody. Likely" he said just as slow each word thick with his heavy british accent.
"You can't just lift me whenever you want" I say with a british accent trying to irritate him more.
"I'll lift you since you are so intent on harming yourself" he said not letting me get to him.
He reached the bed and sat down with me struggling in his lap. I could feel my cheeks flush, I hadn't been this close to EJ in a while my heart was beating faster by the second. How I wished they hadn't put me onto wireless blood pressure monitoring system. I could hear the beeping go off. EJ pulled himself with me in his arms into the bed, he restrained me by keeping his arms tightly around my waist. I should have just relaxed! I never think things through! What's wrong with me!
"Well this was fun you two" Belle said with a huge smile and then continued "but I have to leave, I'm going to be late but Roman will understand. Sami the sooner you calm down the sooner EJ will remove his hands. But I guess if you don't it would show how much you really want to be in EJ's arms. See you to lov...see you two later" Belle said I suspected she stuttered on purpose, I blushed harder at what she said damn her. We both said bye and watched as she left the room with Charles holding the door wide open for her.
I tugged at EJ's hands but he just wouldn't budge, I didn't understand why he wouldn't let go. I was in the bed, I wasn't trying to get out anymore.
"You may leave now Charles" EJ said with authority in his voice. I rolled my eyes at the way he spoke, I just found EJ's behavior to be over the top. The beeping continued no matter how hard I tried to calm myself down. My thoughts drifting in and out about wanting to leave this room and being in EJ's arms.
"You are about 8 points away from being sedated Samantha" EJ warned me.
"Yeah well if you would just let me out of this room then we wouldn't be having this issue" I said breathlessly.
"6 points" he continued.
His hold on my began to lighten but I still couldn't break out. I tried thinking of what Will was doing and tried to breath in and out slowly. I knew I needed to be calm, I was hurting the babies unintentionally.
"Good 9 points" EJ said resting his chin against my head.
I ignored how intimate we looked and tried to relax in his arms, if Lucas saw us right now, I'm pretty sure a fight would break out.
"7 points Samantha" EJ said sternly.
Well that obviously wasn't the right thing to be thinking! I yelled at myself.
"6 points" EJ said.
Damn it I was going backwards, I tried again clearing my mind and thinking of a black wall. I made myself more comfortable not caring about the person holding me, it was just a person. I closed my eyes and continued breathing, I could feel myself sinking into the person's arms. I knew EJ must be just loving this, I mean he'd been wanting us to 'be together' for so long. I remembered how I had pushed him away trying to block him out for months. He had been my best friend. I never made friends easily and well EJ just seemed to understand me, we clicked instantly. Then it grew into more, I loved him I had actually for once given someone my heart and he had readily accepted it, without me having to play games, be deceitful and lie. But then he lied, which hurt it would have been okay if he lied about something else but no he had to be a DiMera! He schemed and lied, but he always said from day one he loved me. I didn't believe him then but seeing him here at my side, caring not just about the babies but me as well, I was starting to change my perception. While I refused to let EJ back in Belle kept on telling me to maintain at least a friendship or at least speak to him civilly, I spoke to him for Belle's sake because she never stopped ranting on about how good EJ was.
I finally heard the beeping stop, but I continued to calm myself down. Even if I was ten lower than the dangerous blood pressure I needed to be even further away from it. A few more minutes passed when EJ finally spoke.
"You're a good 35 points below sedation Samantha" EJ told me in relief.
I opened my eyes trying to read the computer monitor but couldn't, since I was locked into a certain position due to EJ still not letting go.
"Now will you stop and think before you try doing anything like that again? I've told you this before you may feel better but you are not completely better. You will get out of this room eventually but if you keep this up you'll be here for an extended stay. You make me so worried don't ever do that again" EJ said with worry.
"I don't mean to make you worry EJ, I just need to get out. Let go of me please" I say weakly.
"No can do darling since you refuse to stay put I'll have to stay like this for the rest of the week" he says freaking me out.
"You can't" I say before I can stop myself.
"Samantha, your name should be trouble. You're going to be a handful aren't you" he says laughing.
"EJ I just want to get out of this room, its so boring for me in here. Why can't I just walk around?" I ask not understanding why it was such an unreasonable request.
"Darling if I was allowed to let you walk don't you think I would have let you out by now?" he asked me and then continued "the Doctor has told me you need complete bed rest, you've really exhausted your body. Once the doctor gives me the okay then you'll have the freedom to walk where ever it is you wish to walk" EJ stated.
