Written By Jeffrey Lincoln




The New Team

"You know…I honestly don't know why I have to tell you what happened Ray. You know as well as I do what happened and WHO stopped it." Winston said over the phone as he drove his 1974 Mustang down the road. "No Peter, it wasn't you or the girl you had with you last night." He'd say changing lanes quickly to get on the next off ramp.

It was raining and Winston hated the rain, the worst time to be driving in his opinion. And right now, he wished he was safe at home, back at Ghostbusters HQ in New York with the rest of the old team. No, instead he was driving to God-knows-where Massachusetts, to a small town as to which he had NO clue how to get around. Ever since Ghostbusters had gotten off the ground they had been hounded with calls about ghosts. Half of the calls they got were unreachable due to the fact they were in New York City.

Winston rolled his eyes, "Remind me again why *I* had to come up here?" a few moments passed, Winston's face turning into a frown, "How was I supposed to know there was a party going on in the building next door? I mean come on Ray, it's a Proton Stream, and how much damage could it do to the building NEXT DOOR?"

Winston flicked on his turn signal again as the Exit Ramp rapidly approached. Less than two weeks ago the team had been on a job that involved several Class Five animators. The beasts were tearing up an apartment building in the middle of Manhattan. A Class Five animator is a ghost that uses objects in its environment to manifest itself and wreak havoc upon its unsuspecting victims. Unfortunately the only way to bring these brutes down is to continually blast them with Proton Streams until their PK(Psychokinetic) Energy is fully dissipated.

On this particular night Winston had the unlucky streak. He had both Animators cornered and began blasting at them when one decided to be quick and knocked him off his feet. When he landed his Proton Stream shot up at an angle. The stream went through the ceiling, the floor of the apartment above, the wall, and then into the window of the apartment next door. The window in question was in fact the Kitchen window. The Proton Stream had successfully managed to hit a gas line, which in turn ignited, blowing up a good portion of the side of the nearby apartment. And of course, this lead to a lawsuit, which got dismissed by the Mayor who went riding on a Pro-Ghostbusters Campaign.

Even still, this didn't come at a cost to the Ghostbusters team. Ray, Ego, and Peter all felt that it was time to expand their operation. However, there weren't any experienced Ghostbusters anywhere else in the whole United States. So they came to a decision; Send Winston, the guy who accidentally blew up the side of a building.

"Peter honestly, you guys have blown up more stuff than I have *on purpose* to capture Ghosts. Why am I-" he'd say before being cut off by Ray who was simply telling him that there wasn't a choice even if the accident hadn't occurred, they just needed a reason for the city to see why they were sending Winston. Winston grumbled for a few moments before speaking, "Alright Ray. You see when you put it that way, I don't get pissed. But the other way, I will get pissed."

He turned off his turn signal as he drove onto what seemed to be a main road, on his left a Shell Gas Station where the gas was VERY overpriced. "Phew, talk about your over priced gas up here." He'd say aloud reading the sign, he'd turn his attention back to phone call, "Ok, so where am I supposed to go to set up the new branch? The center of town? A place called the Attleboro Barn?" he'd pause thinking about that last one.

"A barn? In the center of a city? Ray…are you sure you're reading that right? A barn in the middle of a city sounds a bit crazy to me." He'd say continuing down the straight road, going past a section of condo's and apartments. He'd pass another gas station on his left where the gas prices were greatly reduced compared to the other place.

He'd smile at that, "Low Gas Prices, now that's what I'm talking about." He'd say with a chuckle. He'd listen to Ray talk about the idea of a barn being the new place for set up and how the public would think it would be cool. He'd shake his head, "Ray, what'd I tell you guys when I first joined? 'If there's a steady paycheck, I'll believe anything you say.' Now if you guys say this is the place, I'm not going to argue, I just wanted to make sure you had the right information okay? Thank you." He'd look at the GPS mounted on his dashboard. "I'm about five minutes away. You said the recruits would be waiting there for me? Good, I'll have them start unloading the stuff from the truck when I get there. Yes, its right behind me Ray, relax okay? I got this." He'd say clicking the End button on the phone. "Ray Stantz, gotta love him."

Less than two miles away four figures stood outside the Attleboro Barn. The place used to be a Pet Store, but it had gone out of business months ago. The place was scheduled to be demolished to make way for a new set of parking garages and malls or an Ice Rink. In any case, when the Ghostbusters contacted the City Officials in charge of the project, they Officials gladly accepted the Ghostbusters proposal to create a branch in the City. Almost immediately, a Want Ad went into the papers for anyone seeking a job that involved very good pay, but long hours.

These four figures were the first ones to snatch at the possibility of any kind of job. The shortest of the group paced in front of the old building, index finger to her mouth, obviously nervous about the job she was signing up for. The second tallest, wearing glasses and semi-long hair leaned against a support for the roof over the sidewalk, his expression emotionless as he looked around waiting for Winston to arrive. The third one talked fast, his hands and arms waving around quickly as he spoke, a giant smile on his face as he spoke with his friends. And the fourth, quiet but listening intently to the third figure as he spoke, occasionally nodding and responding with a simple 'yes' or 'no' as he made his points.

"Look I'm telling you! I saw one! It was like, this big!" the loud one said opening his arms to their full extent. "And it was throwing a car around!" he'd say waving his hands around in a few directions.

