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Kiden Nixon woke to the sound of a phone ringing in the other room, she turned and looked at her clock sitting on the nightstand, 'Jesus fukin, 5 am is real.' Groaning loudly she rolled out of her bed to go and yell at Bobby, the only one living in the apartment she knew of with a cell phone, for leaving his ringer on. 'It's just plain inconsiderate.' Once in the living room she saw that it wasn't Bobby but Laura with a phone to her ear. It had taken a fair amount of coaxing, but she had finally convinced the other girl to tell them what her name was. Kiden paused in the door way to listen to her conversation, knowing Laura knew she was there.

"You might as well say hello kid, I can hear you breathing." The voice on the other end was rough and obviously a man, but the tone was caring, this made Kiden's eyebrows furrow, Laura had never talked about her family; then again, Laura hardly ever talked at all.

"I miss them." Laura had her back turned to Kiden but she could hear the hurt in the other girl's voice. This made Kiden nervous, Laura never let any type of emotion through, she was tough and almost robotic in the way she spoke, and probably thought about things, but just in those three words Kiden heard the pain. There was no outward sign of it, no slumping of her shoulders or tense way she stood, just Laura's perfect poster. If she could be hurting so much and show so little she must have that pain always, Kiden flashed back to meeting Laura for the first time, half naked and bleeding from self inflicted wounds, and wanted to cry if nothing else then for the other girl who wouldn't.

"I know you do, but they aren't there anymore."

"She was my only friend." Kiden wanted to rush to the other girl, but couldn't seem to figure out how to move her feet. Didn't Laura know that she was her friend too, that she was her family now?

"I know she was Laura, I know she was. But she's gone now, and you being there won't bring her back." The man on the line paused for a second and Kiden listened harder for his gruff voice. "Look you're breaking my heart, but I didn't call to talk about that. You have to come back."

"No!" Laura said a little too fast, who was this guy Kiden wondered. He didn't seem like a pimp, he was talking to Laura more like a father would, did Laura even have a father?

"You and I had a deal and I kept my end of it. I didn't tell anyone I knew you. I even let you slash me across the face, something I don't remember agreeing to, but whatever. And you…"

"I tried!" Laura interrupted loudly as she lowered her head and looked at the ground. Kiden was getting more and more curious about this mystery caller.

"No you didn't. No more Alien costumes, no more growling, and no more BS! You have to come back and try it for real this time."

"They will find me there. They found me once before." Laura had turned her body slightly, and Kiden saw that she had her eyes closed. She looked pained, whoever had found her before was bad, bad enough to cause stoic quiet Laura to argue about something.

"You're probably right. But do you think Weapon X will ever stop looking for me? Not a chance! But that doesn't matter now. The world just got a whole lot scarier and the kids at this school need you." 'School? Ok, what?'

"But Logan…"

"And more importantly you need them! The only chance you have is here Laura. If you don't come back, you're already dead. Trust me, just come." But Laura didn't let him finish and click the phone off, then with a snickt popped one of her claws and sliced it in half before throwing the pieces out the window.

"So you're just gonna leave us?" Kiden asked as she stepped out of the shadows and towards Laura's turned back. "What about all that we've been through? You're wanted here too Laura, we're your friends too."

Laura turned and looked at the other girl, her bright green eyes catching the barely there sun light, she crossed her arms under her chest and took a deep breath, smelling the rain that would soon be upon them, but not saying a word. Not quite knowing how.

"Who was that guy?" Kiden asked softly, moving farther into the room, closer to Laura and crossing her arms as well. "He said something about a school, what kind of school?"

"A school for mutants, Xavier's school." Kiden's eyes widened slightly in shock, she had heard of the school, what mutant hadn't, it was where the X-Men lived. "The man was Wolverine, he."Laura paused and her brow furrowed slightly, before breathing out heavily. "He is complicated."