I breathed out slowly annoyed. EJ was keeping too many things from me, he never told me the complete story when it came to doctors, it was more like a preview.
"It's just a walk" I say under my breath.
"A walk that could make you tired and dizzy which could make you collapse and hurt the babies and you" EJ points out.
I didn't say another word I moved my head causing EJ to move his chin from my head, I pulled slightly out of EJ's hold putting a few centimeters between us, but EJ managed to keep his hands tightly secured around my waist. I tried shaking him off but it didn't work my head hit the pillow and within a few second sleep claimed me.


Trouble. Samantha was trouble that was going to kill me. The second I saw her standing with Clair anger built up instantly. Samantha looked completely different from what I had seen a few hours ago. A few hours ago she was full of colour, eyes bright and full of energy. Now she looked pale, sick and like she wasn't able to stand for a second longer. Her legs were shaking a little but her hands were firmly around Clair. I wanted to yell so badly after Belle left with Clair but the beeping from Samantha's heart rate had stopped me. I clutched at Samanthas waist keeping her to the bed. Eventually the rate came down, but I continued to hold her to me. We hadn't been this close in months I missed how her body fit perfectly into mine. Samantha continued to try and fight her way out of my hold but she was far too weak, no amount of pushing she did worked. After I gave her a small talk about why she couldn't leave the room I gave her a little bit of room but still had my hands secured around her waist. Within a few minutes Samantha had fallen asleep. She had exhausted herself which made me unhappy, but having her in my arms made me happy. She was definitely trouble.
"A normal person would listen to their doctor and stay put Samantha" I say quietly.
I hear her groan in her sleep and try to turn over, I release her as she turns to face me. The second she finishes I claim her back into my arms, this is where she belonged I wish she knew that. I watched her as she slept, worrying when Andrew would show up. I had Stefano's men watching the hospital at all times just in case along with my own bodyguards. From now on I had to be on edge and I had to play tough love with Samantha it was for her sake as well as the babies. If I had things my way I would have kidnapped Samantha by now and taken her far away until the babies were born. Being away from Salem might just be the answer to keeping her safe. A light knock came from the door, the knock startled Samantha and she clutched at my shirt my heart began to beat faster. I loved Samantha, remembering this moment later was going to torture me. I looked up to see Charles opening the door to let Caroline in. She walked in and put a finger to her lips trying to stay quiet for Samantha's sake. She looked at Samantha I made no move not wanting to wake her up after the walking saga earlier. Caroline came to the right side of the bed and looked at Samantha she seemed happy to see her, she brushed her hand softly against Samantha's long blond hair and cheeks. In her sleep she smiled and seemed to relax a bit more. Her breathing was even and soft, I looked at the computer monitor to see her pressure reading to be the lowest so far. Even in sleep Samantha was able to draw high numbers, it was amazing to see it being so low.
"She looks at peace" Caroline said softly while pulling the blanket higher up tucking Samantha and I in.
"She does" I smiled in agreement.
"I'm glad you're here with her" Caroline said taking a seat next to the bed.
I gave her a smile, Caroline reminded me of Belle they seemed so similar when it came to things to do with Samantha.
"I wish she was awake, I've missed her phone calls" Caroline said.
"She's very weak at the moment and doesn't want to worry you Caroline or the rest of her family" I say sparing her feelings.
"She's changed so much and that's because of you" She said happily.
"She hasn't changed, she's starting to accept who she is. She's still struggling to be who she is instead of what others want her to be" I answer Caroline back seriously.
"I see, so I assume that is exactly what she has done to you?" Caroline asked me.
"Yes, she's shown me a side of myself I never knew. You don't know how much I worry about Samantha. I have never felt this amount of worry in my life, if I lost her I know that would be the end of me. I love her" I say expressing myself.
"She'll come around and eventually so will my family" Caroline says firmly.
"Samantha doesn't seem to think so every opportunity she gets she runs from me" I say letting her know what her granddaughter thought.
"Everything has a time and place, it will happen" she laughs.
"You don't know how much of a hand full your granddaughter is, she'll be the death of me" I say to Caroline.
"Spoken like a true lover" she said musing.
We both laugh, after a few minutes Caroline pulls something out of her bag and places it on the bench.
"It's my special chocolate cake, I know it's yours and Samis favorite I baked it specially for you two" she said smiling while walking back to the bed.