The one leaning against the pole rubbed his eye's and finally spoke, "Jeff, will you please? I mean seriously, don't you take ANYTHING seriously?"

The one that was called Jeff stopped raising his arms, "But I am being serious! Jared, why do you make fun of me so much?" he'd ask almost in a small whine.

"Because you make it so easy." Jared said slapping Jeff in the back. "Besides, nothing could EVER be this big." He'd say extending his arms like Jeff had a few moments before.

Jeff grunted at the slap. "I am telling you man it was that big!" Jeff said reaching back door of the spot that Jared and slapped. His face scrunched up you feeling the burn of the slap on his back.

The shortest of the group turned and looked at the two, "Will you two idiots cut it out? Our new employer could roll around the corner at any moment. What do you think he'll say seeing you two morons going on about something so stupid?"

Both Jared and Jeff turned to look at her, "Sheesh Sheryl, talk about a stick up your butt." Jared would say with a smirk, "What happened? Forget to get your coffee?"

Jeff and Blackman, the fourth figure sat there snickering. Not at Sheryl, but because they knew that if Jared kept up she'd get pretty pissed. Jeff started to move away from Jared, he didn't want to be within swinging range if she did get mad.

Sheryl shrugged and looked down at her hand, "No, just don't have time for boy's pretending to men and not knowing when to shut up." She'd say not even looking at Jared.

He'd blink and scoff, "Well well, someone definitely needs to be having more coffee then. You're pretty pissy today for sure." He'd say chuckling and crossing his arms, "And this is the reason why I'll be the Team Leader." He'd say jerking a thumb towards himself. Sheryl, Blackman, and Jeff all looked at each other and then Jared. A few moments later they were all bursting out laughing.

Jared blinked at them, "What? What's so funny?"

"Jared, if we have to explain it to you, it'll just be even funnier." Jeff said as he shook his head laughing and sitting down on the curb.

Blackman took a few steps forward and placed his hand on Jared's shoulder, "Man, if anything Sheryl's going to get that position. She's more level headed than all of us put together." Sheryl grinned as she looked at her nails again. "Don't get me wrong, she's timid, but she knows how to get the job done."

"Hey! I am not timid!" she'd say poking Blackman in the back of the head.

Jeff looked up at her, "You so are timid. You nearly froze on the phone with Doctor Zeddemore when we signed up for this gig." Sheryl blushed, "And it's perfectly fine to be a little timid. Not everyone is majorly outgoing like Blackman or myself." He'd say with a shrug of his shoulders.

Jared looked at Jeff, "Oh, your opinion doesn't count you Beach Nazi."

"Beach Nazi?" Sheryl asked blinking, "Am I missing something here?" She'd ask and just before Jeff or Jared could explain a dark blue Mustang pulled up to the curb where they were. The door opened and the small group stood at the entrance to the Barn. A few moments later Winston appeared and closed the door and walking around the small car and looked at them.

"Doctor Zeddemore?" Jeff asked as he kicked a small pebble on the ground.

Winston winced, "Please, don't call me Doctor, Winston will be fine." He'd say holding up a hand, "I take it you guys are the ones who phoned our New York Division about the job opening here in Attleboro?"

Jared nodded, "Yep, that we are." He'd look at the Mustang, "Nice ride Winston, how old is that? Mid 70's?"

Winston looked at the car, "'74 actually. But I'm not here for you guys to gawk at my car. Shall we take a look at our new building?" he'd say grabbing the keys to the Attleboro Barn from his pocket and walking towards the door.

Sheryl nearly tripped over herself as she tried getting out of his way. Winston would raise an eyebrow looking at her as she stumbled and Blackman caught her. Her face would turn bright red as he looked at her. Timid was an understatement with this girl.

"Um…she's not going to be like that on the job I hope?" Winston would ask looking at her, his eyebrow still up.

Blackman shook his head, "No, she's just very shy about meeting new people." He'd say gently helping her stand up straight, "Sheryl he's not going to bite you."

Winston chuckled and extended his hand, "It's nice to meet you young lady."

Sheryl looked at his hand for a moment and then smiled taking it, "It's nice to meet you too Winston." Jeff and Jared stood by the doors of the building, waiting for Winston to unlock it.

"Not to be a pain in the rear, but can we get started please? I mean this place isn't going to remodel itself you know." Jeff said looking at his watch. Of course, two seconds later his head went forward and recoiled from when Jared slapped him in the head. "Ow! What was that for?" he'd ask loudly jerking his head over towards Jared.

"For a good number of reasons. Number one being stop being a total punk." Jared said crossing his arms.

"Alright guys, chill out. It's going to take a little while to get all the equipment here. So I suggest we start remodeling this place and making it worthy of a Ghostbusters HQ." Winston said taking his hand back and walking over to the door and unlocking it. He'd turn around and smile, "Last one inside buys dinner." He'd say with a smile and turning around and darting into the Attleboro Barn.

Jeff and Jared blinked and instantly tried to push each other away, ending up sending each other toppling to the ground. Sheryl and Blackman instantly ran towards the doors and inside the building. Jeff was quick to get back up on his feet but Jared tripped him. Of course in the wrong direction and Jeff went face first inside the building.

"Awww man!" Jared cried as he was the last one in the building. The small building instantly roaring with laughter, as he walked in with a frown on his face. "Why do I always have to pay for dinner?" he'd wine as the door closed behind him.