"I remember everything they ever did to me." Laura and Kiden were sitting on the roof, dangling their legs off the side of the building and just looking out of the trees as the sun set.

"Laura you don't have to do this."

"No. You should know, I want," Laura paused and mashed her lips together, this would be hard for her, but Kiden deserved to know who she was friends with. "I want you to know me."

Kiden simply nodded, she wanted to know Laura too, but mostly she couldn't stop the girl, who had been able to want so little in her life; she couldn't deny her if she tried.

"The room where I was kept, my cage, it was always so bright, the walls and floor where white tile, and there were no windows but the one on the door that the scientists used to look in on me. There was never anything in that room but me, no bed or blankets, not a carpet, just nothing." Kiden shuddered slightly, that had been Laura's room, now Kiden understood how Laura took nothing for granted, she had had nothing for so long, and thought one day it would all be taken from her again.

"I remember my mother used to come in sometimes and sit with me, read to me. When someone was watching she read me The Art of War, but when there was no one else around she read Pinocchio, of course I understand now why she chose it." Kiden reached out and grabbed Laura's hand, holding it tight, a little comfort went so far with the other girl, but too much and she would shut down, not able to process it. Kiden wanted to hold her again, but holding her hand would have to do.

"There was a woman at the facility that my mother left out of the letter, my handler." Kiden closed her eyes, and squeezed Laura's hand, offering strength. "Her name was Kimura; she had been designed just to combat me. She has indestructible skin, not even adimantium can pierce it. When I did something wrong, she punished me."

"You said has." Kiden thought that Laura had killed all the people in the facility.

"She survived. After I been on my own for awhile, I found my cousin and aunt. I had been there for less than a week when she found me again." Laura took a deep breath, then looked Kiden in the eyes. "The Facility restarted again, they are still out there and they will never give up looking for me." Kiden didn't know what to say to that, she just squeezed Laura's hand again and lay her head against the slightly taller girl's shoulder, the sun had gone down, but there was still enough light to turn the sky purple.

"Last night, I told you that I killed my mother." Kiden nodded against Laura's shoulder and closed her eyes. She just couldn't fathom what would have made Laura do it, even if the woman had been horrible, she was still her mother. "The facility developed this Trigger scent, whenever I smell it everything goes dark, and when I wake up," Laura's voice lowered and she was speaking at such a soft whisper, that if Kiden hadn't had her head on the other girls shoulder, she would have missed it. "When I wake up everyone is dead. After I made it out of the facility and saw my mother standing there everything blacked out. She had been exposed to the trigger scent and hadn't known it."

"Oh Laura." Kiden didn't know what to say, she felt something drip into her hair and knew that Laura was crying. Kiden lifted her head up and dropped the girls hand, before throwing her arms around Laura's shoulders and pulling the girl close to her, just holding her. Kiden felt her own tears roll down her face, but ignored them, Laura needed her.

"Don't mean to interrupt kid, but I need you to come with me." Wolverine had found the two girls still on the roof, laying down watching the stars while they held hands between them. Laura sat up immediately, her eyes wide; Logan read the look and put up his hands. "You aren't in trouble; your friend can come to if you want. This is just about what happened with you and Frost last night. Don't worry." Laura looked confused, and eyed Kiden while the two of them stood up.

"I told him about it after combat training today. Frost shouldn't have done that, and you should have told him anyway." Kiden just took Laura's hand again and the two of them followed after Logan as he lead them to Scott's office.

"Okay Laura, Logan told me what Kiden told him. We just need you to tell us what really happened, if what Kiden thought she heard was real." Scott was sitting behind his desk, with his hands folded on top of a small stack of paper. It wasn't that he didn't believe her, but most of what was incriminating to Emma was only a guess, and Scott needed real proof before he took it up with her. Logan was perched on the front corner with his arms crossed and the two girls sat in front of the desk, Kiden still holding Laura's hand, almost refusing to let it go.

"Frost invaded my mind last night, she pulled out the image of my mother as she died and made her say things to me, made her blame me for her death." That was all Laura planned on saying, she looked at Logan and made that known to him. He heaved a large sigh and turned to Scott.

"That's all you need right?" Cyclops was staring at Laura, of course the girl couldn't see his eyes, so she didn't really know that he was, but she felt his hard gaze on her. Then he looked down at his stack of papers, picking up a pen.

"Yes, that's all I need." He wrote something down them looked back up to Laura. "I'm so sorry she did this, I told her that you were not a danger, that you could stay here as long as you wanted and that she was not to interfere. If something like this happens again there will be serious consequences, but this was only a onetime thing, and I think it's best if we all try to move on."

"That's bull and you know it, Frost doesn't like me, and she don't like Laura. This isn't going to be the last time she tries to force something to happen. She just has your balls in a lock box somewhere and won't give them back."