"I'll let her rest I'm suspecting something happened before I came to make her this tired and allowing you to hold her like that" Caroline said concerned.
"Belle can fill you in" I say giving her a cheeky grin and then continue "She is fine now so don't worry" I finish off.
Caroline bent down kissing Samantha's forehead along with me as well. I gave her a shocked smile which she returned.
"Tell her I came EJ, and don't tire yourself out. Take care of yourself too. If you need anything be it for you or Sami don't hesitate to call me" Caroline said I nodded and she slowly made her way out of the room.
"You don't know how much it would mean to me if your family accepted me and Samantha, we would be so happy together" I say absentmindedly.
I looked at the clock which read five thirty, I turned and read the chart Samantha ate at 2pm and was due for dinner at 7pm. I smiled I still had her in my arms for a wee bit more I made myself more cozy. I pulled the blanket up to cover Samantha more, she looked a little cold. She still had her hands clutching at my shirt I wish I could take a photo of this. Samantha's cheeks were turning a slight shade of pink, it reminded me of the many times I had managed to make her turn pink. The slightest touch, the smallest kiss, the gentlest whisper from me could make her turn a different shade. Her body reacted to me but Samantha was strong willed time after time she had managed to fight me on her feelings for me. She loved me, I could see it in her eyes. She never stopped loving me, I know I hurt her I had seen that in her eyes too. I was a fool I had a great thing in front of me and I let it slip out of my hands. I hurt the one I loved I was sorry if only Samantha would give me a chance to repent.
"Come back to me Samantha" I whispered while she slept peacefully in my arms "I'll never meant to hurt you".
Another knock came at the door and Charles walked in he closed the door and stood blocking the door frame.
"Charles?" I whisper.
"Eric Brady is here to see his sister. His name is not on the list, he refuses to go I am not kicking him out as he is threatening to call Roman" Charles whispers.
I look back at Samantha and know how hurt she was over Eric. Eric's reaction to seeing Samantha and I like this will not be good but I couldn't let Samantha out of my arms knowing it would wake her up. She needed rest and it looked like being in my arms was giving her the best rest she had had all week.
"Let him in but tell him Samantha is asleep and that it should remain that way until he leaves" I tell Charles.
"Yes, Mr Wells" Charles whispers and walks out.
A few minutes later the door opens I place a finger over my mouth indicating for Eric to be quiet. His eyebrows are drawn together he doesn't seem happy at all to see me, he walks around to the other side of the room to look at Samantha. I can tell from his expression that he felt guilty.
"How is she doing?" he asked me while rubbing Samantha's shoulder causing Samantha to relax more in my arms if that was even possible.
"She hasn't been taking good care of herself. Eating and drinking had seemed to cease to exist in Samantha's life. She is now hydrated but is still malnourished but she is slowly gaining energy everyday. She had a little setback today that's why I'm in the bed with her" I explain.
"How did no one know she wasn't taking care of herself? Lucas? What the hell was he doing?" Eric said raising his voice causing Samantha to stir.
I gave him a warning look I waited for Samantha to stop moving and then answered Eric's question "Lucas has been taking care of his mum mostly" I say annoyed and then continued "as you know Samantha has been stressed over the last 3 months due to certain situations of which I know you are fully aware of Belle, Will, Stefano, threats on the family and the babies" I finish off.
"Babies?" Eric says confused.
Damn it, Samantha was meant to tell her family but she wanted to tell everyone once she was out of hospital.
"Don't tell her I told you okay. Only her, Lucas, Belle and I know. She wants to tell everyone but doesn't want to worry anyone since she is in hospital. She didn't even want you to know she was in the hospital to start with since you had important work to complete" I finish off.
"Yeah well Dad rang me and told me" he says annoyed "I've heard what you have done for Samantha and I am grateful EJ. I came the second I was allowed to leave you can go home now I can stay with her" he says taking a seat next to the bed.
"I'm not leaving her side Eric. I am glad you came to see her, I know it will make her very happy" I say turning down his offer.
"Why do you need to stay?" he asks me.
"I've been here for five days, she only has two left. I want to be here for her" I answer.
"Why is it she is in your arms?" he asks me a little annoyed.
"Samantha is on complete bed rest but you know her she is stubborn. She got out and walked around her blood pressure went extremely high and she still wouldn't get in the bed. I did what was necessary to calm her down" I said looking back at Samantha.
"She is still unwell after being here for five days? Why hasn't anyone told me? I would have thought she would be back to normal by now" Eric asks.
