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Eating Disorder

Nick walked back to his and Jeff's shared dorm, from dinner. Nick hadn't seen Jeff at dinner that night and when he thought about Jeff hadn't been showing up to dinner a lot. Nick just shrugged it off though; he figured Jeff probably ate at other times.

"Jeff?" Nick called, opening their dorm room door. Nick expected Jeff to be there, playing a video game like he usually did, but he wasn't. Nick furrowed his eye brows trying to think were Jeff could be, but he came up empty. Nick decided to do his homework while he waited for his best friend to get back to their dorm. About an hour later Jeff showed up, he was in sports kit and he was covered in sweat. Nick noticed the black bags under his eyes and Nick noticed that the sweat made his t-shirt stick to his body and Jeff looked so thin, Nick hadn't really noticed it till now.

"Where were you?" Nick asked, worried about his friend's physical condition,

"I was at the gym" Jeff said, dumping his sports bag on his bed,

"But you missed dinner" Nick said,

"I wasn't hungry" Jeff almost snapped,

"Well do you want me to make you something?" Nick asked, he also tried to think about the last time he saw Jeff eat, but he couldn't really think of anything, except the odd protein bar or a piece of fruit he would in eat in a day, "You have to be hungry"

"I'm fine, Nick" Jeff snapped, "I'm gonna take a shower" and with that Jeff stalked into the bathroom. Nick let out a heavy sigh and led face down on his bed trying to figure out what was going on with Jeff.

The next morning Nick woke up early than usual, he slowly sat up and looked around. He saw Jeff stood by his wardrobe getting changed and his eyes widened in shock. Jeff looked so skinny, just skin and bones,

"Jeff!" Nick said, worry obvious in his voice. Jeff jumped and scrambled for a t-shirt, but Nick had walked over to him and grabbed both his wrists, "Please, tell me whats going on"

"Nothing" Jeff said, trying to act as though he had no idea what Nick was talking about, "I'm fine"

"You are not fine" Nick said, "You aren't eating properly and your always working out"

"It's nothing, stop worrying" Jeff said, Nick noticed Jeff was always telling him to stop worrying recently but that wasn't really important right now,

"Please tell me why you are doing this" Nick practically pleased, "Please"

"It's because I'm ugly Nick" Jeff snapped, "I look stupid and I will never-"

"Jeff you are not ugly" Nick said, as the blonde started to cry, "Please don't cry Jeffy"

"Please, just leave me alone" Jeff said, trying to pull his wrists out of Nicks hands but he was to weak,

"We can get you help" Nick said, "You don't have to keep doing this"

"I do though, i have to keep doing this" Jeff said, crying even more and starting to panic, "I have to keep doing this so i will be good enough for-"

"Good enough for what?" Nick said letting go of Jeff's wrists, "Jeffy tell me!"

"You!" Jeff said, sobbing and tired, his legs gave out and fell against the wall sliding down it as he cried into his hands,

"Me?" Nick asked, taking a minute to process the information, "Why would you do this for me?"

"Because I love you Nick!" Jeff said into his hands, "But you will never love me back because im horrible and ugly"

"Jeffy" Nick said, kneeling in front of Jeff, "I love you", Jeff's head jerked up and he looked at Nick for a moment before turning his head to the side,

"You're just saying that so I will stop this" Jeff said, tears still streaming down his face,

"Jeff, I loved you for so long but I didn't say anything because i didn't know you were gay and i didn't want to ruin our friendship" Nick said, grabbing Jeff's chin so he was looking at him again, "Please Jeff, I'm telling the truth"

Jeff looked Nick straight in the eyes; Nick leaned slowly leaned closer to Jeff until their lips were inches apart and their noses almost touched. Jeff closed the gap between them, the kiss was slow and it was everything a first kiss should be. They both pulled out of the kiss smiling, for Jeff it was the first time he had smiled in a while.