Fate series is one of my favorite series by Type-moon. The most intriguing part of the series for me are the heroic spirits. When I found few heroes who were referenced but did not appear, I thought about their lives and how they will feel if they entered the Heaven's Feel. So this story is born.

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'Who are you?'

That was the question everyone asked him. he asked that question many times himself.

He was born from a virgin. An impossibility. He should not exist.

He was different from others.

He remembered everything. Everything since his birth.

His first memory was of being baptized by a priest. The priest told his mother that the baptism would free him from The Devil's power. It was useless.

As he grew up, he noticed another difference in him.

Everyone idolized him. Everyone loved him. Some of the parents even gave him their children food. The children did not say anything. For they loved him too.

He took advantage of them.

He did everything he wanted. Stealing, beating, mocking, destroying. And no one blamed him.

Because he was loved.

One day, a mythical being appeared in his village. The being was known as a fae. The fae told him that he was something that should not exist. The fae did something to the villagers and then disappeared. She simply dispelled his hold over them.

Since that day, the villagers hated him. At that time he did not understand.

He hated the fae. He swore to destroy it. For it took away his 'happiness'. Now he realized how foolish he was.

He delved into magic. He seek knowledge from passing travelers. However, even travelers who just arrived hated him. His hatred grew.

When he was teen, he tried to preform a summoning ritual. He wanted to summon someone strong enough to teach him. Something strong enough to help him.

His prayer was answered. In the worst way.

For what appeared before him was not a human. It was not a magical being. It was not a monster. It was not a god. It was something worse. He summoned a Devil.

He regretted and loved that day. The day he summoned his ancestor. The day he summoned Lilith.

He learned from her. He was taught magic beyond human understanding. he was told of his ancestry. A Cambion. Something that born of Incubus or Succubus and a human. A being of great magic. He was told that he was made to be the Antichrist. The destroyer. At that time, he was proud of it. A small part of him is still proud.

He traveled to the land of fae. The Isle of Apple. Avalon.

He destroyed the land. He kept destroying it until he found the fae who destroyed his life. He found it. He found her.

He killed the fae. As he stared at the destroyed land, another fae approached the fae he killed. The fae was just a child. It was the daughter of the fae he killed. The child was Viviane, the Lady of the Lake.

Seeing the child crying he felt guilty. He ran away. He disappeared.

He stopped summoning his ancestor and his race. He stopped using his magic. He denounced his name. He denounced the name, Myrddin Emrys.

In his life of solitude, he received visions. Of how the land would find a great king. How he would guide the king. He scoffed at the vision.

When he was alone in a forest. He was approached by many mythical beings. Each of them asked for his help. He tried to avoid them. He had enough of using magic. The only part of him he kept was his shapeshift ability. He forgot what he was originally look like.

Then while he was cutting wood as a favor for an old man kind enough to gave him food, he saw him. He appears as a woodcutter with an axe about his neck, big shoes, a torn coat, bristly hair, and a large beard.

He then entered the forest to follow him. He was found by his followers and brought to him. Disguised as an ugly man and tending a great herd of beasts.

He told himof his power. Of his visions. The King accepted him. Making him one of his adviser. He made a sword, sword that choose the King.

He helped the King, Uther. He was one of the few who he trusted. And yet no one but him knew his name. They knew Merlin Ambrosius.

Who are you? Uther asked. He was everyone and no one. He was a handsome man and a beautiful boy.

After Uther died, he left the civilization again. Until he met him. A boy. Someone he had envisioned. He approached Arthur disguised as a peasant wearing leather boots, a wool coat, a hood, and a belt of knotted sheepskin, tall, black, bristly, cruel and fierce.

When the boy was attacked, he saved him. As an old man with a long beard, short and hunchbacked, in an old torn woolen coat, who carries a club and drives a multitude of beasts before him.

He assisted the boy as an old man. He advised him. He warned the boy. "If you take the sword from the stone, your life will be full of suffering. Will you still grab it?"

The boy took the sword and the man raised it high. He was entranced. He swore absolute loyalty to the man.

He was a handsome man. A knight. He was a beautiful boy. A friend. Because that was what Uther needed.

He took a grandfatherly role. A wise man. He took a childish persona. A friend. Because that was what the man needed.

