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I open my eyes and find myself in total darkness, I didn't know where I was but I outstretch my hands trying to see with touch. I touch the ground and feel grass in-between my fingers, so I wasn't in a dungeon. Then it hit me there isn't any snow. "Merlin…?" I whisper, but no one replies. "MERLIN…?" I call a bit louder. Suddenly I see a faint light which becomes bigger as the person drew nearer, they held a burning fire in the palm of their hand and I knew this was magic because no one could just set fire to their hand and not get burnt.

"There is no Merlin in this world. Who is it you're looking for young king?" Asks the man his expression should have held confusion but he just looked solemn.

"I demand to know where I am and where my knights are." I call angrily.

"Your demands won't be met. You have a kind heart Arthur you know how to treat people with respect; I only grant requests from people with courtesy." The man said, his voice had a depth to it that I hadn't heard before.

"Can I at least have some proper light?" I ask, the man did and said nothing. "Please…" I add, and without saying a word a ball of yellow light the size of two fists held together seemed to fly from one side of the land to the other it appeared to hit an invisible wall because it exploded and set the sky on fire with its yellow glow. All I saw was the man - his face old and weathered - the grass and the dirt it grew from, there are no walls or tress just endless grass leading into darkness all around me, the light revealed nothing more. The man closed his hand and the small fire burnt out. "Thank you. Now can you please tell me where Merlin is, you said there is no Merlin in this world that is untrue because my servant is as real as you or I." I search his old face for an answer but it was as unrevealing as the darkness surrounding us.

"At what stage did I say I was real?" He asks, I look at him shocked "Arthur, I could well be a figment of your imagination…" He says, I should have felt threatened by him but I felt this odd comfort and happiness.

"Please who are you and where are my knights and Merlin?" I begged, I saw a small smile form on his face, my patience was beginning to wear thin.

"I am whoever you want me to be… I could be your enemy, another one of your guardians, your friend, or just nothing. You choose how to treat people and what status they have in your life, your decisions make you and change you, and nothing has to stay the same. An enemy one day can be a friend the next, a friend one day can be an enemy with one decision." His smile fades and his expression was solemn once again.

"Wait another guardian, who else looks after me?" I ask.

"That will reveal itself in time, you have many questions and I don't have all the time to provide the answers." He says softly. I nod and let him continue answering my questions. "Your knights are as safe as sword is shape." A small wave of relieve washes over me, but I wanted to know everything about this mysterious man and why he claims Merlin isn't real. "What else do you wish to know young king?" He asks.

"Where am I, that would be a nice thing to know, please." I almost forgot to ask nicely, manners and humility aren't my strongest qualities.

"You are in a type of trance, or some people have said the land of in-between, in-between life and death. I'm surprised you have never been here before with some of the injuries you've encountered." His voice echoed around as.

"So I'm dying?" I ask worriedly my heart started to beat faster I didn't want to die what about Camelot, Merlin, the knights, Gwen… He seemed to smile slightly.

"Oh no Arthur… Your time is a long, long way in the future and you aren't to die at the hands of a bandit." He chuckled slightly, but I found nothing funny.

"So you know how I'm going to die?" I ask, looking worried. His face again went serious.

"Yes Arthur. I am going to tell you some information that could help you to understand a little more of who I really am." He takes a rough breath before continuing. "Everyone has a different keeper, I'm your keeper Arthur, I know every piece of information about everyone – including you." He begun but I interrupted which he didn't seem too impressed about.

"If you know everyone then how is it you don't know Merlin?" I ask, he totally ignores me and keeps going.

"I also know everything, from what was, to what is and to what will be, until the end of time. I've been chosen to watch over you and your friends as you leave your mark on this land, a mark that will never fade and will be remembered for longer than forever." He continued. "You have a lot to achieve before it is you time to die; your hardest challenge is going to unravel itself very soon." He says looking deeply in my eyes.

"You must have a name then?" I ask.

"My full name is Custos-Magicae-Filius, but to you it would be keeper of magic's son, you can just call me keeper if it makes it easier." He suggests and I nod.

"So your name pretty much means keeper of me?" I begin, he nods.

"You are correct you are magic's son, and that is why you will produce great things from this land."

"Alright keeper if you know every piece of everything why is it you don't know Merlin?" I ask, my heart beating so fast hopefully nothing had happened to him.

"Before you find out that answer you must know more information about a past you didn't even know existed." He begins; I don't interrupt him because I know he'll ignore me anyway. "Your destiny has been written since the dawn of time and is intertwined with magic in more ways than one. Magic isn't something you can't run from Arthur, as hard as you try you cannot escape your future, you must understand that. Even in the darkness the light has been magic, you were just too blind to notice. Magic follows you, always one step behind." He says it so seriously I know it isn't a joke.

"Please keeper, this makes no sense are you saying I have magic?" I ask, he shakes his head slowly.

"No, Arthur magic is your shadow, you are only one side of a coin magic is the other; but it is up to you to figure out who magic is; I cannot give you all the answers for I've shared too much already. I will answer one more question, what do you wish to ask?" He says.

"Please I want to know why you don't know Merlin!" I call.

"I do know Merlin, but there is no Merlin in our world, only yours because Merlin isn't his name anywhere else, young King, to many Merlin is an enigma, even though you think you know him only a few see him for what he truly is. Merlin has done more for you then you can possible comprehend. You need to give him more credit; his accomplishments have been greater than anything seen before. Trust me he is stronger and more powerful than you think, open your eyes and see because you have been blind for too long." Suddenly he begins to walk away.

"Thank you." I call and he turns around, bows his head and smiles.

"I'm sure we'll meet soon." He seemed to get swallowed into the blackness. I was still dumbfounded by what had just occurred I didn't know what to make of it, it went so quickly. So Merlin isn't who he claims to be and Merlin isn't his name and my destiny involves magic. What was I meant to do to make all the pieces in this puzzle make sense… Suddenly the yellow sky faded and a flash of white light was all I saw, soon that faded and I knew I must have come back to consciousness. I open my eyes but my vision was blurry, but I could make out a roof. I use my hands to push myself up into a sitting position and felt a hard bed under my palms. Suddenly I start to regain feeling and all I felt was numbness and pain. I see I fuzzy shape in front of me which soon became clear, it was Guinevere…

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