Inside, she is screaming.

Her mouth is moving but she isn't doing it. She is stepping forward and when she breaks the force field around the cave she gasps, clutching hard. Her body doesn't move. It hits her like a physical thing, like ice, like a stake through her heart—

Mother! She screams. Mother!

Her hands jerk. She feels, in horror, her fingers curling around her other hand in the clasped fist of her mother. She feels her fingers squeeze against each other, as if her mother is warning her to be quiet. She bites out a hiss and it makes no sound why does it make no sound oh God oh God

"I don't want to kill one Original." Her mouth moves, and the words come out in her own voice. She breathes hard, tries to clamp her teeth shut but it's not happening—it's as if a hand has been shoved through her body, as if she is being worked like a puppet—

Mother, please, she pleads. Please, Ma

"I want them all to die." She feels her lips curve. Feels her own slate stare.

And she screams.

When she wakes, she is back at the mansion.

"Well?" Her brother says, and Rebekah shouts it's her, Nik, it's her! Her throat is hoarse but her mother doesn't feel it.

Nik, run!

"It's done." She feels her own lips move. "We've got the stake; the hunter is locked up in the Salvatore dungeons—"

Her brother smiles, draws closer. Nik! Run! "I knew I could count on you, sis."

Get out of here! Don't come near! Nik, please—

Her brother holds out a hand.

Her mother's fingers clench hard around the stake behind her back. "I'll hold on to it, Nik."

Her brother smiles, tilts his head. "Bekah. It's late. Don't toy with me."

Nik, please, please, she whispers, like a prayer, like a chant. Nik.

Her mother tilts her head, steps forward. Rebekah draws a breath; feels nothing. Nik's eyes flicker. "Am I toying with you, Niklaus?" Her mouth says. There is a hint of steel in her voice. Not mine not mine it's hers it's all hers oh God Nik get me out of here Nik Nik—"Or are you toying with me?"

Her brother's eyes drop. It lingers. "Bekah." He says lowly, and there is a warning in that voice. "It's late. You're tired. Don't—"

"Do you love me, Niklaus?"

Rebekah's breath stops.

Her brother's eyes flash. His voice is very quiet. "What did he say to you?"

"Answer." She replies, and her voice is steel, and he must know now that is not my voice Nik it's not my voice can't you see— "Answer me, Niklaus."

"Will you give me the stake?" Her brother replies lightly. "I don't feel comfortable answering the question with white oak in your hands."

Can't you hear my heart beating?

Nik Nik my heart hasn't beaten in a thousand years—

"Do you love me?" The words ring inside, and it isn't until Rebekah's lips come together that she realizes she is mouthing the words too. "Do you love me?"

He looks down, eye lashes whispering together. And then he leans forward, touches his forehead to hers.

"Always and forever," he says quietly.


Her mother's lips curve. Rebekah inhales. Closes her eyes. Leans in, breathes—

And is wrenched away.

Her mother presses the stake into his hand. Walks away with Rebekah's legs.

Nik Nik no don't don't take me away Nik please mother don't—

"I did that for you." Her mother says out loud quietly when she is alone, when Rebekah is alone, when they are alone, when the body is alone. "So that you wouldn't approach death thinking he didn't love you."

No! She snarls. You did it for you you did it for your vanity you did it for you you you you—

"I'm not as cruel as all that." Her mother replies.

Nik! She screams. Nik please Nik Nik—

(Beneath them, Klaus runs his fingers over the smooth wood of the stake, feels a whisper at the back of his neck. He looks up.

There is no one there.)