Who are you? Arthur asked. He lost sight of who he was. Was he a man? Was he a boy? Was he an old man?

He played pranks. Turning the man into a woman.

He tricked people. Manipulating them for his sake.

He met the child fae again. He met the child fae's adopted son. Lancelot of the Lake.

They hated him. He did not mind. As long as they helped his King, they are free to condemn him.

He met his King's sister. A sorceress. Morgan le Fay.

She hated him. That was expected. He helped Uther marry her mother after all.

He met a hunter. A beautiful hunter. Niviane

He was attracted by her. He loved her. He was foolish.

The hunter asked for his secrets in exchange for her love. He was foolish.

Love was a foreign feeling for him.

His village love for him was a lie.

His loyalty to Arthur and Uther was not love.

He accepted the hunter offer and taught her everything. He was foolish.

He even told her what he was. A Cambion. He was foolish.

When he heard Arthur was in danger, he and Niviane tried to return to the castle.

They spent a night in a stone chamber. He remembered stories about the chamber. How a magic tomb exist. How two lovers once inhabited it. Niviane asked for them to stay in the tomb. She claimed it would be romantic. He accepted. He was foolish.

Niviane. No. Viviane trapped him in the tomb. Calling him a fool. Telling him how she was disgusted by his heritage. How she hated him. She believed that he could not escape. She was a fool.

He could escape easily. All he had to do was to use his other magic. The magic he abandoned.

But he did not. He was hurt. He was broken. He ignored everything. He just stood inside the tomb. Doing nothing. He died there.

When he opened his eyes within the Throne of Heroes, he was still ignoring everything.

Other heroes called him a mad man. He did not care.

When he felt himself summoned in the War, he stared at his master.

A beautiful girl. Niviane, his mind told him.

He served the girl. Without speaking. Without answering. He was once again a handsome man and a beautiful boy. It told him many about the girl.

The girl seek someone who could protect her. The girl seek someone who could befriend her. Uther, his mind told him.

The girl asked him many things. He never answered.

Who is he? He was everyone and no one.

What is he? A monster.

What is his wish? Love.

When he and his master stood before the Holy Grail, he felt the darkness inside it. It reminded him of his past self.

When his master tried to sacrifice herself to stop the girl, he was impressed. Arturia, his mind told him.

He used his magic. His other magic. To stop her. He took her place. As a sacrifice.

The girl cried. He wondered why.

The girl said she loved him. He wondered what is love.

Who are you? The girl asked.

He was about to disappear.

He answered.

I am Myrddin Emrys. I am Merlin Ambrosius. I am your loyal Servant.

Class: Caster

Name: Myrddin Emrys, Merlin Ambrosius

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Strength: D-B (Depending on forms)

Mana: A

Agility: D-B (Depending on forms)

Endurance: D-B (Depending on forms)

Luck: C

Noble Phantasm: A

Class Skills:

Item Construction: A+

Capable of constructing magical weapons comparable to A rank noble phantasm.

Territory Creation: C

Because it seems that his personality is not suited for it, Caster has difficulty in manufacturing even a Workshop.

Personal Skills:

Mystic Face: A+

Because of his Cambion heritage, Caster's ability to attract opposite sex is increased.

Vision: C

The ability to an extent see the future. Caster cannot control this ability.

Shapeshift: B

The ability to change one form. Caster used it to transform into forms suitable for his master.

Devil Magecraft: EX

The ability to use magecraft comparable to True Magic. However due past trauma, Caster refuse to use it.

Noble Phantasm:

Devil Circle: Summoning Ritual


Summoning ritual similar to the Servant Summoning Ritual. Required sacrifice: blood and magic.

Capable of summoning most primordial devils.

Due past trauma, Caster refuse to use it.

Everyone and No One


Ability to gain additional status or skills depending on the form used.

C Rank: Woodcuter, Man tending beasts.

B Rank: Peasant, Old man, Elder.

A Rank: Handsome knight, Beautiful boy.


A son of an Incubus and a virgin woman. A Cambion.

Best known for his eccentric tendency and wise advice.

He served Uther Pendragon and Arthur Pendragon.

Fell in love with a beautiful hunter who he took as a student.

Died trapped within a magical tomb inside a stone cave.

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