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Chapter Four

Let's Get Him!

Upon arriving in the small condominium building the five looked around. The lobby was a mess, the stairs were a mess, to be frank the whole place was a mess. To Jeff and Jared their exchanged look to each other said it all. But Sheryl was the one to speak up.

"Who in the world would live in this dump?" Her voice carried and Winston shook his head. Blackman just rolled his eyes. They all agreed on some level.

Winston rubbed his chin for a moment before nodding, "Alright, Sheryl, Blackman, you take the south side of the building. Jared and Jeff, the north. I'm going to keep the lobby locked down in case you scare the little guy down here."

The four rookies stopped in their tracks. "Wait your not being serious right?" Jared asked in total shock, "We've never even used these Packs and Traps before. Aren't you supposed to be supervising?"

Winston shrugged, "In this business, it's best to let you kids learn for yourselves. That's how Ray, Peter, Egon, and I learned. And look at what we accomplished."

Blackman smirked and muttered under his breath, "You conjured up a marshmellow man, made the Statue of Liberty walk through Time Square, almost had the Ghost World cross over into our World…" Jeff smirked hearing the muttering and was almost ready to comment when Winston continued.

"Just remember, NO STREAM CROSSING!" Winston said pointing at each of them. "I find out a single one of you crossed the streams, your butt is out the door, understood?" The four nodded, "Good, now get up there. Apartment 13, good luck!"

The gulp that followed echoed through the lobby as the four turned around. With a loud whine the four large devices on their backs turned on. Winston smirked as he watched them start to ascend the stairs,

"Well…I probably should get the fire department down here too…" he'd say rubbing the back of his neck. "Maybe even a pizza, they might take a while." And with that his hand was around the receiver of the lobby telephone, dialing a number for a local pizza place first.

Meanwhile, up on the 2nd floor, Jeff and Jared broke off from the main group and headed down the thin and narrow passage of the condominium. Jeff looked back at Jared for a moment as he heard several boxes crash in the room next to them. Sure the place wasn't 'spooky' but the place definitely had an odd feeling about it. Jared gently pushed open the nearest door and peered inside.

"Empty." He'd say back to Jeff with a relieved sigh. Jeff gave him a look of disbelief and shook his head. "What? I looked ok?"

"You looked for all of two seconds. Go on." He'd say waving Jared towards the door. Jared groaned and shook his head for a moment before slowly pushing the door back open.

"Balance becomes a stranger. And in your fantasies he writes a storm on your peace. Wake up and smell the danger." A male's voice began to sing from literally no-where. Jeff's head snapped back quickly and he raised an eyebrow as he heard the music. He'd begin to walk away from Jared in pursuit of the voice. For all he knew it was the ghost they were chasing.

"Ever the light cuts the shadow. Ever the night springs from the light." Jeff blinked as the music got louder for a moment and then suddenly stopped.

"Okay…that was weird." He'd say turning around and then jumping out of his skin and screaming. Jared had appeared out of no-where and was standing right in front of him. "Jesus! Jared! Don't do that!"

"Do what? I was just following you!" Jared said pointing past Jeff. "What's wrong with you? What'd Winston say about freaking huh?" Jared shook his head and walked past Jeff, "Freakin' beach nazi…"

"I am not a beach nazi!" Jeff retorted and followed Jared shaking his head. Jared just chuckled before being blown backward into Jeff. Jeff barely had any time to react to catch his falling friend.

Jared blinked as he was sat up, "Da heck was that man? Did you just trip me?" He'd ask Jeff with an angry nuance to his voice that would run shivers through their spines.

"I was right behind you! How in the world could I-"

"JARED! JEFF!" Sheryl screamed over the radio, "GET UP HERE NOW!"

The two boys looked between each other and then bolted down the hallway. The adrenaline rushing through them as they neared the stairs. Why would Sheryl be screaming like that? They knew that she was timid around new people. They knew that she was afraid of the dark.

The two stopped dead in their tracks as a bright blue ghost shot out of the nearby wall.

"WHOA! There he is! Let's get him!" Jeff yelled switching on his Proton Stream. The orange blast of plasma surrounded by blue lighting shot forth from the Nuetrona Wand. The beam lanced out towards the blue skeletal-like form floating in the hallway. The plasma slamming into the walls, sending fire, and cracks into the walls. Jared dove for the floor as the stream flew over his shoulder, he could feel the intense heat coming from the narrow beam.

