The sun was up. The birds singing. The cool wind blowing. What a beautiful day, Dr. Tofu thought as he raised his faced towards the sun. He was out early in his garden trimming the vines clinging on his backyard fence.

He let out a deep breath as he continued working on his chore.

"Oh, doctor," Nabiki called.

Dr. Tofu looked over his shoulder and smiled. "It's you, Nabiki. What brings you here?"

Nabiki flashed an evil grin. She leaned at the door leading to his backyard and crossed her arms on her front. "I have an information for you."

"Oh?" Dr. Tofu walked closer to where she was standing while pushing up his spectacles.

Nabiki decided to go in for the kill. "It's about Kasumi."

Dr. Tofu suddenly bolted upright at the mention of Kasumi's name and started stuttering. "K-kasumi?"

"Relax, doctor," Nabiki said. Then she held out her hand. "For 5000 yen, I'll give you the information you want."

Dr. Tofu hurriedly rummaged through his wallet for the said amount, dropping papers, business cards in the process. "H-here," he uttered while reaching out to give Nabiki her dues.

"Hmmm… I always knew I like you… especially to be a brother-in-law," Nabiki stated as she put the money in her pocket.

"I-I hope K-Kasumi's fine."

"Oh, she is," Nabiki assured him.

"Then, w-what is it you want to tell me?"

"Ok. Just this morning, Kasumi announced that she is getting married."

Dr. Tofu paled and his jaw dropped in surprise. "What?!" he said after awhile. "B-but… To whom?"

"She won't tell," Nabiki pushed herself from the door to stand straight. Then she started to turn. "If I were you, doctor, I would start winning her hand. As I said before, I like you as a brother-in-law, so I'm giving you an advice: stop acting weird every time you see her. Try controlling your emotions. Ok, gotta go. Ciao," Nabiki waved and left.

Dr. Tofu was glued to the spot for several seconds. Then his legs became wobbly which made him kneeled on the ground.

"Oh, Kasumi," Dr. Tofu mumbled. "What do I have to do not to loose you?"

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