"So, are you going?" Kiden asked again, looking Laura in the eyes, it was quiet for a moment as the two stared at each other, unblinking, Kiden looked away first and lowered her eyes to the ground. "I'll miss you when you're gone." Kiden said softly and started to back away, when had they gotten so close? Laura's eyes softened, only for a second then she reached out to the other girl but stopping herself before she could touch her, as if scared she would hurt her.

"Then come with me." Laura's voice was low, soft and wavered slightly as she spoke, she was scared of the possibility of rejection and making herself vulnerable, but went on anyway despite it. "It is a mutant school and you are a mutant so I do not see a problem with adding another, "her eyes darted to the other door, thinking of Bobby, little Bro, and Tatiana. "Or four other mutants to their number would make much of a difference. It would be a safe place." Kiden smiled softly, she had never heard Laura talk so much before in one sitting and wanted to hug the other girl, but restrained herself.

"Then we should talk to the others."

A few hours had passed before the others had woken up and the discussion was had, and while Bobby wanted the best for his little brother he pointed out that the X-Men are constantly getting attacked and didn't want to be put in more danger than necessary. Tatiana had been more on the fence about it, but after Bobby had decided he wanted to stay, she decided that she was going to stay too, while it would take away their money problems, she didn't like the idea of fighting for her life on a possible daily basis. It had never been a question for Kiden though, Laura was going, and for some reason she couldn't let the other girl walk away from her possibly forever. She had to be with her, and that was final.

The girls packed in silence, well Kiden packed Laura pulled a duffle bag out from under her bed and threw out a clean pair of clothes and quickly undressed and shoved the dirty ones in zipping it up fast as if trying to hide something all before putting her new clothes on. Laura pulled on her black jeans and green tank top, lased up her black combat boots and threw on a slightly to large leather jacket over the top while running her fingers through her long black hair. Kiden suddenly felt inadequate next to the other girl, but said nothing as she shoved all her clothes in her backpack and pulled on her own boots, wearing a pair of dark blue jeans and a long sleeved grey shirt, she stood and hauled her backpack over one shoulder while wrapping a rainbow scarf around her neck.

Saying their goodbyes the two girls made their way to the bus stop, Kiden had no idea where they were going, but as Laura seemed to she just kept quiet and followed her. The bus ride wasn't as long as she thought it would be and Laura stood and made her way off the bus Kiden almost didn't follow her. They walked in silence, Kiden keeping close to Laura the whole way so she wouldn't lose her, but when they rounded a corner and saw the mansion for the first time Kiden couldn't help but stop and gasp. She had never seem a house that big before, and wondered briefly how many other mutants lived there.

"Aren't you coming?" Laura called from a ways in front of her. Running to catch up Kiden noticed a large man leaning up against the open gate. The girls made their way up to him and Kiden immediately recognized the man and the famous Wolverine, he eyed Kiden for a second before turning to Laura.

"Hey kid, I'm glad you came." He said in his rough voice that Kiden matched to that of the man on the phone as he patted Laura on the back with a grin. She just nodded and adjusted the strap of her duffle on her shoulder. "Who's the tagalong?"

"I'm Kiden Nixon, Laura was staying with me when she got your call this morning, invited me to come along." Kiden extended her hand and Wolverine shook it with a grin, his eyes shifting to Laura who was looking at her shoes with a blank expression.

"Well then, we had better go an' talk to Cyke, get you two settled in and meet the other kids." Logan lead the way inside and up a set of stairs, not stopping to knock on the door that read 'Scott Summers Headmaster' and slamming it open leading the girls inside.

"Hello Logan, what can I do for you today?" Scott was filing some paper work and hadn't bothered to look up at the sudden intrusion, knowing it was Logan immediately. Finishing his sentence and signing his name at the bottom he raised his head and saw that it wasn't just Logan in his office but two young girls as well, one of them being Laura Kinney.

"Got some new recruits that need a room." Logan said roughly as he crossed his large arms over his chest and scowled at the other man. "Not gonna be a problem is it?"

