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Annabeth's POV.

It was great to see Percy excited, bouncing around, just because he saw his mom. Sally was no different. She was beaming at everything, and everyone. She obviously loved having her son back after eight months.

So we went to dinner. Percy gave Sally and Paul, every detail of his life in the legion, and his quest. It was very entertaining. He pulled the wildest expressions, as he described the battles, drinking gorgons blood. I smacked him for that one.

He looked at my questionaly, as he rubbed his arm. I rolled my eyes. "Seaweed Brain. You drank a vial of gorgons blood without knowing if it was the one that heals, or the one that kills! It was probably the stupidest and bravest thing you've ever done. Wait, no. i take it back. You've done braver things. This was just plain stupid. Though, I'm glad you chose the right one, or Gaea did, more like."

He shook his head, stareing at me strangly. Then he looked at his mom, gave her a significant look, and turned back to me. "I think now..." He muttered.

I looked at him, eyebrows raised. What in the name of the gods is he talking about?

"Annabeth. Wise Girl. Daughter of Athena. Architect of Olympus. We met when we were twelve. One of the first things you said to me, was, you drool in your sleep. And then, you insulted me. Told me everything about myself, everything that made me qualify to be a demigod, which, now that I think about, wasn't nessicarily a good thing.

"You set me up as bait during capture the flag. You helped through my first quest. I would have died a million times without you. And then, you saved my life, against the Lastrygoians when we were thirteen. You sailed into the Sea of Monsters with me, knowing full well, that we could die. Hades, you went with me on everything, even if it was possible, which it was, for us to die. You stayed by my side through everything.

"And then, when you went missing, I... I felt like jumping off that cliff after you. I felt, well to put it in cliche terms, lost without you. And then when we found you... dirty, weak, and scared. And yet, you still came up with a plan. I guess it helps, to have a daughter of Athena as your best friend. You die alot less. Because Athena always, always, has a plan. A fact you burned into my mind.

"Then, came the Labyrinth. You demonstrated your smarts, and your resilience to answer stupid trivia. You said it insulted your intellegince. You almost got us killed. and in Mount St. Helens..." He grinned and shook his head. "I would have sat there all day, remebering the feel of your lips on mine for the first time, if I hadn't been about to die. And then, when I was on Ogygia, I could only think of you, and if you made it out okay. You're the reason I came back.

"Then, you were the first one to notice I bathed in the Styx. You were also, the first one I told. It's very hard to hide things from someone who knows me as well as you do. You stupidly took a knife for me. I was invulnerable for gods sake! But, you somehow, realized I was in trouble, that I would have died, if you hadn't. You found my Achilles heel, before I even told you.

"You saved me from Kronos. If you hadn't been there, I seem to be saying this alot, but its true, I'd be dead. A million times over." I rolled my eyes. I could say the same thing. He'd saved my life countless of times. I knew where this was going, though, so I wasn't going to interrupt.

"I was going to do this in the dining pavilion, at night... But, it just seemed like it needed to be now. Soo.." Percy got off his chair and got on one knee. I smiled.

"Annabeth Chase, I love you, I want to spend the rest of my life with you, asumming we don't die soon." He said, gleeful. I smacked him aback the head. "Stupid, Seaweed Brain. Get on with it." He grinned. "Okay. I'll get on with it.

"Marry me. After Rome, and Greece, after we see the Parthanon in person, even if we are fighting for our lives while we do. Marry me, Annabeth Chase." Percy pulled out a ring. It was beautiful. Simple silver band, a dimond, and two emralds on either side.

I put on my thinking face. I knew I was going to say yes, but I feel like torturing him. "Hmmm. I dont know..."

His face fell. I tried my hardest to hold back my smile, but evidently failed. Percy's face lit up, as I threw my arms around him.

"Did you really think i would say no, Perseus Jackson? You really are a Seaweed Brain. Of course I'll marry you. Now, before we leave, and go back to camp... Did you ask my mother about this? Or father? I'd suggest father, because, he's more laid back, and he likes you. I'm not saying Athena doesn't like you. But, you're not her favorite demigod."

Now it was his turn to roll his eyes. "Way to ruin my mood, Wise Girl. Yes, I asked yor dad. I IM-ed him before we left Camp Juptier. And your mother scares me. Now, how bout we get back to camp, and you go brag to your friends, that you are going to marry the hottest guy on tha planet?"

I burst out laughing. "Yeah, thats what you are..."

"Shut up, Wise Girl. Lets go back home. Again."


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