"Samantha hasn't told her family about her health, your parents have only come to see her once each. She doesn't want to worry them since so many other things are happening" I answer him.
"I can't believe she didn't want me to know, she has changed a lot" Eric said worriedly.
"Your sister hasn't changed, she is being who she has always been. You hurt her Eric" I say.
"I know she's just so stubborn, doesn't take anybody's advice. I care about her but she's turned her life into a huge mess. Whatever I said it was said out of anger I didn't mean it, I needed space away from Sami I'm so selfish" Eric says referring to me as the mess.
"If you care about her then why upset her?" I ask him.
"I don't mean to it's just how it always ends up when we talk" he answers.
"Well next time you see her try to make sure that doesn't happen" I say seriously.
"Or what she'll die" Eric said mockingly which only made me madder.
"Actually you'll kill her and the babies. Samantha is struggling to keep her blood pressure low she's on full time monitoring at the moment until she can stabilize it" I answer biting back the harsh words I would have loved to use.
"She could die? Why didn't she tell anyone?" Eric asks stuttering.
"I don't think Samantha even knows how bad she is doing, it would only stress her out more if she knew. Despite that she is unwell and didn't want everyone to stress over her since there are other things that need to be sorted out first" I answer.
Eric shook his head and stood up and gave Samantha a kiss. He walked to the door and spoke "Don't let her know I was here, I'll come back to see her. Right now I need time to process what has happened and how it happened. Protect her EJ it seems Lucas hasn't taken care of her like my family thought he would" Eric says and with that he leaves.
I shook my head, Samantha loved her brother but Eric had said a lot of hurtful things to her. I knew they could both get over it, I just wanted to make sure it was over for good and that these two could get along just like Samantha did with Belle. Eric was her twin brother, twins were usually close. I squeezed Samantha tightly and closed my eyes not knowing that I would fall asleep within seconds.

I woke up instantly when I heard the door to Samantha's room close, I read the clock to see it was 6:30pm I had slept for thirty minutes and it was the best thirty minutes of sleep I had gotten in a while. Samantha was still asleep in my arms, her blood pressure was good. Everything looked good that was up until I noticed a note stuck to the edge of the computer monitor.
I let go of Samantha to grab the note the instant I did that she seem to get restless, I loved watching her I pulled her tighter to my chest which seemed to ease her. If only she wanted me like this when she was awake I thought to myself. I slowly plucked the note off the monitor and started reading it-

Hello EJ,
Don't you look cosy having Samantha in your arms. I guess you'll be angry as hell to find out that your guard-Simon was knocked out. It just shows you good help is so hard to find brother. Now I've shown you I can get passed security and can get close enough to touch a Brady. I bet your blood is boiling now knowing I had touched Samantha while she was in your arms. You think you can protect her? You make me laugh.
Tell Samantha to give father what he wants and this can all end. She has two days to decide before the first Brady goes down.

Good Night Brother,

I finished reading the note, pure rage flowing through me. He had managed to get literally under my nose! Damn you Andrew. I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and texted John about what had just occurred. How could this have happened? I quickly told him to tell Roman and that Samantha was to not know about what had occurred tonight, if she knew she would only stress which was what she didn't need. John continued to text me questions which I answered no matter how weird they seemed to be, he texted back saying he had news about how to end the vendetta. I was anxious to know the news but needed to stay focused. I texted Bart my father's loyal employee and told him the same thing I told John and to pass the message on to Stefano. My heart was beating extremely fast, Samantha got lucky this time. Andrew had decided to listen to father about the one week break from hurting the Brady's. Too bad he wouldn't listen to the rest of what father had to say. Andrew had lost his mind, Father had lost control of Andrews mind and all of this was pointless. Andrew didn't know why he was hurting the Brady's he just enjoyed it, he was sick in the head and needed to be stopped. A few more messages came up which I quickly replied to, I desperately wanted to call everyone but I couldn't leave Samantha. I texted Charles and informed him of what had happened, he said he would send another guard to take his place. Roman text me a few minutes later thankfully John had passed on the message about not calling. He said he would come and check up on Samantha later on tonight and that they had received a sighting of Andrew near the pier. Finally Salem PD were close to arresting someone I laughed bitterly. How many times had Roman tried to arrest me and failed, I give him credit though he was close a couple times but never managed to reel me in. Yes I had done some pretty bad stuff but hey no one got hurt!
