Chibi: Okay…I know…this is like a major spoiler…but GODDAMMIT, I saw a kid and her parents and then the idea of Mimio and Shima having a kid popped into my head and now I can't GET IT OUT! –whimpers- So here's a small one shot for you guys in the future, ten years after graduating True Cross Academy. There are a few spoilers, so please be warned. There be plot bunnies here.



"Daddy!" An excited squeal erupted as soon as soon as Renzou Shima stepped through the gates of his home temple, instantly greeted with the sight of his five year old daughter and her stuffed Rabbit, Bibsy. He chuckled happily as the young pink haired child latched onto his leg and swooped her into his arms, rewarded with a slew of giggles.

"How's my little girl? Were you good for Momma while Daddy was gone?"

"Yes I was Daddy. But Momma's not so happy….."

"OH?" Now that worried him. If anything, Shima knew that angering his wife was something only a man with a dying wish would do willingly. After knowing Mimio Ginryuu for at least five years after she transferred from her post in Hokkaido, he had finally gotten the balls to ask for her hand in marriage. She said yes, in her own special way, and it took only about three weeks for them to get all the arrangements and finally tie the knot in Kyoto. Sure, it was hell meeting her father and the rest of her 'uncles' but he didn't regret his decision.

Soon enough afterward, Mimio ended up pregnant with their current sunshine Amai Shima. Not a clue in the world why she wanted that name, but Mimio was dead set on having their child named 'sweet', and sure enough the brunette female got her way.

"Momma said she's late."


"Yes, late, you goddamn HORN DOG." Shima and Amai jumped slightly and turned, laying their similar eyes on a kimono clad brunette woman whose eye was twitching. Shima froze while his daughter squirmed free and fell on her feet, running to Mimio and wrapping herself around one revealed slender leg.

"Momma!" Mimio's demeanor changed almost immediately, as she swept Amai into her arms and nuzzled the girls nose. The tiny pinkette giggled and clung to her like a panda to bamboo. Mimio then turned to face Shima and sighed, holding out her free arm.

"Come on Pinky. Family cuddle time."

"Woo!" Shima rushed over and took both his favorite girls into a big hug, spinning them and kissing both on the forehead. "I hate having to leave you two alone here…."

"I hate having you leave on missions period. I hate leaving here myself, but what the fuck are we going to do about it? We're Exorcists, Renzou. It's not like we can up and quit y'know."

"I know. I may to ask that you be excused from another mission again…."

"Why?" One perverted look, ad Shima was sprawling on the ground with Mimio walking off, Amai watching her father over her shoulder. "I'm putting Amai down for her nap."


Poor, poor Shima.