A.N.: Well, here's the truth or dare. I took the suggestions from ivyclanmoonblossom's story, and used them in this chapter.

Me: Hello, I'm your host, Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Bo Besca III, but you can call me Emrys! We're doing truth or dare with the wonderful cast of The Electric Company!

Manny; Electric Company? Why not The Manny Spamboni Show?

Emrys; *rolls eyes* The rules are simple. You guys send in ideas, we do them!

Jessica; Just nothing gross, okay? I don't want anything… creepy.

Lisa: Yeah, same.

Emrys: Okay, let's get started! Here's the first one from Talee.

Annie: Oh, what is it?

Emrys: It's a dare.

Manny: Yes!

Emrys: For Jessica.

Guys: Darn!

Emrys: Jess, Talee's dare is as follows: Jessica! Time to eat an UnMuffin!

Jessica: *backs away* No! No!

Everyone except Emrys, Jess, and Lisa: What?

Emrys: Have a muffin, Jessica.

Jessica: Talee, you owe me one. There's another one ready, right?

Emrys: Of course there is!

Jessica: Alright. *eats it* Ugh, this is so stupid! I'm out of here! *exits*

Keith: What just happened?

Emrys: Don't worry, she'll be back. I think.

Jessica: *enters in tight black dress)*Much better. Now, where were you losers?

Manny: *to Danny* She's hot.

Jessica: Thank you! I try! *poses*

Hector: Okay, somebody get my sister back, because that's not her!

Emrys: Okay. Here, Jessica. Have a bun.

Jessica: Okay. *eats it* What the heck did I do?

Gilda: Nothing really; except for the costume change.

Jessica: I'll be back. *exits*

Marcus: So… what next?

Emrys: Well, next is from Jedi Annie Scrambler!

Hector: Annie Scrambler became a Jedi? Since when?

Emrys: *laughs* Oh, LTA would laugh. Anyways, JAS says: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I love these! Annie and Danny: I dare you to kiss each other for 57 seconds and then eat UnMuffins! Lisa: Tell Hector how you really feel!

Jessica: *enters* Hey, what did I miss?

Keith: Danny and Annie have to make out, and then eat those muffins.

Jessica: Yay! UnDanny is back!

Shock: And Lisa has to tell Hector how she really feels.

Francine: What does that even mean?

Everyone outside of the love triangle: *eye rolls*

Emrys: Alright, time for DAnnie, don't ya think?

Annie: Whatever. *kisses him*

*"All I Ask of You" starts playing*

Lisa: Really, Emrys?

Emrys: Why not?

Danny: Wow. I kind of enjoyed that.

Annie: Um… so did I.

Emrys: Great! Now muffins!

Danny: Alright. Sure!

*after the muffins*

Jessica: UnDanny! *runs to hug him*

UnDanny: Jess, how's it going?

Jessica: Pretty good.

Hector: Um, how do you know each other?

UnAnnie: Ye-ah!

Gilda: This could get annoying.

UnDanny: Hector, it's a long story.

Marcus: We have time.

Jessica: Not that kind of time.

Francine: Please! Turn them back!

UnAnnie: No-o! I like this!

UnDanny: Yeah, can't we stay a while?

Jessica: Please? He was my only friend in my greatest time of need!

Emrys: The things I do for you guys. *sighs* Okay, you can stay.

UnAnnie; Ya-ay!

Emrys: Not you! *shoves UnBun down her throat*

Annie: Oh, god, what just happened?

TEC: Epicness!

Emrys; Alrighty, Lisa, it's time to confess your feelings for Hector!

Lisa; Hector, I, um, like you… a lot, and I would really like to be your girlfriend, if that's okay.

Hector: Sure! (hugs)

Emrys: Well, that's it for now! Send in your truths and dares, and we'll see you next time!