I felt Samantha stir against me, I quickly put the note in my pocket along with my phone and placed my hand around her waist again. She stirred a bit more struggling to wake up, I was hoping she would sleep a little longer she clutched at my shirt causing me to move closer towards her, our lips only a few centimeters apart. She moved her head a bit more and slowly opened her eyes and rubbed them letting go of my shirt in the process allowing me to move away but I didn't.
"I hope you slept well" I say calmly pretending I never read Andrew's note.
She stopped rubbing her eyes and looked up to see me, her eyes went wide with shock and instantly she tried pulling away. Her reaction didn't surprise me it made me smile she looked so cute.
"EJ what are you doing?" she asked me freaked out.
"Making sure you stay in bed" I say as if it was perfectly fine to have my hands around her. Of course it was perfectly fine for me to have my arms around her I loved her I had a right to love her. I look at the monitor her pressure had gone up but she was fine.
"Well I'm staying in it okay, you can let go before someone see us" she says looking at the door.
"Well that's a little too late seeing as your grandma Caroline came in about two hours or so ago" I said with a huge grin.
"Oh no" Samantha said evidently embarrassed.
"Don't worry she didn't mind me having you in my arms, she thought that's where you should be" I said not telling her that Eric had also come.
"EJ!" Samantha yelled.
"Calm down sweetheart there is no need to yell, keep the pressure down" I warn her as I see her pressure rising quickly.
"I'm calm now hands off" she says breathing in and out evenly.
I take my time removing my hands off of her, I bend down to her eye level letting her read what they held which was love and pure devotion. I knew she read it and I could tell she was struggling inside not knowing what to do. I let go reluctantly quickly giving her a kiss on her cheek causing redness to spread across her face. With that I happily sat on the chair watching her as she fidgeted with the sheets.
A few minutes later a nurse handed Samantha her dinner, she managed to eat half of it and a few bites of the cake Caroline had made. I ate alongside Samantha to her annoyance. After eating we talked for a few minutes I let her know her Dad would be in soon.
"Why is he coming so late?" she asks me suspiciously.
"Does it really matter when he comes sweetheart?" I say trying to stop her from jumping to conclusions.
"I guess not" she says frowning.
"Are you upset?" I ask her.
"No, its probably nothing" she says not explaining herself.
"What is it?" I ask.
"I just had a bad feeling, like something bad has just happened" she says shaking her head and then continued "well I guess thats hormones for ya" she said laying back on the bed.
"Are you okay Samantha?" I ask her getting up and sitting next to her on the bed. I could see she didn't want me there but I didn't care I was worried. Somehow she had picked up on the fact that indeed something bad had happened.
"I'm fine EJ" she said closing her eyes.
"You don't look fine Samantha, tell me what is wrong" I say placing my hand over her stomach before she could stop me.
"Thh th The babies are fine" she said stuttering while she gently moved my hand away with hers. She had turned a shade of pink but this time even her ears had gone red, her eyes looked teary and her expression looked exhausted.
"Are you okay Samantha" I ask her looking at her in the eyes.
"Yeah, I just feel really zapped all of a sudden" she answers slowly looking back at me.
"I'll call Doctor Keith" I say about to get up when Samantha stopped me by grabbing my right arm.
"I'm exhausted don't trouble Doctor Keith. Sleep will make me all better don't worry EJ, I appreciate what you are doing for me. Thank you" she says while her hand was still around my arm.
"I'll always be there for you Samantha. Get some rest before Roman gets here" I say giving her a smile which she returned. We sit there in silence as Samantha rests her eyes, her hand still placed on my arm. She wasn't afraid to touch me anymore I smiled at that thought, before she would rage about me touching her. I had made huge progress with Samantha and I wasn't going to let the likes of Lucas Horton ruin it. Samantha belonged with me it was only a matter of time before she finally accepted the fact.
A few minutes later Roman, John and Bo entered the room, I shook my head were they trying to make Samantha worry? I got off the bed reluctantly and felt Samantha's hand leave me. I looked at Samantha she was opening her eyes she looked at everyone while I acknowledged everyone.
"Dad, John, Uncle Bo?" Samantha said shocked to see them.
"Hi honey" Roman said giving Samantha a hug as did John and Bo.
"We were on patrol and thought we would come and visit" Bo said lightly.
"And I couldn't get to sleep, knowing you're such a trouble maker peanut I had a feeling you would still be up" John said in a teasing voice.
"Well you guys need to get with the times, I don't make trouble anymore" she said grinning.