"Logan!" Scott cut off Wolverine before he could say anymore. "Not in front of the children, if you want to continue this, then fine, but they don't need to see us fighting." Logan growled out a breath, but he didn't want Laura to see this either.

"I'll be right back. Come on you two." Logan lead the girls out of the office before putting both hands on Laura's shoulders and looking her square in the eye. "I'm going to have a few more words with Scott, and I'm going to be there when he confronts Frost about this. I don't want you to worry about her, understand?" Laura nodded to him, and Logan nodded back. "You should have been the one to bring this to me, if something like this ever happens again, don't be scared to bring it to me, I'm here for you Laura, let me be here for you." Logan held her eyes for a second before nodding again then turning to Kiden. "Good job, off you two go now, I don't want you hearing this." Logan pointed off down the way to the girl's wing, sending the two to bed. Laura led Kiden away and the two where halfway down the hall when Logan stopped watching them walk and went back into the office.

Kiden convinced Laura to go down to the kitchen with her instead of going to bed like Logan had suggested. They had both skipped dinner, and Kiden could tell the other girl was hungry, even if she hadn't said anything. Laura had found left over roast beef in the fridge and was putting together sandwiches while Kiden sliced up some watermelon she had found to put on the side; Kiden smiled at domesticity of it all.

"What are you losers doing down here?" Julian Keller was leaning against the door frame with his arms crossed across his chest and a snug smirk on his face.

"We missed dinner, we were hungry." Kiden said holding the large knife slightly tighter in her hand, using the thing to scope up the pink squares and putting them in a bowl she had already set aside. Julian's smirk just seemed to get bigger, when he looked over to Laura, using one of her extended claws to slice the two ready sandwiches in half before putting both on a plate and carrying it over to were Kiden stood, placing it in front of her.

"You know, Frost told me some things about you, X-23." Laura froze at the name, Logan hadn't told anyone that name, and Kiden would never betray her, but Frost had been in her head, only seeing what she had wanted to see. Laura was suddenly scared of this boy who knew things about her, who could manipulate her with what he knew. "She told me that you were bred in a lab to kill people." Laura smelled rage on the boy, he wanted her to fight him, wanted to prove himself and maybe get her into trouble in the process; had most likely been sent by Frost to get a rise out of her.

"You have no idea what you're talking about Keller, so why don't you just walk away before you get yourself hurt." Kiden didn't know what this boys problem was, he was just such a douche bag to everyone, and she couldn't stand the way he looked at Laura.

"I have a pretty good idea actually, she's not just a clone, she's a killer, born and raised to kill for the pleasure of it. Like and animal." Julian sneered at the girls, expecting an attack from his prodding, but when Laura answered back it wasn't what he had expected.

"You want to leave this room." Laura was holding the counter top so hard her hands where white and Kiden saw that Laura was shaking slightly. Her voice had been low and hard, but rang clear through the room, Laura had a quiet anger to her, and if Julian was smart he would be scared.

"You think I'll afraid of you, animal."

"YOU WANT TO LEAVE THIS ROOM!" Laura had never cut anyone off in all the time Kiden had known her, had never raised her voice even when she was frustrated. Julian looked shocked, and took a staggering step back, as if from the force of Laura's yell. Then he was walking backwards out of the room, and when Kiden couldn't see him anymore, she heard his pace increase as he ran from them. Kiden looked back to Laura who seemed frozen.

"Hey, hey come back to me." Kiden put her hands on either side of Laura's face and turned her to look back into her own, only Laura's eyes were closed, she had retreated back to that place with the all white room and her mother letting scientists abuse her. "Laura, you are not an animal, you hear me."

"But I am, I"

"NO, Laura you aren't, and you should never let anyone make you feel like less of a person." Laura was looking into Kiden's eyes now. Laura's forest greens meeting Kiden's sky blues, the dark haired girl looked conflicted, but reached out and griped the bottom of Kiden's shirt, fisting the material on her sides.

"How can you be so sure that I'm good, that I'm not just an animal?" Laura's voice was small, her eyes so sad. Kiden knew that she shouldn't, that this was not the time to be thinking like she was, but Kiden needed Laura to believe her, so she decided it was time to risk it.

"Because I could never feel this way for an animal Laura." Laura furrowed her brow deeper, but in confusion. Kiden gulped, then moved forward, gently putting her lips against Laura's. Just a brush of lips, barely there at all, but when Kiden pulled back, Laura's eyes were slightly wider.


AN: Okay, not the longest chapter, but I couldn't resist ending it there. So I know that at least Kairan1979 was looking forward to seeing Emma Frost get torn another asshole, but this is in a school setting, and I don't think teachers would ever yell at teachers while students are present, and with Logan acting as the parent you know Frost was at least warned. (And while it was hinted that Frost sent Hellion to mess with them, I didn't write it with that purpose.) The big battle in the danger that forms the New X-men team is coming up soon, along with the girl's reactions to the kiss. Hope that you enjoyed it, and I would love to hear from you and hear what you have to say.