Title: Banquet
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Chapter 1: Prologue and CH1 Part 1

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"Are you sure you want to give this mission to an amateur like him?"

"Yes. He has been trained by MI6 for the past 4 years. It's about time he's gotten a real mission."

"And what about the fact that he is Dr. Greene's son?"

"November, this is final. This vial will revolutionize the way we operate. I don't care if his father formulated it or not. He didn't know about it, and he won't care now."

Chapter 1 Part 1

It was finally the night of the annual Tokyo Police Banquet. Famed for its standard of class and polished professionalism, there was no doubt that tonight was going to be anything but a full house. The celebration took place- as it did every year- on the very top floor of Tokyo's police headquarters, where the newly purchased glass ceiling could be put on full display. The walls of the revered Banquet Hall were a dark mahogany color and the ground, a spotless cream colored carpet that met half way with a wooden dance floor. Heavy metal and glass tables were laden with small delicacies, and finger food, as well as non-alcoholic drink (though someone managed to sneak it in every year) and fruity bubbling beverages. Of course, everything was lit above by the stars. It was only right, after all, for the stars that everyone worked so hard to catch by day to serve as the main attraction for the banquet. So naturally, as guests began to fill into the usually vacant room, Misaki Kirihara was one among them.

Stupid party. Misaki frowned, fighting the urge to itch her eyes. Stupid contacts. Stupid mascara. She had just about a million reports to finish off, not to even mention the late night research she did every night on her favorite contractor: BK-201. Ordinarily, she would have skipped this whole over advertised ordeal as she had the last few banquets, but this year Kanami had forced her to come. Quite literally, she had begged Misaki on her knees to attend after coincidentally stumbling upon a dress she swore Misaki could KILL in. Kanami had been at the mall, minding her own business, of course, when she had a feeling, no, a calling, to enter a dress boutique. Obviously, it would have been rude to leave, so after politely glancing around the store for an hour, she had accidentally found a bright red, western styled dress decorated with intricate black beading. And now, Misaki was wearing it.

Never in a billion years would Misaki have imagined she would be attending a work party dressed up in something like that. Not only would it completely shatter the sharp image that her subordinates and others had of her, it would completely shatter the image she had of herself. It wasn't provocative, except for the plunging neckline, which Kanami had argued was the appropriate amount of cleavage to show, and it wasn't necessarily trashy. It was just… eye-catching, attractive, too attractive. All in all, a terrible piece of clothing. But after a week's worth of nagging, threats, and begging, Misaki reluctantly gave in.

Fortunately for her, almost every woman wore a similarly beautiful outfit, allowing Misaki to blend in much more so than she had anticipated. If only she weren't so damn recognizable. Even with her contacts in and hair down, people still continued to take notice. The comments had started as soon as she had entered the room with the rest of her section team (as was customary at the banquet.)

"Stop goggling! I heard that her glares were fatal." a man warned in a quiet yell to his small circle of friends. His friends immediately nodded, ducking their heads as to be less noticeable.

"Shhhh! Do you want to get us fired? I heard she has ears like a hawk!"

"Shut it!" A third person hissed, giving each man a due hit on the head as they continued to stare at her figure.

Hawk, huh?

2 hours into the banquet.

One might stir salt into a glass of water and hope it will dissolve. But while the salt and water may mingle, there may remain the stubborn salt crystals stuck like parasites to the very edges of the container. Misaki Kirihara was one such salt crystal. She had taken up a slightly uncomfortable position of leaning against hard brown walls with the other two particles- Saitou and Kouno. Glass of punch in hand, she spotted Kanami and Mayu Otsuka mingling with many of the other workers from Astronomics and the local police. But, truthfully, she felt no inclination o obligation to join. She was perfectly content in staying where she was- glued to the wall. So boring, she sighed inwardly, taking another ungraceful swig of her punch.

In an effort to entertain herself, Misaki began (once again) to survey the large hall. Catering boys roamed back and forth with their trays of delicious smelling appetizers, wearing their black tuxedos and white dress shirts. Perhaps if Li were here it wouldn't be half so boring. She had scanned the room many times over, (sure that this was the same catering company Li had worked at, for from what Saitou had said,) but sadly to no avail. She gave a ginger half-glance at the exits, but they were blockaded by a bunch of talkative people from Section 3. There was no way out without having to awkwardly explain why she was leaving, or where she was going, who who the hell she was.

"Uh!" Misaki groaned, realizing that Kanami had finally managed to trap her in public, in a dress, in make-up and high heels, and in front of the entire organization.

"Tired?" Saitou asked tentatively, trying not to appear as if he had been listening for any slight sound she might make. Out of his peripheral vision, he could see her nodded in the affirmative, though he couldn't see that she let her eyes droop just a bit to prove her point.

