The lights were off and the neighborhood was quiet. Her decision of staying in the province was indeed one of the best she had made. Though it was quiet, the dreading silence prevented he to court sleep that night. She badly missed him but she didn't know where there relationship was going. No messages, no calls no dates, NOTHING.

Her thoughts went astray when she heard consecutive knocks on the door. Uncertain of whom it was, she looked through the peephole and saw the red haired guy with the famous X-mark on his left cheek. she slowly opened the door and controlled herself from throwing uninhibitedly to him.

"What are you doing here?" she asked. Damn, she's supposed to be angry, but why was there a tone of concern on her voice?

"I wanna see you," he shyly replied scratching his nape.

"At this late?" She could almost kiss him when he smiled

"I wanna see you under the moonlight." Her heart began to somersault.

"Hmmn… I just wanna say I wanna end our relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend."

"Why?" Her eyes widened in disbelief and tears were starting to stream out from them. She didn't know where she found the courage to ask for that heartbreaking question.


She looked at her feet and started reminiscing themoments they shared together. HOW COULD WE END LIKE THIS?





"I wanted to end our relationship because," he paused and looked at her intently, "Because I'm starting to love you as my wife, will you marry me Kauro?"

With that, he knelt in front of her and offered the diamond ring that symbolized his willingness to keep his promise of forever.