We all talked for a few more minutes I was about to walk out of the room and talk to John about the note and the vendetta when Doctor Keith walked in with Lucas shocking me.
"Sorry to interrupt but Miss Brady the results of the amnio are here" Doctor Keith explained.
"Lucas?" Samantha says confused.
Lucas walks to Samantha's side giving her a hug and a smile, no kiss? Happiness lightened the anger I was feeling, Samantha and Lucas's relationship was taking a turn for the worst. "Doctor Keith rang to let me know the results are here, I came as quickly as I could" he said.
"I haven't told anyone the results and the amnio results have been checked five times. I have done every check. I know there seems to be a habit with your family and results being switched" the Doctor saying eyeing me and then Lucas.
"Would you like me to read them out Samantha or would you like for everyone to leave and just have Lucas and EJ in the room?" The Doctor asks her giving her options.
Samantha bites her lower lip and looks around the room, at that point I wished Belle was here being in a room full of men wouldn't have made her feel at ease especially with Roman and Bo in the room, they both hated me. I guess she was thinking of what their reactions would be if it turned out the babies were mine.
"Just read it" she said quickly, I looked at her and wondered why she had chosen to let everyone stay. It didn't matter in the end everyone would find out eventually.
"Alright then" Doctor Keith says handing Samantha a piece of paper, I watched as Samantha's eyes popped out. She looked at me while Doctor Keith continued to talk "Mr EJ Wells you are the father" Doctor Keith stated.
The room fell into silence, while at the back of my mind I was yelling and screaming for joy. I was going to be a father in six months, hopefully Samantha would be my wife by then. I looked around the room to see Roman absolutely furious, Bo just as furious and John silently happy. Lucas seemed to break the silence first.
"I want the test repeated" he spat out angrily, I had expected as much.
"There is no point, Mr Wells is the father without a doubt. I did the tests myself and have known the results for the last three days. I wanted to be very thorough due to the mishap with Isabella Black and Shawn Brady's child" the Doctor explained.
"Sami! How could you?" Lucas said accusingly turning to face her.
Samantha just sat there looking at Lucas with confusion I was about to answer when she decided to speak "How could I what?" she asked confused.
"Do this to us?" Lucas elaborated.
"Do you think I did this on purpose Lucas? Yes, I wanted to become pregnant before I got married. I purposely slept with two guys just so I could get kick's for being able to use them at my will. Is that what you want to hear Lucas?" she yelled angrily while waving the test results Doctor Keith had given her in Lucas's face.
"Yes..I mean No. Sami you can't go through with the pregnancy it will ruin your life" Lucas said without thinking.
I could have smacked Lucas for saying such a horrible thing but Roman stood up and slapped Lucas across the face shocking me.
"You will not speak to Sami that way, how was she to know that EJ would do this? That EJ was a DiMera? EJ has been there more times then you have for Sami Lucas. I may not like the man but my daughter seems to trust him and I trust my daughter. She may be carrying a DiMera but it's a Brady as well" he said to Lucas.
"She's having Twins Roman!" Lucas spat.
I watched as Samantha shrank into the bed, she hadn't told anyone except for Belle, Lucas and I. She didn't want to tell anyone yet and Lucas knew that. I went and sat next to Samantha rubbing her arms letting her know everything would be okay. Lucas had yet again let the cat out of the bag. The man just couldn't contain himself. I watched Samantha she had gone deadly silent, she must have dreaded this day thinking of how her family would take the news. Obviously she thought they were going to take it badly, but Roman had surprised her. I grabbed the piece of paper Samantha was clutching and placed it on the side table to distract her.
"So what?" John said standing up.
"Two DiMears!" Lucas said.
"Another Brady to love" Bo said also standing up.
"Are you people insane?" Lucas said obviously he was going insane. Even I felt like I was going insane seemed they didn't care who the father was, there was hope to bringing Roman and Bo around after all.
I was too caught up in the drama that Lucas was causing that I hadn't realized that Samantha's pressure was raising, it had gone past the safe zone. Doctor Keith quickly dashed out of the room I grabbed a hold of Samantha's hand knowing what was about to happen.
"Samantha breathe don't worry about what's happening in the room okay darling. Look at me please" I say she slowly turns her head to me while I hear the men quieting down. The Doctor quickly ran into the room with a yellow tray.
"Samantha look at me" I say and squeezing her hand "Samantha do you remember that game Belle played the other day?" I ask her keeping her concentration totally on me.
She nodded "You go first" I say.
