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Chapter 18

A short time after the attack on Naboo, people all over the galaxy have learned about the extraordinary heroics by the team known as the Galactic Defenders. Most people praised them for saving the planet and how great full it is for them to be there. Some of them were even putting up pictures of the team on walls to show how great full it is to have them there. The Jedi council, several Republic senators, and Chancellor Palpetine were watching on numerous screens new broadcasts that were telling about the incident on Naboo and how the people wanted to thank the team. One news broadcast was interviewing the family that the team had saved during the battle on Naboo.

"Well, what do we think about this whole thing?" asked the mother to the interviewer "That team saved me and my family, if any of them are out there; we would just want to say thank you". Anakin turned off the screen, and the Jedi faced the senators and the chancellor.

"So, it looks like this team was more helpful then I thought" said the chancellor.

"Yes, they were" replied Obi-Wan "And all of the wreckage on Naboo is being repaired and there are no casualties in the city".

"Good" replied the chancellor.

"But what about the two people behind all of this that should be answered for their crimes against the Republic" asked senator Chu Chi.

"They are both in custody and will be taken to where they belong" said Master Windu "In a plumber's maximum security prison that is out of our reach".

"Good" replied the chancellor "And I presume that they should be congratulated for their heroic actions"

"Yes they will be" said Anakin "In fact, we have a favor for senator Amidala"

"Well, anything master Jedi" replied the senator

"The whole team is being honored in Theed, and we were thinking you could be the presenter" said Anakin.

"I would be glad to do that" replied Padme.

"Alright, we have a shuttle waiting for you senator" said Obi-Wan. After their little discussion, everyone in the room turned off the monitor screens and walked out of the room, knowing that the team's job has been finished and the galaxy has been saved.

(Theed, Naboo)

The whole city of Theed was bustling with excitement in the air as the team walked down the streets while the people of Naboo cheered for them. They had arrived on the planet so that they would be given special medals as a reward for their heroic actions earlier. They all stopped at front of the palace where the queen and senator Amidala were waiting for them. Padme walked up to the team which was standing right in front of them.

"You have all distinguished yourselves in the eyes of the Republic" she said to them "And the people of Naboo are in your dept." then, she proceeded to hand out the medals to each of the team members one at a time starting with Lux, Ahsoka, and Marcus, and then ending with Duncan. Once they all received their medals, the whole team smiled at each other and faced the whole crowd. Everyone cheered for them as the team all stood together, and the Jedi came up onto the platform to congratulate the team on their successful mission, Anakin walked up to Ahsoka, his padawan that was standing with the rest of the team.

"Ahsoka, I am so proud of you" said Anakin "You fought like a true Jedi"

"Thanks master" replied Ahsoka "I really appreciate that". Ahsoka and the rest of the team continued to be congratulated by senators, Jedi, and the crowd of citizens in front of them. The gungans came up and thanked them, as did the men and women, even the children came up to thank them, everything on that day was like a big celebration.

Two hours later, all of the team members were at the Naboo spaceport. Lux, Ahsoka, and Marcus were saying their goodbyes to the other team members while their transports were waiting to pick them up and take them back to their home worlds. Lux and Marcus walked over to all of the guys, while Ahsoka said goodbye to the girls.

"Goodbye, it was a pleasure working with you guys" said Lux

"Yeah, see you around" said Marcus.

"See you guys later" said Duncan.

"Yeah see ya" said Ben

"So long" said Kevin, he walked over to Lux "And don't try to do anything stupid ok?"

"Don't worry, I won't" said Lux

"Take care of yourself ok?" Gwen said to Ahsoka.

"Yes, we hope to see you again someday" said Ilana.

"Goodbye" Ahsoka said to both girls. After everyone said their goodbyes, each group walked towards the ships that would take them to their home planets. Meanwhile, Anakin and Padme were watching them leave and Padme looked at Anakin.

"Anakin, are you sure that this is a good Idea?" she asked him "Just let the rest of the team leave and just walk away?"

"Why wouldn't it be?" he replied "They have done their jobs, and the threat has been extinguished"

"Yes, but when will the team be brought together again?" she asked him.

"When we need them" Anakin replied "If a new crisis threatens the Republic and this Galaxy, they will be called upon again to help us, you understand that right?" Padme looked at him, but figured that it was for the best.

"Yes Ani, I think I understand" she replied. They both smiled at each other and watched as the other team members went into their ships and waved at the three remaining members.

The rest of the team in their ships waved goodbye to Lux, Ahsoka and Marcus as the doors to their ships closed. As the three ships flew off into the sky, the three of them stood together and smiled as they watched the ships fly away, knowing that they will be brought together again someday.

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