Even though she was exhausted from all the work she did, Saitou had rarely seen his chief look so stunning. (He hardly counted Alice's party since they had almost been killed. He let out a deep breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding, and attempted to stop the beads of sweat appearing rapidly on his forehead. The officer had stood next to his section chief in silence for the past thirty minutes, too scared to say anything of any importance. Come on, Saitou! he had coached himself. This may be your only chance, now go for it! Mustering his courage he decided to risk it all-

"Chief, let's dan-"

Misaki had barely turned her head to consider him when a catering boy in a black suit bumped into her, causing her glass of punch to go flying, ultimately showering upon Saitou's head.

"I'm so sorry!" Misaki cried in full panic mode, utterly startled to find her beverage all over her sub-coordinate. The reddish liquid dripped from Saitou's clothes onto the once spotless carpeted floor below, backgrounded by the catering boy's rambling, non-stop apologies.

"So sorry, Miss! So sorry! I'm terribly sorry, Sir! Can I hel-?"

The volume in the room immediately plummeted as many of the guests turned to watch the commotion.

"No, no! It's alright, Chief. I'll just- be in- the restroom a minute!"

Saitou practically flew to the bathroom. This was the worst moment of his entire life...

Misaki groaned inwardly (again.) Parties were not her thing. Boys and dancing and dressing up were not her things. She should know this by now! She should just stick to arresting and fighting and stalking her contractor heartthrob. So how had she let Kanami talk her into this, again?

Speak of the devil.

"You're not having fun, Misaki!" Kanami complained, striding up to her in a full length lavender gown. The pale fabric was elegantly draped over her shoulder and held at her waist by a large jewel encrusted brooch. It shimmered dramatically in the starlight (although the small lights on the walls did help).

"I just dumped my drink all over Saitou!" Misaki protested, holding up her empty glass as evidence. Apparently, Kanami must have been the only one in the room who had missed the entire incident.

"Aww! I thought I saw him running past." Kanami sighed sympathetically, most likely too drunk to have really been concerned. "This party is over in about an hour anyway. I give you my permission to go."

"Gee, thanks, Kanami." Misaki's voice was laced thick with sarcasm, but she was grateful none the less. Taking advantage of her early leave, she quickly scampered to the nearest exit, kicked off her heels, and walked back down to her office. She could squeeze in at least one report before the office closed…


"I'm in, now where do I go?" Hei was supposed to infiltrate Police HQ while everyone was occupied at the party in order to obtain yet another, valuable Gate item. Conveniently, Huang had refrained from telling him what exactly he was supposed to be looking for. Like before, information was on a 'need to know' basis, and 'he'd know it when he got it' type system. It really was a wonder how they ever operated.

"Go left, right, left, straight." Yin dutifully instructed him through the small ear piece he wore. She had been tasked to guide Hei safely into the building, through any threatening security, and as far as their intel could lead him. Unfortunately, there were limited sources of water for her to lend him her help, and she often paused for seconds at a time, which was very costly, since he had almost knocked into a man Hei recognized a Saitou.

"Stop. There is one person in the office to your left, be careful." Yin warned in a monotone, though she clearly cared about Hei's welfare. Hei stopped abruptly on command. Carefully, he peered through the door that Yin had referred to. It led to a cluster of desks, stacked atop with mounds of paperwork. Everyone in Police HQ was supposed to be at the banquet on the top floor. That was the whole point of going inside tonight. So why was someone down here?

That was when he saw, or rather glimpsed her, Misaki, in a gorgeous red dress that did not do her justice, hunched over her desk and squinting into the light of the bright computer screen. Her long black hair tumbled gracefully over her back, and two strands characteristically framed her face.


Damn Kanami! I can't see! These stupid contacts are bothering my eyes.


Of all people, it would be Misaki down here. She was such a workaholic! Hei sighed. He wished he could just change into Li on the spot, scoop her up into his arms, and ask her to dance with him. She was obviously dressed to go to the party, and no one should be alone while a banquet raged on above.

Although, that might not even be possible, Hei considered, since Li's personality restricts me from doing anything bold - but now wasn't exactly the best time to start planning his love life, especially with the particular cop who hunted him ever so relentlessly. He had a job to do.

"Hei?" Huang barked into his ear.

"Yes, what is it Huang?" Hei ground his teeth; frustrated that he had been torn from his fantasies by Huang oh so smooth and delicate voice.

"The party's over! All the exits are under high security. Find a spot to hide! We'll get you out in the morning!" Huang screamed before cutting off the signal. It left a dead tone in Hei's ear before complete silence.

Wonderful!... Now what was he supposed to do? Hei's eyes darted to a closet door to his right and he quickly slipped into it. He wasn't sure what to expect, but the storage closet turned out to be comfortably larger than expected, furnished with a few cardboard boxes sitting neatly on the one metal shelf. Even so, his situation wasn't ideal- not that it ever was...

Hei sat down tiredly- we should really plan these missions out better.

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