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Chapter 6


After the ship dropped out of hyperspace, the team all headed towards a shuttle that will take them to the Jedi temple to be briefed on their mission. Once they were all strapped in, the ship took off towards the planet; they all looked out their windows in marvel of the massive buildings and traffic going through the air.

"What is this place" said Duncan in amazement.

"Coruscant" said Marcus "The entire planet is one big city".

"Yes" replied Lux "This planet is the capitol of the Republic". They all continued to look out at the magnificent view, to buildings like the senate building, and others, soon they came up to a building witch was box like, and had five thin towers in the center, they presumed that It was the Jedi temple. Once the ship landed onto the platform, the team got out of the ship and entered the hangar. They looked at all of the ships and droids that were lying about while following Anakin, Ahsoka, Lux, and Marcus. They stopped right in front of a man with a brown beard, tan robes, and light brown boots.

"Well Anakin, I see you and the others have arrived just in time" said the man

"When have I ever doubted you" said Anakin, he faced the team who were curious about the man.

"Team, I would like you to meet one of our Jedi master's, Obi-Wan Kenobi" Anakin said to them, each team member introduced themselves to the Jedi and shook hands with him.

"So, since we're all here, we'd like to know what we are dealing with here" said Lance.

"Oh yes, of course" said Obi-Wan "If you will all follow me to the war room we will brief you in on your mission", they all followed the middle aged Jedi out of the hangar and into the massive halls of the temple where many Jedi are seen walking from room to room, most of the team looked around the buildings massive structure in amazement, with its statues and massive columns.

"Man, this place is huge" said Ben

"Yes indeed" said Obi-Wan "For thousands of years the Jedi knights have served as the guardians of peace and justiceā€¦ before the war started".

"So you're basically peace keepers who failed to keep the peace" asked Kevin

"A rather certain point of view" replied Obi-Wan. While they were walking, Duncan, Lance, Ben, and Kevin noticed Lux, and he felt that he seems pretty normal, he went over to Marcus.

"So, about your friend Lux" said Duncan "What kind of powers does he have?"

"Oh, he doesn't have any powers" replied Marcus.

"Wait, if he has no powers than why is he on this team anyway?" asked Lance

"I am wondering the same thing" replied Octus "I don't detect anything unusual or sophisticated in his body system".

"The reason he is on this team is that a month ago he signed up for project Alpha by a friend of my dad's where he received the Alpha suit, a high tech super soldier suit that enhances his strength, speed, and agility on the battlefield".

"Oh" replied Duncan, Lux overheard his friends explanation and went over to them.

"Yeah, I can show it to you guys later if you like" he said to them.

"I think that would be cool" replied Ben. They kept talking for a little bit until they arrived at the Jedi war room, inside were computers, maps of the galaxy, and messages being sent to various republic bases. They all made it to the center where several other Jedi masters were waiting for them so they could let them know about their assignment. Jedi master Mace Windu walked out of a door and went to the holotable where the other team members were and addressed himself to the team members.

"I'd like to thank you all for coming" said Windu "Because as of right now, a dangerous enemy is on the lose seeking to wreak havoc on the whole galaxy". He then pressed a few buttons on the board and a holographic image came up of a man wearing a suit with a dark robe on the top and a metal mask hiding his face.

"Who is that guy?" asked Duncan

"I think we know who he is because we've fought him before" said Ben.

"Wait, you know this guy?" asked Ahsoka

"Yes" replied Gwen "His name is Michel Morningstar, we met him once a long time ago, at first he seemed like a nice person willing to help us, but we soon found out that he was draining other people's life force just so he could gain more power, but eventually we got the best of him and most of his powers were drained from him, he was so disfigured by it that he often had to wear a mask".

"What happened after that" asked Ilana.

"After that, he decided to take out revenge on us, he took the alias of Darkstar and we have fought him before ever since" replied Gwen.

"Well, we see that you know a lot about him" replied Obi-Wan "What do you know about the malinor crystal?"

"I know that it is the most powerful object in the universe, I've read about it in one of my magic books" she replied "They say that long ago, it came out of the stars and landed on a deserted planet".

"Well 2 decades ago a republic research team found it on that planet and it has been stored in a vault ever since" said Marcus "However a few nights ago Darkstar broke into the research facility and stole the item, we know that if he is connected with that amount of power, the results would be catastrophic".

"Where is he now?" asked Kevin.

"We think he is somewhere on this side of the galaxy" said Lux pointing somewhere on the map "Unfortunately, we don't know which planet he is on". Lance and Ilana heard this, and knew that Octus would be able to track down a person just by scanning the picture of the person.

"I think Octus can help us with that, he can track a person wherever he is" said Ilana. With that said, Octus walked up to the holotable, scanned the hologram of Darkstar, then connected it to the map, after 10 seconds, he had confirmed his location.

"So, did you find him" Duncan asked.

"Yes" said Octus "I believe that he is located on this planet", he pointed to a small planet in the outer rim.

"That's the planet Ryloth" said Lux.

"Since that planet is small, it could be his first place to strike" said Marcus

"Well if he's going to strike there then I suggest that we leave right now" said Lance.

"Alright team" said Anakin "I have a Republic shuttle in the hangar for all of you; it will act as your transport to the Ryloth system".

"Good luck" said Mace "And may the force be with you". The team then walked off to suit up.

Soon enough, they all arrived to the hangar as instructed and saw the phoenix standing in the corner all gassed, geared, and ready to fly. They all had their own suits; Lux came out wearing his alpha suit and blaster, which some of the boys was impressed by. Marcus was wearing his special operations suit and had a quiver strapped to his back and a recurve bow with him. Gwen was wearing her lucky girl outfit with the backpack with her, Ahsoka was wearing her Jedi outfit and everybody else was in their casual clothes, which they usually wear. They all climbed into the ship with Marcus and Ahsoka manning the cockpit. Artoo came along too maning the navagations system. They all got strapped in and were off into space, after setting the coordinates; the ship flew off into hyperspace towards the Ryloth system.

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