Hey everyone here is the tribute list for this Hunger Games fanfiction. Something happened to the earlier version so I deleted it and uploaded everything again. Anyway now I'm missing all the reviews so... review, review, review please! Hope everyone enjoys this!

District 1:

Male- Storm Lowe

F1- Lightning Lowe

Female- Glamour Shine

F1- Leo Shine

District 2:

Male- Magnus Ward

F2- Phoenix Ward

Female- Vigdis Lanly

F2- Nilda Lanly

District 3:

Male- Parker Cornish

F3- Pip Cornish

Female- Indigo Stormwell

F3- Topaz Stormwell

District 4:

Male- Flayari Jordan

F4- Amelia Jordan

Female- Korra Blackthorne

F4- Mithra Blackthorne

District 5:

Male- Henry Harper

F5- Posy Harper

Female- Chaotic Dasher

F5- Cressida Dasher

District 6:

Male- Jestaro Kilstone

F6- Geo Kilstone

Female- Crisis Sparks

F6- Kara Sparks

District 7:

Male- Michael Hummer

F7- Hannah Hummer

Female- Samantha Bishop

F7- Lukas Bishop

District 8:

Male- Denzel Cartwright

F8- Patricia Cartwright

Female- Ruby Rodriguez

F8- Rosie Rodriguez

District 9:

Male- Yaven Drenna

F9- Emilee Shawson

Female- Ashlynn Lennox

F9- Quinn Lennox

District 10:

Male- Keldon Peak

F10- Caylah Peak

Female- Mykal Duncan

F10- Caden Duncan

District 11:

Male- Gavin Glassman

F11- Galinda Glassman

Female- Ambrosia LaMarie

F11- Nectar LaMarie

District 12:

Male- Timothy Gayter

F12- Melony Gayter

Female- Eliza Roberts

F12- Raisin Roberts