Jeff gritted his teeth as the beam finally made its slow track onto the ghost. It screamed loudly as its energy was rapidly drained. It began to run away from what was hitting it, but Jeff swung his beam and managed to keep it on target. Even though the ghost was fast and thin, the beam kept up with it.

Jeff swore that his arms were going to come off from the vibrations the wand was giving from the raw energy coming out of its nuclear based power cells. Jared looked up and saw the look on Jeff's face, one of excitement and adrenaline. He'd quickly push himself off the floor and out of Jeff's way.

"What do you want me to do?" Jared yelled over the unusual sound coming from the Proton Pack.

"Get the trap ready!" Jeff replied looking down at the wand for a split second. The charge meter growing and nearing the peak. The meter in question was showing the Packs readiness to throw its Capture Stream around the entity. Jared nodded and quickly began to unclip the small square device on his hip.

Jared unhooked it and held it loosely in his hand, ready to throw at any given moment. "Trap ready!" He'd shout nodding to Jeff.

A moment later the Proton stream wrapped around the Ghost, holding it firmly in place. "Throw it!" Jared let the trap fly forward and roll beneath the Ghost.

"Traps out! Move it in!" Jared said holding a hand-held device that would open and close the Trap.

Jeff groaned as he twisted the wand and began guiding it back towards the trap. The process was beyond slow but the excitement flowing through the two of them was overwhelming. Jeff gave one final tug against the Capture stream, the Ghost resisting every bit of motion.

"Come on you sucker! Get in there!" He'd shout as the trap opened with a click. Jared grinned wildly as his thumb lifted off the open control. The Ghost screamed wildly and loudly. The energy around it crackling in the triangular beams of light and energy. Slowly and surely the Skeletal figure began to stretch. The head of it remaining it's normal size, but the legs began to stretch downwards to a point as it neared the traps orifice.

"Close it!" Jeff exclaimed and switching off his Neutrona Wand, the orange plasma ceasing its forward assault. Both of them turned their heads away as Jared pressed the close switch on the handheld. With a final banshee like screech the Trap sucked the figure down inside. The small rectangular doors on top of the Trap quickly closing after the figure was gone.

For a moment that felt as if an eternity had passed it was completely silent. You could hear the small fires crackling on the walls that the Proton Stream had cut into them. Almost simultaneously the boys opened their eyes and turned their heads. Looking back at the Trap and hearing the calming 'BEEP' of the red securing light on the top.

Jeff lowered his Wand to his waist holster and took a few cautious steps over towards the Trap. He'd kneel down next to it and slowly raise his PKE meter over it. Scanning it for any left over PKE Energy from the blue skeletal being. He'd let a sigh of relief out as he closed the PKE Meter down.

"We're good. The traps got him in there firmly. There's no way he's getting out of there." Jeff would say grabbing the small handle on the back of the Trap and standing. Jared walked over slowly and looked at it.

Jared then looked up, "Well, that's not bad for a day's work. One ghostie down and now we can go home and get that pizza we were all begging for!"

Jeff smirked as he held out the Trap to Jared. Jared took a quick step back, "OOoooh No. No, no, no you can keep that one." He'd say putting his hands up.

"Oi! It's your Trap! Take it!" Jeff said tossing it over to Jared. "Gives you a chance to say you helped catch the first one." He'd say smirking and putting his hands on his hips. Then lifting the small radio from his belt, "Alright guys, we can go home now. We got him!" He'd say with a smile.

The radio crackled to life with a shriek, "NO YOU DIDN'T! HE'S STILL UP HERE!" Jeff blinked at the radio as he heard the distinct whine from a Proton Pack in the background. Jared looked at Jeff in disbelief.

"Two?" They'd ask each other at the same time. It only took a single moment for them to quickly bolt down the hallway towards the stairs. They panted as the heavy Proton Packs weighed them down as they ran.

Reaching the stairs Jared yelled down to Jeff, "Stay here! I'll help them out! Make sure he doesn't backtrack!" Jeff nodded in return and waited at the stairs.

But as soon as Jared was out of sight he'd snap his head to the right. The singing returned, "In the end. It's never just the light you need. When balance slays the demon. You'll find peace." Jeff shook his head in disbelief.

"Just stay calm it's all in your head. You got music on the brain that's all." He'd say aloud and to himself, trying to keep his cool as he waited to hear from his friends on the floor above. Worry gripping him as he heard the screams of Sheryl, the Ghost, and the blasts from Blackman's Proton Pack.