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The guild is already beginning their ordinary day, and ordinary means having a fight between the mages, drinking fests early in the morning, crashing tables and, chairs and dish wares, and a festive atmosphere. A 7-year old girl peeked from behind the guild doors, her shoulder-length golden hair braided into a high ponytail, leaving some golden locks and her bangs to frame her porcelain face. Her honey-colored orbs widened in amusement as she saw the mages bickering with each other. Her pink t-shirt and blue miniskirt is already a mess. The poor girl stumbled a few times before reaching Magnolia. Her third attempt to run away from her dad is a success; she's now here in the guild of her dreams, Fairy Tail. The only problem is everyone, everything around her is a stranger to her, she knows nobody; nobody knew her. She is an alien in this noisy guild.

"Who are you? Why are you here?"

Lucy jumped a little at the boyish voice who called to her. Her brown eyes turned at the rosy-haired boy about her age who was giving her a curious glare. She stared at him blankly, not knowing what to do next. She can feel all eyes staring at her, sending her glares of who-are-you? The blonde girl gulped, waiting for someone to at least talk. The boy in front of her seems to get the message and flashed her a toothy grin.

"Oh, are you going to join Fairy Tail?"

The girl blinked at the boy's response and broke into a smile herself. "Of course! My name's Lucy," she grinned, reaching her hand for a handshake. The boy stared at her hand strangely, not having any idea of what to do next. "Umm, you're to shake that," Lucy advised, her face turning into a dark shade of crimson. The boy took a while to register everything until another voice erupted from behind," Shake the hand, fire brain!" Lucy blushed more, her hand starting to get numb from being raised for a long time. The boy in front of her blinked and flashed her another toothy grin, "Oi! I'm Natsu!" he introduced, shaking Lucy's hand. He never let go of her hand though. Instead, he grabbed Lucy's hand, making Lucy to glare back in surprise. "You want to join Fairy Tail right?" Natsu smiled at her, his grip on her wrist tightening," Then let's go!" Lucy smiled back at Natsu, finally letting herself to be dragged.

"And oh, pants man, I'm gonna get you for that!"

Lucy Heartfilia woke up with a start, groaning as she fumbled for that stupid alarm clock that always startle her every day of her life. Before she even touched the button, many of her things in the table already landed on the floor. Lucy tried pulling the blanket and went back to sleep, but she groaned again as the rays of the sun dared her to sleep again. Frustrated, she sat up and started her day. She went to the bathroom, removing her t-shirt and pajamas and stepped into the warm shower, letting the water to slide down her body. It has been 10 years since Lucy joined Fairy Tail, but nothing changed since then. She always find herself in the middle of the lively guild, listening to the noisy chatters and funny antics of her guildmates, chattering her heart out to Levy and Mira and watching every single fight of Natsu and Gray behind Erza's back (really, can she be that blind?). the thought of Natsu made a smile to creep in the celestial mage's face.


Her favorite dragon slayer.

Her nakama.

Her protector.

Her first love.

Lucy sighed at the last thought. She had a crush on Natsu since the first time they met, and up until now her heart still beats faster just in sight of his distinguishing pink hair. She decided to hide her feelings first, not sure if he is really the one. But unfortunately, yes. That's why she has decided to lay bare all her feelings to Natsu. On her birthday, which is today. Lucy smiled nervously as she glanced at her hands.

Oh, crap.

How long has she been under the shower?

Lucy hurriedly grabbed her towel outside, dashing to her closet and picked today's outfit. She chose a light brown sweater, a brown skirt paired with her ever-faithful combat boots. She attached her keys and whip on her belt, and she is ready to start her special day.

The moment she stepped inside the guild, Lucy was surprised with an unbelievable sight that made her stomach's contents to flip and turn.

There, in front of her and of the guild, is Natsu and Lisanna passionately kissing each other.

Lucy felt glued to her place, trying hard not to prevent the tears from making a Niagara Falls in her porcelain face. Lucy planned to move her body, bow her head and get the hell out of here. But, her "perfect" plan was ruined by Natsu, who called after her, of course, after kissing Lisanna. Lucy sucked all her willpower to first, prevent the tears from coming and second, to look Natsu directly to his face. She can feel him coming to his direction, failing to sense her pain. Good. Now all she need is to reply. "Y-yes?" Lucy stuttered, trying hard not to break down. "Umm, Lucy, can I tell you something?" Natsu asked, looking back at Lisanna, who gave him an encouraging smile. It's when Lucy noticed that Gray and Erza was also approaching her, their faces full of newfound happiness.


"Lucy," Erza started, her eyes sparkling with delight, "Can you trade places with Lisanna?" Lucy's eyes widen, as if aware of the next events. "You know we have been a great team for almost 10 years, but maybe it's time to umm… ah," "Try another team?" Lucy offered, her knees slowly turning into jelly. "Yes! Try another team. With Lisanna! If it's okay…"

"It's good for you too, Lucy," Gray added, his face full of confidence, "You can start training to become stronger."

So I'm weak then?

"And also, you might earn more because we are not there to give half of the money for repairs," Natsu finished with a smile.

Everything around Lucy shattered into a million pieces. Her hope. Her heart. Her tear ducts. Her life. She is now sucking all of her willpower, magic power even, just to look normal. She saw her teammates, well former teammates looked at her hopefully, as she said the words that ended everything. "Of course!" Lisanna, having heard of the news, hurriedly went to their direction and hugged Natsu. Natsu chuckled at Lisanna's antics and kissed her in response. Not taking it anymore, Lucy went out of the guild silently and cried the rest of her birthday.

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