Okay, so this is my first attempt at writing anything on here so comments and constructive criticism are always appreciated :) hope you enjoy!

Santana and Brittany are both 24 years old and living the average city life. A mutual agreement (of the sexual, no-strings-attached type) seems like the perfect solution to long work hours, but will they be successful in keeping their arrangement, or will feelings get in the way?

Idiots. They're everywhere.

Sometimes I missed the feeling you have when you're young and naïve, free of the stresses and obligations that undoubtedly accompany an adult life. I remember when I was younger and thought that 'grown-ups' had the answers to everything, that any problem could be solved with a mere maternal kiss to the forehead. Oh how wrong I was. My childish sense of security and happiness was dashed into the ground at the ripe age of seven. A divorce that left my mother a bitter and cold version of her prior self, and my father, in the clutches of a desperate theatre nurse (more than 15 years his junior- a requirement in these sorts of cases, of course!) was the beginning of the end for my childhood.

At first I would cry in my room and hope that when my father visited on weekends my mother would somehow forgive him. It wasn't long however, until I started to see the truth: adults are just the end result of being poorly raised children, we're all doomed to suffer at our parents hands and consequently inflict the same damage upon our own offspring. My guess is that Adam and Eve made some serious parenting mistakes and now we're all fucked. It's a vicious cycle or something.

"Santana". I flinched at the sound. "Santana, can you please answer me?"

That's right...Idiots. I was talking about idiots. Rachel frigging Berry, I had to endure her nasal rants for four whole years, plus the out-of-school hours required by the Glee club, and yet someone saw fit to punish me with her presence in my professional life as well. Evidently a career on Broadway can be substituted with a relatively well paid marketing job and a brief stint in the Kelly-Wright production of "Pinocchio".

"Santana, I'd really appreciate it if you could at least pretend to be listening to me" she says with a petulant stamp of her foot.

"Listen, Berry" I say in as condescending tone as possible, "I've told you time after time that I simply don't know! Last I heard Frodo was still in the mythical land of Valinor but who knows? Maybe if you screech loud enough the call of the hobbits will entice him thus?" I chuckle inwardly at my own wit- pretty good for being excruciatingly hung-over at 7:30 am on a Monday morning.

"Very funny Santana" she huffs "Back to the hobbit jokes I see? Clearly you need to lay of the jack and cokes, at least on work nights because you're loosing your touch with the verbal insults".

Ouch. "Too far Rach! What the hell? You know I can only dish it out on Mondays" I say as I slump forward at my desk with a pathetic pout. "My vicious retorts don't return until at least coffee time on a Tuesday".

Okay so maybe Rachel Berry's presence isn't as painful as I sometimes make it out to be. Turns out being raised by two gay dads made her the perfect ally for a lesbian head cheerleader in a Lima, Ohio high school.

"Sorry Santana, but the coffee cart guy leaves in fifteen minutes and I'm not running all the way to Starbucks just so you can function minimally for the next 11 hours" she says with an amused laugh.

"Vanilla latte, I'll have a vanilla latte" I say with my forehead pressed firmly against the cool wood of my desk. A brisk tapping reaches my ear as I watch my feet stretch out the pains of a weekend spent dancing in heels. I look up to see Rachel standing in the doorway clutching her wallet under her left arm and her eyebrows raised while she taps her foot expectantly. "I'll have a vanilla latte please, Rachel".

After flashing a brief but triumphant smile she adds, "oh and Santana, don't forget we have that board meeting at 4 this afternoon" as she turns towards the hallway, "I know Lisa hasn't shown up today but that's no excuse for missing it, you've had it marked in your diary for over two weeks, okay?"

Lisa was my personal assistant until around sometime last night. I'm guessing it was right around the time I pulled my fingers from between her still clenching thighs and told her she needed to leave my apartment pronto because the game was about to start. It was seven drinks later and a glorious loss for those bastards from Ohio State (to some team wearing orange) until I could get the image of her pathetic blubbering out of my mind and gather the energy to go out clubbing. All in all it was a pretty good night.

I'm torn from my pleasant memory with a side comment from a departing Rachel "Oh and don't forget we're going out for dinner to celebrate Kurt's big promotion on Friday, so don't go making any other plans".

"Hold up" I yell, "Since when was I roped into that bullshit? I thought I made it very clear, Fridays are for 'me time' and don't involve the homosexual workings of one Kurt Hummel" I say while trying to hold my head off the desk.

"It's a whole four days a way Santana, find some me time" she emphasizes with air quotes "during the week. And also, I don't think that it can be classified as me time when some chick you just picked up at a club has her head between your legs" she says with an unimpressed smile gracing her face. "Besides, Mike is bringing some girl from his dance studio and apparently she's bisexual and one hundred percent single". She says with a proud air about her.

"You do realize that just because we're both attracted to girls doesn't mean we'll automatically hit it off?"

"All I know is that you are a 24 year old woman who needs to settle down someday".

"All I needs right now is a vanilla latte so hop to it hobbit" I say in an exasperated tone as my neck gives up the fight against gravity and my head meets the desk with a dull thud.

"You never know Santana, she could be the one?" she says in a singsong voice finally exiting my office "I'll make sure Mike tells Brittany you're looking forward to meeting her."

I sigh and lift my head up from the desk. There's no way I'm going on Friday.