Hey there, so this is the prologue of my new story "Galactic Defenders", which is a crossover between Star wars: The clone wars, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, Sym-Bionic Titan, and Firebreather. This is kind of a super hero team themed story, the members of the team are Lux Bonteri (For more info, read "Super Soldier"), Ahsoka Tano, Marcus Carter (OC from "Super Soldier", for more info read my profile), Ben Tennyson, Gwen Tennyson, Kevin Levin, Lance, liana, Octus, and Duncan Rosenblatt. I would like to give special thanks to AVP5 for sharing so many ideas' with me, and thanks to the Marvel movie "The Avenger's" for giving me the inspiration and Idea for the story. Enjoy, and make sure to leave a review for me when you're done.


(Republic research facility, Coruscant)

It was a calm night on Coruscant, the research lab was not active, but several guards did remain watch, making sure that no one tried to sneak in and steal anything, two guards were standing one of the most precious item, the ancient malinor crystal, an item that holds a great force that is so powerful, that countless villains would risk their lives for that crystal. Suddenly, a noise was heard around the area.

"Did you hear that" one of the guards said

"Eh, it's probably just the wind playing tricks on you" the other guard said "See, look around you, there's nothing here but…" Then all of a sudden, two dark lights rays out and hit the two guards, it lifted both of them off the ground, and then both of the guards started to feel all of their life energy flowing out of them like a river. In just 30 seconds, both guards were lying motionless on the floor, a figure walked out of the darkness, he was in a black suit that covered up to the bottom of his neck, he had a face that was mostly drained of energy that made him look like an undead like figure, he was Michel Morningstar, aka Darkstar. He had sneaked into the facility so that he could get his hands on the most powerful object in the galaxy for his own personal needs.

"And they said they have good security here" he said looking at the guards who now were lying dead on the floor, he then turned to the container witch carried what he was looking for.

"At long last" he said to himself "I will finally get what I deserved". He fired a ray blast from his hand at the container and it exploded, leaving a big hole showing the crystal inside. He took it out, and an alarm sounded off, but he didn't care, he had what he was looking for and he was off in a hurry.

A group of guards surrounded the entrance of the facility to make sure that Darkstar didn't escape with the crystal, then, a large blast came out and knocked out most of the Guards to the ground, Darkstar walked out of the door and was heading straight for the ship, a couple of guards tried to stop him, but Michel drained their life energy in a matter of seconds, leaving the launch bay with several drained bodies and a large amount of wreckage, Michel got to the ship and left what was left of the area, Michel smiled as the ship left the atmosphere and set the coordinates for an unknown planet, activated the light speed, and in the blink of an eye, was gone.

4 hours later, the police arrived, along with Jedi master's Obi-Wan Kenobi and Mace Windu, the two Jedi master's inspected the area where the crystal had been stolen. They walked up to the bodies that had their life energy drained out of them, Obi-Wan was the most fascinated by the way the thief killed his attackers, Windu looked at the bodies.

"What do you think could have killed these men?" asked Windu

"Well, It probably wasn't a sith lord or bounty hunter because these men have had all of their energy drained out of their bodies" said Obi-Wan "And worst yet, the intruder has stolen the malinor crystal". Windu looked at the container which now had a huge hole ripped through it.

"If the crystal has been stolen, then our worst fears have been realized" said Windu "Since a situation like this has emerged, we have only one option"

"What exactly is that option?" Obi-Wan asked.

"I believe that It's time we put the team together" Windu replied. Obi-Wan looked at him with a concerned look, but figured that the time had come.

"Yes I couldn't agree more" said Obi-Wan "I believe as well that the time has come".

Well, that's the end of the prologue, I know it's short, but there will be a lot more coming your way, make sure you add this to story alert or favorites so you can keep up, and make sure you leave a review for me before you leave so you can tell me what you think so far. So stick around readers, and I'll see you later.