lauthors note: Okay. Hey. This is my new fanfic. Its about the journey to Camp J and Annabeths and Percy's reunion. First couple chappys are in Annabeths POV and then when they are landing its in Percys. i havent written that yet. So be prepared! I'll update the second chappy on sunday, depending on your reveiws. So here it is. Enjoy!

I was walking on the beach, thinking of Percy. He'd been missing 8 months and we'd finally got in contact with him two days ago. First in Grovers dream, then mine. He kept asking if i was real. It nearly broke my heart. But I knew he was alive now. He asked me if I was real. He didnt say who are you, like he did to Grover.
Is it possible he remebers me?
No. No, Annabeth, dont get your hopes up. He probably still shaken after talking to Grover. He didnt know what he was saying.
Leo said the Argo 2 would be done tomorrow. Piper was saying they might not have that long. apprently Jason and Piper were hiding something. I had no idea what she was talking about. I HATE not knowing. Its awful.
"ANNABETH!" I turned around. Thalia was sprinting towards me as fast and Hunterly possible. "Thals? Whats wrong?" Before she got to me she ran into a camper and they both fell. Before I could move to help she was on her feet running towards me again.
You gotta admitt she was pretty quick. And extremely graceful. I guess it comes with the imortallity.
"Annabeth." She gasped. Apprently being a Hunter doesnt mean you dont get out of breathe. She was running pretty fast. I guess I could cut her some slack. And I wasn't much up for teasing anyways.
"What?" I said, completly confused. "Its done."
"Whats done?"
"The Argo 2."
"The Argo 2 is finished. What dont you get?"
"The part where its finished! Leo said at least another day." I said, attempting to hide my excitment. I failed.
"Well, he knew how much you wanted to go so he worked faster and they got it done." Thalia explained. "Oh." I said. "Yeah."
"So what now?" I said. I didnt know if we would leave today, or tomorrow to give us time to pack. I've been packed since they said only a few more days till it was done. Well, more like since the soltise, but whos counting? You are. a little voice in my head said. It was me but I didnt care. Shut it me. Yeah. I told myself to shut up.
"We leave. Immedetly." She smiled when she saw my expression. Happiness. With a little anxiety mixed in. I started jumping up and down. It was so not like me, but I was excited.
I was going to see Percy!

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