Chapter 8

My green eyes sparkled, still wet from all that crying, when I looked into the mirror. I used to love these eyes. The same eyes as my dad's. But now when I see them, I hate them. They remind me of every time I was with him. Every time we were laughing together, and I start crying again.

Hunter was packing for me for a while. I don't remember when he left, I was crying too much. It is already time for me to leave, but I don't want to. I can't. I decided to leave in search of my dad. So I decided to leave a not for my mom before I leave. Luckily, my things are already packed, and I'm coming back so I don't need that many things.

Dear mom,

I'm going to look for him. Don't worry about me; I know how to take care of myself. I'll come back home when I find him. Wish me luck!

Your loving son,


I left the letter on my dresser, knowing that my mom will find it next time she will clean my room, and left.

I took the money she left for me on the table on my way out so I had money to take the train. I don't know where I'm headed, I'm just going.

I fell asleep on the train, and someone woke me up at one of the stops.

"Are you Tyler Silverstein?" The girl asked and I nodded slowly. She smiled and said "I know where you're headed, follow me!" So I did.

I shouldn't have. She took me to the school. I didn't want to go to that school. I wanted to go find my dad.

Well, seems like I can't do anything about that now. Hey, maybe I'll be able to learn something at this school that can help me find him! I thought, and decided to go to school. After all, it's better for me to wait a while before looking for him if I have more resources rather than starting to look for him now without anything that can hint me to his whereabouts.

As soon as the girl showed me where the office is, she left and I stood there alone, not knowing what to do. I walked up to the front desk and explained that I am Tyler Silverstein and the secretary told me I have a room in the black building, but I have to share with a girl because there are no other rooms available.

I was about to tell her that I don't want to share a room with a girl when a guy and a girl walked into the office area. I noticed the girl had red eyes, and for some reason, I was attracted to her, and I wanted to go up to her and talk to her.

I could tell just by looking that she isn't like all the other girls at my school, she isn't the type to just try to kiss a guy because he's going to leave school soon and he's friends with all the popular guys.

But she was holding hands with the guy she walked in with, and in that moment I decided I hated him. I don't want him near her.

The secretary started talking to the girl and that snapped me out of my thoughts. "Oh, Sophie! Great that you're here! This gentleman right here, Tyler is going to be your roommate now. I know you were supposed to have a room all to yourself, but we don't have any other room available, even in the 'White Building' all the guys have roommates, so unless Derek, here, agrees to have a third guy in their room, you're going to have to share with him."

I looked at Sophie and I was so happy! I can share a room with her! This is the best day of my life! I smiled and said, "I think it would be better to share with, um, Derek? That's your name, right?" I told the guy. From experience, I know that girls tend to want the opposite of what you say. She is going to ask me to be in her room because the guy already has a roommate. This is going to be sweet!

"Um, Derek, is that okay with you?" She asked him, and the way she looked at him made me go nuts. I want her to look at me like that!

"Yeah! Of course it's alright! I'll just tell Cooper that he has to sleep on the couch from now on!" He said with a smile, and then I realized what's happening. If this continues I won't be able to share a room with her! I realize. "Alright, then. If you're sure." Sophie said, and then she turns to me.

"I guess we're going to be neighbors now. My door is right in front of yours, so if you need anything when Derek or Cooper, whom you will meet eventually, are not there just ask!" She smiles. My heart skips a beat, even though it hasn't for a while. I want to bite her, I realize.

"I'm Derek, as you probably understand already. I'm glad to make your acquaintance! I love meeting new people so it's great to have another new person here with us!" He paused for a second and sniffed the air. "Are you, by any chance, a vampire?" He asks.

For a second I panic, and then I remember this is a school for the supernatural. "Yes, I am. I always lived in a human environment, so I know almost nothing about the supernatural. And if you don't mind me asking, what are you exactly?" I said, carefully. I don't want to start a fight on the first day.

He chuckled lightly and then he told me that both he and Sophie are werewolves. He explained that almost everyone in this school is a Werewolf, and that I am one of the now, including me, five vampires in our grade.

I nod carefully in acceptance, and they show me the way to our room.

When we reach there, Derek opens the door with a key card, much like the one I had gotten myself, minutes before from the secretary. He opens the door and we find a guy with short, curly brown hair that fell past his hazel eyes. He was standing there shirtless, and it was evident he was getting dressed.

Derek sighed, "Cooper, were you really with another girl even after we caught you with that cat shape-shifter?" He asked, clearly upset. Then Derek turns to me. "Tyler, this is Cooper. He's the guy all the girls are after. Well most are. Luckily for me, Sophie isn't. She is into me." He said with a smirk, and she pushed him playfully, which only caused his to put his arms around her waist and pull her in for a kiss.

"Get yourselves a room!" I exclaim playfully, even though I was upset that she kissed him. They are together, and there's nothing I can do about that. Derek smiles at me, and I know I've been accepted to be his friend. He turns back to Cooper.

"Cooper, we have to make room on the shelves for Tyler! So get your ass moving, and let's go!" He said, and then he told Sophie that he's going to help me out and show me around and that he'll meet her by "The Tree" in about an hour.

I decided to be his friend while I'm here, because it takes me a while to make friends anyways, and he accepted me already, so it's better to be friends with him rather than have no one.

He started showing me around and was explaining things as we exited the building. I mean, the "Black Building".

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