"Of course not Logan, pleasure to see you again Laura." Then Cyclops turned to the new girl who looked slightly star struck as she looked at him, Kiden couldn't believe she was standing in the same room as THE Wolverine and the leader of the X-Men himself, her favorite X-Man, Cyclops, and now he was looking at her and one side of his mouth quirked up and she tried to look like she didn't care as much. "And what would your name be?"

"This is Kiden Nixon, she was roomin with the kid till now, decided to come along." Logan said with a small scowl on his face, this girl had been looking after his clone when he had been unable to, he wouldn't say it out loud, but he was more than a little grateful to the girl and he would look out for her in any way he could.

"And what's your power Miss Nixon?" Cyclops said as he pulled two forms from his desk and began filling in the information he knew on Laura on one and paused over the other after he wrote Kiden's name on the other.

"I sorta stop time, but as soon as a touch someone I lose it and whoever I touch gets, kinda hurt." Kiden was blushing slightly, not over her power, she thought that was awesome, but over how she had explained it, words had never been one of her strong suits and she really wanted to make a good impression on these people. They were basically celebrities.

"Interesting." Was all Cyclops said as he wrote down what she said, pausing for a moment he looked back up at her. "Can you take others with you when you stop time?"

"Yeah, as long as I'm touching them before I activate it and don't let go of them." Cyclops made a small noise of understanding and Kiden heard Logan shift behind them.

"Well I'm sorry to say that there are no open rooms where the two of you could stay together, but I do have some that only have one girl in them and they are close to each other. Miss Kinney, you will be rooming with Sooraya Qadir, also called Dust, and Miss Nixon, you will be rooming with Cessily Kincaid, also called Mercury." Cyclops got up and handed a scrap of paper to both Laura and Kiden with their room number on it then turned back to Logan as he leaned against his desk. "Logan, you should take the girls down to the rec. and introduce them to the other kids, I know that most of them go down there at this time of day." Scott smiled to himself, Logan tended to avoid the kids, now that Laura was here he was have to spend at least a little time with them to check in on his clone. Logan grunted his response and turned, ushering the girls out of the room before him he shoot a glare at Scott before following them out.

Logan lead the girls down the stair case that he had lead them up before and down a hallway until a room opened up to the side of them. Kiden saw a boy with dark hair in Red and white spandex who was glowing green and a girls with blue hair and metal gloves who looked like they were about to get into a fight, that is until Wolverine spoke and they all looked at him like they were to afraid to do anything else.

"Am I interrupting something?" All eyes were now on the Logan, though they would shift to stare at Laura or Kiden briefly before returning to the main threat in the room, one could never really tell what Wolverine was going to do. "No? Good. This is Laura, my sister." Logan paused and put a hand on Laura's shoulder. "She's a genetic clone created from my DNA and…" Logan paused again and took a deep breath while Kiden stored that little bit of information for later, she would talk to Laura after they settled in. "You know what? It doesn't matter. The bottom line is she has my claws, and yes, she could kill you if she wanted. So don't make her want to." Kiden grimaced inwardly, that was possibly the worst introduction she had ever heard, especially if Laura had plans to make friends anytime soon. "This is Kiden, I've already forgot what she can do, something about time." Kiden closed her eyes and took a breath before opening them again, this guy really had no idea about teenagers. "Consider yourselves introduced."

Then he just walked off, leaving the girls and the room, more than a little stunned. Knowing Laura wouldn't do anything, Kiden decided to step up.

"Hi, um, I'm Kiden, uh which of you is Cessily?"

"Oh, that's me, Hi!" One of the girls, who seemed way to perky, who was silver with bright red hair and no pupils popped up and seemed to remember her manners. "Is one of you my new roommate?" She asked, almost frightfully as she looked at Laura, who seemed to have not taken her eyes off the previously glowing black haired boy.

"Yeah, I am, and which of you guys is Sooraya?" An Girl in a full on burqua stepped forward and greeted them politely. Well, this should be interesting for Laura.