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Pouring Rain

Jeff led on his bed reading the Hunger Games, outside the window there was pouring rain and Jeff thought the sound of it hitting the window was relaxing. Suddenly the dorm door swung open and a grumpy and extremely wet Nick trudged into their shared dorm,

"Oh, you look freezing" Jeff said, looking up at his dripping wet boyfriend,

"That's because I am" Nick said, shivering from head to toe,

"Stay there, I will get a towel" Jeff said this as he walked into the bathroom, as he came back out of the bathroom he saw Nick sitting crossed legged on the floor, "Why did you go out in this weather anyway?"

"I went to get you coffee" Nick said, Jeff knelt next to his boyfriend and started to rub Nicks hair with the towel,

"You didn't have to do that" Jeff said, a smile tugging on his lips, Jeff never had anyone who would go out to get him coffee in the pouring rain before and he thought it was cute Nick would do it for him,

"But I thought since it was cold a coffee might make you feel warmer" Nick said, looking up at his Jeff once he had finished towel drying his hair,

"Do you even know how cute you are?" Jeff asked, lifting Nicks chin up and kissing him,

"I will get you coffee in the rain more often, if I get a kiss for it" Nick said, smiling as he pulled away from the kiss,

"You can have a kiss whenever you want" Jeff said, kissing Nick again,

"Brilliant" Nick said, Jeff then stood up and pulled Nick to his feet,

"Why are we getting up? I like the floor" Nick said, pouting at his boyfriend,

"I don't care if you like the floor, if you stay in these wet clothes anymore you are going to get hyperthermia" Jeff said, "Now go in the bathroom and have a shower"

"Fine!" Nick said, he then went into the bathroom closing the door behind him; Jeff got some clothes out for Nick and passed them into the bathroom. Jeff then led back on his bed, reading the Hunger Games while he waited for Nick to finish his shower,

"Feel better?" Jeff asked, as Nick came out of the bathroom, completely dry,

"Yeah, thanks" Nick said, walking over to Jeff's bed, "Cuddles?"

"Yes!" Jeff enthusiastically said, he put his book on his bed side cabinet and pulled Nick down, so Nick had his head on Jeff's shoulder,

"This is even better" Nick said, cuddling up to Jeff, who pressed kisses on to his head,

"What happened to my coffee anyway?" Jeff asked,

"I dropped it" Nick said sadly, drawing patterns on Jeff's chest, "It was so frustrating"

"It's okay Nicky" Jeff said, running his fingers lightly though Nick's soft hair, "I can live without a coffee for today"

"But I went through all of that trouble to go and get it and I just fucking dropped it!" Nick said, sounding annoyed with himself,

"I'm just glad you didn't get a cold and that you didn't fall and hurt yourself" Jeff said, wrapping his arms more tightly around his boyfriend. Nick lifted his head off Jeff's shoulder, he smiled at his boyfriends protectiveness and pressed his lips against Jeff's who happily kissed back. Nick pulled away and snuggled back into the crook of Jeff's neck,

"I love you" Nick said,

"I love you too" Jeff said. They quickly fell asleep wrapped in each other's arms with the pouring rain still hammering against the windows.