"Apple" she said I could see the concern in her eyes.
I watched as Doctor Keith filled the syringe, her pressure still not coming down it was now thirty points above the safe zone there was no way we would be able to drop it fast enough by mentally calming her, she needed sedation to protect her and the babies. I smiled at her response and said "Mango" while internally I was sick to my stomach.
"Peach" she replied her eyes tearing up.
Doctor Keith quickly injected Samantha, she groaned in pain I quickly held her down before she hurt herself by moving while the needle was still in her.
"Blueberry" I say slowly.
She thinks hard and Doctor Keith removes the needle, I watch as Samantha's eyes close over and beeping sound stops after a few seconds. Her hand is now limp in my hand, I had failed to protect her rage begins to fill me.
Doctor Keith walks out but signals he will be back.
"Thats it Lucas get out of this room and stay the hell away from Samantha and our babies. What we have tried to prevent from happening for the last 5 days you have caused. Now she's sedated! And will most probably need more sedation when she comes too! You knew she wasn't well could you not contain yourself? This is the second time you have caused this! Do you not think before you speak! She is pregnant, with twins and is unwell! She wanted to tell her family she was having twins, you stole that moment from her! Get out!" I said lashing out.
"You heard him Lucas out" John said forcefully.
"I'm her boyfriend I have a right to be here" he said adamantly.
"Well since I have been here all week and you have been serving your mummy dearest I would say I would have the right to kick you out on Samantha's behalf. When she can talk for herself then you can come back" I say.
"You have no right!" Lucas said grabbing Samantha's other hand willing her to wake up.
"EVERYONE OUT NOW!" Doctor Keith roars and then continues "OR I WILL CALL SECURITY RIGHT NOW! OUT!"
Everyone shuffles out while I give Samantha a kiss on her cheek and walk out making sure Lucas was out before me. Doctor Keith closes the door to Samantha's room gently and stares at all five of us.
"Doctor Keith what will happen to Samantha?" Roman asks concerned.
"She is sedated to calm her down. I will then sedate her again but this time she will be under for half a day or so I'll take her pressure and if it is high I will sedate her again. She will be started up on IV fluids once more and will be in hospital for a month at this rate, I have told you and your family to keep Samantha calm and happy this little event has most probably set her back. I'm thinking of stopping all visitation rights right now only EJ would be able to stay" Doctor Keith said still deciding on implementing the band.
"What about her parents?" Roman spat out in fury.
"How many times have you actually come to see Samantha?" Doctor Keith asked annoyed and looked at Lucas "Every time you come Lucas you seem to make Samantha anything but calm".
"Sorry John you have done nothing wrong but it's something I have to do to bring my patients health back to normal" Doctor Keith said.
"Why does EJ get to be here! I'm Samantha's boyfriend!" Lucas says aggressively.
"EJ is the father of the babies" Doctor Keith said and then continued "I won't implement the band now but if anything else remotely close to what has happened today then I will. EJ you can go back in the room everyone else can wait" he says.
I left everyone outside and rushed into the room. Samantha looked fine but she was everything far from that. She wasn't going to be waking up anytime soon, I felt sick to my stomach. I should have told the doctor to read the test results out after Samantha was better, I'm so stupid!
"I'm here Samantha, you're not alone" I say as I grab a hold of her hand.
I don't know how long I was sitting in Samantha's room holding her hand wishing she would wake up. The door to her room opened up and Doctor Keith walked in.
"EJ it's been close to an hours since I sedated Samantha I'm going to give her more now. I will come back and give her more in six hours, I know you are distressed seeing her like this. But she'll get the rest she needs" Doctor Keith explains.
"Can we wait for her to wake up and tell her what is going to happen?" I ask knowing Samantha would hate to be put asleep for that long.
"I recommend that we don't do that, she may panic and that's the last thing we want to do to her" he answers seriously.
"All it" I say I don't watch him inject Samantha instead I clutched her hand in mine and squeeze tightly while look at Samantha's beautiful face.
"It's done. Samantha's Father is still outside he would like to speak to you" Doctor Keith tells me.
"I'm not leaving Samantha's side" I answer not really in the mood to see Roman.
"I need to run a sonogram on Samantha and start the IV so I'll have to ask you to leave but the second I'm done I will let you know Mr Wells. Don't worry Miss Brady is in good hands" Doctor Keith ensures me.
