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The woman in blue's body jerked up compulsively and she staggered to her feet. A breathy scream escaped from her thin lips and she stumbled onto the safe, clutching at its corners so tightly the tendons bulged from the back of her slender palms. The look etched across her face was one of insanity. Another shrill scream emerged from her mouth and she slammed a fist into the vault, resulting in an enormous echo that had the blonde in the corner jumping.

Xavier was irrationally irritated with the girl's screaming and was inwardly thanking God when the African American quickly pinned her against the wall by her shoulders, his eyes dark and inquisitive but his touch intending to be comforting. "Hey," He spoke roughly, "It's okay, it's gonna be all right, calm down." Her breathing remained hitched. Her eyes bobbed and flickered about the dimly lit room, landing and pausing on Xavier. He sneered in response and folded his muscular arms across his broad chest.

"Who are you?" inquired the dark-skinned man. Her eyes fell to him again. "Amanda," She whispered, almost whimpered. Her gaze flitted away. "Where are we?" Amanda's voice grated through her throat.

"How do you expect us to fucking know?" Xavier murmured heavily under his breath, one bushy brow twitching with irritation. He couldn't concentrate on finding a way out (or pacing- which is what he was doing at the moment) if the bitch kept rambling and panting and gasping.

"Don't know." Jonas tenderly peeled his hands away from Amanda's bony shoulders. "We woke up here. All of us. Just like you."

"No shit, Sherlock."

"All right, I'm sick of all of your comments, douche bag, now shut the fuck up so we can all think and figure out a way to get out of this hellhole!" The curly-haired woman had snapped at Xavier, her hands balling into fists, her lips curling over her teeth.

The brawnier man paused in his pacing and immediately violently glared at her through his impeccably darkened eyes. His lips parted.

"Why don't the both of you just shut up?" The teenager in the corner exclaimed in his quiet tone, though his eyes remained glued to the floor.

The argument brewing between Xavier and the whore in the pink tank top was interrupted by both the smart-ass's comment and the sudden scream emanating from Amanda's mouth. The girl had spun and slammed both fists into the wall, gliding along it, her fingernails dragging against the wall. She ripped a piece of thick material aside and felt up the bricks and the cracks between them, dropping to her knees as she did so.

Xavier watched, somewhat interested, as she slid a brick from its sheath and pulled from behind it a tape recorder and a miniature envelope. "The fuck?" He mumbled, mostly to himself, as she peeled the paper apart with trembling fingers. His suspicions aroused, he watched as she inserted the tape into the recorder. Her finger tapped the play button.

"Hello, everyone, I'm sure you're wondering what you're doing here- and I can answer that. You are all here- to play a game."