Hiya! well, here is my primary shot at ranma 1/2 fanfiction... i rarely read anything regarding Dr. Tofu and Kasumi... Frankly, i find their love story... well... lovely! =)

kidding aside, i do hope you enjoy this fic... for questions, recommendations, violent reactions =) just leave your feedback... thanks


It was a usual weekend over the Tendo's residence. Ranma and his dad sparing over a piece of sausage, Akane petting P-chan, Nabiki leaning over the table thinking of yet another scheme to earn money, Mr. Tendo eating heartily and…

"I have an announcement to make," Kasumi said in her mild voice.

All five pairs of eyes turned towards Kasumi. It was unlike her to announce something. Well, it was so unlike her, the shy, timid and reticent of the Tendo sisters, to announce anything at all! Oh, boy, the weekend was unusual after all!

"I have been thinking," Kasumi said with a smile pasted on her face. "I think… I am ready to get married."

All five of her audience was glued to their spot in shock. Nobody said a word for several heartbeats. Kasumi, still with her usual friendly smile, looked from one person to another for their reaction.


And suddenly the world seemed to have dropped. Her father dropped unconscious. Ranma and his dad's mouth dropped open. Nabiki's dropped from leaning on the table. And Akane dropped P-chan, which ofcourse, made P-chan dropped to the ground.

"Oh, my," Kasumi said, worriedly. "I hope I did not shock you all."

"Shock?!" everybody said in unison, with an "oink!" coming from the hog.

Akane cleared her throat. "Umm.. Kasumi… don't get me wrong but… are you all right?"

"Of course, I'm fine, Akane. Why do you ask?"

"Ummm… did you just say what we heard you said a while ago?" Akane asked earning a blank look from Kasumi.

"About you ready to be married?" Ranma added.

"Mind if we ask who the lucky man is, sister dear?" Nabiki asked.

"Tell me, Kasumi, did Dr. Tofu asked for your hand?" her father asked, tears still flowing from his eyes.

Kasumi blushed. "Oh, my, ofcourse not, father."

"Well, who is he, Kasumi?" Mr. Tendo questioned.

"There is no one yet," Kasumi answered. "I am just thinking that it is about time I think about the future. Don't get me wrong, father, but I am not getting any younger."

Mr. Tendo cried. "Now, now, father. I am not saying I am to marry today, but if the right man comes along." Her father wailed louder

"Geez, daddy, stop acting like a fool. Kasumi said she's not going to be married right away," Nabiki said waiving her fork before putting it down on her plate. She placed a hand on Kasumi's shoulder and said, "Don't worry, sister dear, the right man is just around the corner."

"Thank you, Nabiki," Kasumi said, smiling up at her sister.

"I'm outta here," Nabiki said as she turned to leave. Hmmm… I think I better polish my bow and arrow again so the right man will come along sooner for Kasumi, Nabiki thought with a grin on her face.