Last chapter everyone, I've enjoyed writing this so much thank you to everyone and congratulations once again to Phoenix Ward!:D

The End

Phoenix Ward

I pull out the bloody knife and throw it to the side. I want to cry, I want to curl up into a ball and sleep for eternity but the horror doesn't end here ... I have to go back to the Capitol, I have to go on the Victory Tour, I'll never escape this. The Hunger Games stay with you even if you've won them. I shut the eyelids of Chaotic and kiss her forehead, so beautiful even in death.

"Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you the Victor of the 6th Quarter Quell, Phoenix Ward!" I should feel happy shouldn't I? I wanted to go home the second Magnus picked me, and in a sense I am happy but I killed Chaotic ... murdering her will never leave my conscience. She'll haunt me for the rest of my life and perhaps even beyond. I wonder how mum and dad will treat me since I killed Magnus, will I be kicked out. Knowing them they won't, they've always wanted their children to win the Hunger Games, last year I never would have thought I would be a victor, but here I am with the hovercraft lowering from the sky to pick me up. I can't stand, the wound in my leg is too painful, Chaotic's body disappears as a claw lowers and picks it up, followed by Topaz and then Vigdis's body and head. So much death ... so much misery.

Finally I freeze as I raise higher and higher and soon I'm engulfed into the hovercraft and swarmed by people in white lab coats, they put me to sleep within seconds and begin their work whilst I revisit the Games. The Finale occurs most in my dreams, the chase up the hill ... my knife entering her chest. I snap back to reality in a large well lit room, I'm fully clothed in a particularly nice looking orange dress, my hair has been dyed from its chocolate brown to dark red and my slightly tanned skin is now paler then it's ever been. I sit up and notice how good my leg feels, I feel as strong as ever, maybe even stronger than I was before the Games. I look into the mirror and smile at how beautiful I look, my eyes have even been changed so they're a dark blood red to match my hair, my teeth are whiter than ever and my lips are as red as they can be. I like it ... I look haunting, a true representation of what a Victor should look like.

I stand up and notice I'm wearing pale orange heels, I nearly trip over as I walk out of the door and head down the corridor, I'm in the Training Centre again, how long have I been out of it for? Hours, days? Himple Garaga, my escort is sitting at the table sipping from a cup of mint hot chocolate, I guess by the smell in the air.

"Ahh Phoenix, how are you feeling?"

"I'm good, I love what they've done to me." I twirl a little, I thought I would feel devastated or even a little sad but I don't. I feel amazing!

"You haven't been out for too long, in fact they told me to take you down to the interview as soon as you woke up. Come on then."

"Alright, lead the way." The journey down is eventless yet crowded, everyone wants a glimpse of me, it's quite cool being a celebrity I just wish it was for something else ... not killing. Finally Himple gives me a kiss on the cheek and hurries to join the screaming crowd that awaits me.

"Ladies and Gentleman, everyone of Panem you've seen her from reaping to victory, I give you Phoenix Ward!" I walk as straight as I can in these heels, I still haven't really adjusted to them yet. Julius senses I'm about to topple over and grabs my arm to steady me. I give him a smile and take the seat next to him, the crowd roars for minutes on end until Julius finally quietens them.

"So Phoenix well done might I say first of all."

"Thank you Julius, it was a very difficult challenge for me."

"We'll start from the beginning, when you were chosen by your brother did you think you would be the victor?"

"I have to say that although I was completely focused on winning and getting home I didn't think I would win, there were so many other tributes that showed promise."

"Yeah, the Careers were especially tough this year, and the other tributes ... a very exciting yet challenging Games."

"Yep, most were brilliant."

"Now what drew you to Chaotic Dasher when you first met her?"

"Well first of all her hatred for her family member, I was the same and that instantly connected us, then her strength yet kindess, I thought she would be the best possible alliance."

"You two definitely made a very strong team, when you rose from underground and saw the Arena for the first time what were your thoughts?"

"The hill was definitely a surprise, the four sections was a cool idea I was just a little shocked by the size."

"It was a magnificent Arena, my favourite might I say. As the Games progressed so did your rivalry with Magnus. What was it like finally winning over him?"

"It was the best feeling in the world, it may sound sick but I hated him so much no one will understand, well Chaotic would but she's not here."

"Yes I saw your alliance blossom into friendship, it must have been difficult in the Finale having to kill her."

"It was Julius but to win I had to."

"Well I feel for you, now for the highlights!" The audience cheers as the video plays, I smile at some parts but I have to fight the tears at the end, having to re-live that is horrible, I just wish two victors were allowed then Chaotic would be here as well.

"That's all we have for you today then, Ladies and Gentleman I give you Phoenix Ward your victor for the 6th Quarter Quell!" The crowd roars as I stand up and leave Julius.

I receive my tiara from the President afterwards, her eyes are terryfying as I stare into her, she smiles and congratulates me but something about her I really dislike, not just that she's the President but something else ...

The train ride home is long and boring but I stuff my face full of everything I can, Himple groans at my poor manners but as we pull into the station he puts on a smile and gives me a massive hug.

"Best District Two victor ever!"

"Thank you." He kisses my cheeks and lets me walk off to the cameras and the roaring crowd. I spot my friends crying and waving at me, I don't hold back the tears. I'm back ... I really am back! I smile until I see my dad running up to me with a big smile and his arms outstretched for a hug. I run as fast as I can towards him with a wicked smile on my face, I don't hug him instead I give him a great big punch around the jaw.

Oh it's good to be back!

:'( It's the end everyone. Thank you one and all and remember my sequel still needs tributes. It's been amazing ... Phoenix and all the tributes will be remembered forever!:D