I reluctantly let go of her hand, I wish I could just take Samantha and run out of here. Andrew was still on the loose, Kate needed to be thrown in prison and Lucas needed to stay the hell away from Samantha. I slowly step away and watch as Doctor Keith and a nurse wheel Samantha out of the room. I follow them out the door into the corridor, Doctor Keith wheels Samantha through a set of double doors and with that I could no longer see her.
"EJ" John says from behind me.
"Why haven't you left?" I ask looking at the ground, not expecting John to still be here.
"Because I'm worried about you and Samantha" he answers instantly coming to my side.
"Well there isn't any point worrying, she's going to be sedated for a while. We won't know how she is feeling until she wakes up" I say trying hard not to cry.
"EJ you didn't cause this. Samantha is strong she would want you to be strong for the sake of your babies" he says.
"This is my fault! If I hadn't gone through with what my Father told me to do Samantha wouldn't be pregnant! I'm so selfish, I couldn't let Samantha go even when she tried to move on" I say angrily.
"Samantha is going to wake up tomorrow EJ. It's all for the best, in the meantime you need to be strong and stop blaming yourself. Here" John said passing me some paper.
"What is this?" I ask him.
"The answer to the vendetta" he says smiling and then continues "Marlena is going to be furious when she finds out I have given this to you. She hasn't come to see Sami because she feels she has let Sami down because she didn't protect her from certain things or certain people rather. You'll understand when you read the last paragraph" John states.
"Is it something that is doable?" I ask John.
He started to laugh "only if you can get Samantha to say yes" he said smiling widely.
I never quite understood John, either he knew everything was going to work out or he was truly insane.
"It's quite late I better get going" John says.
"Take this" I say giving him Andrews letter.
"Give it to Roman he's in the waiting room, Sami will be fine" John says placing a hand on my shoulder reinforcing what he was saying and walked away.
I clutched at the letter, the answer finally found and the vendetta would soon be over. Samantha would no longer be stressed and hopefully she would recover faster from the news. I decided I would read it when Samantha was awake that way we would find out together and decide together what and how we would implement the destruction of the vendetta. She deserved that much, she hadn't been given very many choices lately, her free will close to non-existent. I walked over to the waiting room to see Roman was still here.
"How is Sami?" he asked me instantly.
"Doctor Keith has taken her in for assessment, we'll know shortly" I answer.
"I'll keep you company" he says, I don't say no instead I pass him the note Andrew had stuck to the machine in Samantha's room.
"We'll catch him, we have to" Roman says digging his nails into his palm.
"Where is Bo?" I ask him.
"At the station trying to locate Andrew and locking up Lucas" Roman answers flatly.
"I hope you catch him and why is Lucas in the big house?" I asked mockingly
"Bo has arrested him for assault" Roman informs me.
"Lucas hit Bo?" I say a little shocked.
"Yup" Roman said while pulling out his phone and taking a picture of the letter, it reminded me of the evidence I had against Kate. Now wasn't the right time I thought to myself.
Thirty minutes later Samantha was wheeled back to her room she looked fine and I hoped she was. I walked in and sat on the chair beside Samantha while Roman stood we waited patiently for Doctor Keith.
"Mr Wells Miss Brady and the babies are fine thankfully we made it in time" Doctor Keith says.
"Thank god" I say relieved.
"She's a strong girl" Roman said proudly but I could hear the relief in his voice.
"Both are healthy and I will see to it that it remains that way. I'll leave you alone now" he says checking her charts and leaving the room.
Roman came up to the bed and gently placed his hand against Samantha's face, I could see how worried he was for Samantha he was trying to do what was best for her.
"Why didn't she tell anyone she was having twins?" Roman said softly while looking at me.
"Because she wanted all the tension, stress and worries caused by other events in your lives to be gone before she broke the news. Also I think she was trying to prepare for your family's reaction" I say blankly.
"The babies are Brady's" Roman says firmly.
"Just as they are DiMera's" I say darkly knowing where he was going with this.
"She will never give them that name" Roman said sure of himself.
"I don't really care as long as I am apart of those babies lives and they know who I am. You argue on such petty things and this is why Samantha struggles to let anyone know anything that is going on in her life to her own family" I say disgusted.
"Well I will just have to tell her otherwise. I'll be back tomorrow" Roman said looking at Samantha one more time and left the room. The second he was gone, I slipped into Samantha's bed and held her to me. Knowing she was okay and in my arms reduced my worry somewhat. I wanted her to wake up so desperately wanting to know what she feeling about carrying my babies and what she planned to do about Lucas.

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