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Again the main character in this is Kal (my OC), but later on Kurow will also be quite important~

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Also we'll see the return of SOME GODS. Even though the only god in FotT was Ammy. But. You get the idea.

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"Amaterasu, ma chérie, you cannot honestly be intending to send a puppy to save Nippon?"

Kal shook her head to try and keep her ears out of her face as Waka raised his voice to be heard over the wind that raged around them. She couldn't even imagine what it would be like to be him, his waist-length golden hair being wrenched madly by the fierce gale.

The wolf goddess was sat calmly a few metres away, seemingly not bothered by the fact that her fur was being ruffled by the wind. She had been staring at the ground in front of her, where there was what looked like a puppy that was a few months old, surrounded by bright light, yet she looked up when the windswept prophet questioned her. Not replying any more than issuing him with a hard stare, she threw back her head and let out a loud howl. The crimson markings on her face and back shone brightly, clearly showing which her true markings were and which were infact patches of blood. The light surrounding the puppy grew brighter still, almost blinding.

"Foolish god, you shall not beat me!" the voice echoed around seemingly from all directions, dark and menacing. "I will take over Nippon and start Yami's new era of darkness!"

The gale grew stronger for a moment and Kal had to dig her claws into the grassy earth to stop herself from being blown away. Then the wind vanished and the area brightened slightly, a few leaves which had been torn from the trees fluttering back down to the ground.

"I'd like to see you try ya stupid demon!" Kal shouted, though she wasn't really sure what she was shouting at. The plains had gone quiet now, but she knew that there were still bunches of monsters scattered around. What had seemed to think itself their boss had looked like an eye and some teeth surrounded by a purple cloud. Yet the amount of power such a naff demon had…

The light in front of Amaterasu faded and the puppy vanished. She's really sending a puppy to go and defeat that demon?

Waka brushed a few strands of windswept hair from his face. "I hope you know what you're doing, ma chérie."

Nine months. Nine whole months.

That was how long they had been on the Celestial Plain for now.

Kal stood on the topmost branch of the guardian sapling they'd planted in the centre of the plains upon their arrival. In Nippon a sapling like this would be able to stop an entire area from becoming cursed, but the Celestial Plain was so large that the power from the mother tree wasn't enough. There was still quite a wide area clear around the tree, and from here they had been gradually been exorcising the evil that was roaming the plains. So far they'd revived just over half of the heavenly realm, yet that meant there was still a lot more work to do…

She scanned the area, looking to make sure there weren't any particularly nasty-looking places anywhere nearby. This was probably the reason why Amaterasu had sent that puppy, Chibiterasu, to save Nippon from whatever that demon had been that appeared a few days ago. If the goddess left the Celestial Plain it might fall into ruin again. The other brush gods resided here as well, although they weren't able to ward off all of the evil without her help.

A few cherry blossom petals floated by on the breeze, a few of them settling on her wings, and irritably Kal flicked them off. She was a Tsubasa Inu, a breed of dog originally created by the Moon Tribe to serve as their protectors and companions. Because of this, she had human-like emotions and somewhat dragon-like wings that allowed her to fly around. Last year when she had lived in Nippon people had often looked at her strangely, but now she was on the Celestial Plain which was mainly populated by gods she didn't have that problem.

As for her looks – well, other than the wings, she looked a lot like a black Labrador. Her eyes were a dark blue-purple, like the night sky, and she had a pale crescent-shaped golden marking on her shoulder, the mark of a true Tsubasa. Her wings were also now silver rather than black like they used to be. A dark purple, silver and blue collar hung around her neck, a piece of technology that used to allow her to teleport before it broke, however she was able to do that naturally now.

At one time she'd had a sword sheath on her back as well, however since she lost her sword somewhere in the Ark of Yamato she'd removed it. Instead, she now had a technological sword. The handle attached easily to her collar so that she could reach it, and when she held it in her jaws a blade of blue light formed from one end. Waka had created the sword for her shortly after they arrived at the plains, and it reminded her of his sword, Pillow Talk. Unlike him, however, she refused to give hers any kind of name…

Wait. There.

In the near distance there was what looked like a large badly-assembled building, but from the way it seemed to emanate darkness she could tell it was some kind of demon base.

No point standing around here looking at it then. Better go get rid of it incase it ends up getting any stronger.

She jumped from the tree, spreading her wings and soaring across the grass. The moonlight reflected off her fur as she flew, and there was only a gentle breeze so flying was easy. She half-closed her eyes, enjoying the feel of the draft ruffling her fur.

When she was closer to the foreboding place, she floated down to land and ran along the plains instead. The closer she got, the less flowers there were, and the grass was starting to thin out.

This place was definitely evil.

"Kal, arrêter!"

She gasped and skidded to a halt as she heard a familiar voice call her name. The hard ground scraped against her paws and a cloud of dust flew up in front of her. Glancing around, she saw Waka standing partway up one of the hills nearby. Now that she'd stopped running, he calmly walked over to her.

"This demon stronghold is dangerous," he warned. "Let's wait for Amaterasu and decide how to deal with it."

Kal gave him a blank stare.

"I know you're raring for a fight, but you'll never win on your own."

She looked away, letting out a quiet grumble.

"I'm serious, Kal. It doesn't look much from the outside, but you never know how strong the demons within are."

No response this time.


Rolling her eyes, she glanced back over at him.

"Stubborn as ever, huh?" he smiled. That was the thing with Waka. Even when he was being serious, most of the time he always seemed to be in a good mood. It was hard to tell sometimes when it was genuine or when he was feigning happiness just to cover up his real emotions. "But in all seriousness, I don't want you going in there by yourself. It's not safe."

Letting out a quiet sigh, Kal decided she might as well give up. Obediently she padded over to his side.

"Don't look so glum," he laughed. "It'll be much easier to get rid of this place with Amaterasu's help."

Sure it'll be easier, Kal sighed. But what's the fun in that?

"Trés bien, we'll find her later," Waka shrugged. "Once you've stopped moping around so much." He ruffled her ears.

As he headed back up the hill, Kal cast another glance back at the demon base. It was true they couldn't see what was inside it, but Kal could sense the strength of the evil and he couldn't. Most animals could; that was why any place where a demon resided was usually free from wildlife, because they preferred to stay away. And although this place was pretty evil, she was certain she could have easily cleared out whatever monsters might lie in wait inside.

But Waka wasn't going to let her do that on her own, obviously. No point in arguing, especially since he couldn't understand anything she said. With a shrug, she turned and followed him.