Roy couldn't think straight. All he knew was he had to get her alone.

Find her, get her alone, tell her everything, fall in love with her, allow her to be his all, seal time between them.

His instincts and situational awareness of Riza helped him to find her quickly in the crowd. Some ridiculous woman was talking to her.. Didn't she know how important this moment was?

Of course not, what was wrong with him? He grabbed Riza, letting the lady know, in no uncertain terms, that he needed Riza. In every sense. She was his past, his present, his future.

Roy dragged her through the mansion. Down this hallway, up that stairway, always moving to find a place where the music didn't follow.

When silence greeted him, he stopped.

She looked worried, calling him sir and questioning his motives. She looked like heaven to him, golden hair, amber eyes, scars and all.

He could have her. He would have her! He just needed to explain why it was okay now.

Nothing in the science he knew so well could help him now. None of his military training prepared him for this moment. Sure he'd dreamed of it again and again, but he had always pushed it rapidly from his mind upon waking.

Turning her toward him, so he could look at her straight on, he opened his mouth to allow the years worth of words to come out, only to find them replaced with the moaning of her name.

Control snapped, he was gone, there was no balance any more. Only Riza in front of him, the wall so close behind her, her lips glossy, slightly parted, confusion and trust sparkling in her amber eyes.

He pushed her into the wall then, slamming his lips onto hers, fitting himself along her entire length. His arm came behind her, the other one supporting him on the wall. The current, the flash between them, he could no more formulate words than move away from her ever again.

The look in Roy's eyes took Riza's breath away. She had known he loved her, but this was too much. She couldn't ask him, couldn't break that last piece of wall down, so Roy did it for her.

He pushed her into the wall and his lips came down on hers. The kiss was wild, abandoned. Why now, she wondered, but still she couldn't speak. She didn't even raise her arms at first, her brain barely processing his lips fervently pressing into hers.

There was no training in her life that could prepare her for this, only her dreams in the lonely nights, but she had always filed them away in the mornings. They had been dangerous things to dwell on.

Instinct then kicked in. Time slowed down, perhaps stopped. She could feel everything. The wall behind her, the wainscoting pressing into her lower back, the heat from Roy's arm supported on the wall by her head, his other arm around her back seemingly pulling her into every inch of him, the brush of his collar against her chin, her guns pressing into her. She wished they were gone, taking up too much space between her and Roy.

Finally, her arms came up of their own free will, wrapped around him, and then attempted to pull them closer together.

His lips were fervent as he pressed and kissed his way around every inch of exposed skin Riza had. He sucked on her bottom lips, trailed kisses along her jaw, kissed the dip under her ear, traced her ear with his tongue, whispering in her ear, down her neck and back onto her mouth again. Each touch sent tremors throughout her body.

She finally responded to his kiss, parting her lips. He gladly accepted her offering and slipped his tongue into her mouth to dance with hers. It was all emotion and freedom and electricity and life.

Needing to breathe, they broke apart. She could no longer deny she was in love with him. There was no going back, her guard, all her walls, were gone. She trusted him to make this work.

They breathed each other in. Between each kiss Roy told Riza he loved her. Between each touch Riza told Roy she loved him, always had.

They stayed there in the corridor for hours, kissing, touching, attempting some sort of relief from the flood of what they now were.

Roy asked Riza to marry him, she said yes. How quickly they should get married resulted in a very brief argument and a lot more kissing.

They would be in this together in every way, in every aspect of their life. One life. They were never meant to be two people. They thanked time and her grandfather with each kiss as they worshipped each other.

When the men had waited at the limo for an hour, with Roy or Riza still no showing up, they sent Fuery to investigate. He found the Fuerher sneaking around one of the corridors. Fuery asked him if he had seen Roy and Riza lately. The Fuerher just winked at the boy and sent him on his way home, his laughter following Fuery down the hallway and out the door.