6 years of age. Homeless. His toes frozen, butt hurts on cold hard ground, fingers numb in the cold winter night. Black chopped bangs cover his eyes. Should hunched in an unlikely fashion. Rock Lee is his name. He hugs his stuffed squirrel tightly against his chest. He cuddles closer to the garbage can by the gas station side. Lee looks up at the crescent moon and thinks, Mom…Dad…I miss so much…

"Boy. What are you doing out here in cold?" A deep male voice says to Lee.

Lee's black orbs look up to see a man. Black hair cut into a bowl shape, tan leather like skin, green spandex clinging to his muscular tall body, and his killer white teeth showing. He pulls his squirrel close to his chest. His eyes look down in shame.

"I have nowhere to go sir." Lee answers softly.

"And why is that?" The man says crouching down to Lee's level.

"My mother and Father…they were killed…" He answers once again but quieter this time.

"Hmm…boy what is your name?"

"Rock. Rock Lee."

Slowly his purely whites flash at Lee. He grabs Lee's hand and shakes it.

"Well Lee…My name is Gai very pleased to meet you. Now one more question Lee…would you like to live with me?"

Lee looks into his dark black eyes…all he sees is happiness…trust. Lee slowly nods.

Big arms wrap around Lee's waist picking him up taking him to his new home.

17 years later you find a boy named Gaara walking down the empty halls ways of his university. His pure red hair flopping with every step. His pale hands shoved into his dark pair loose jeans. His kanji sign appearing on his forehead. His lean, muscular body shifting as he turns the corner.

Everyday…I wait to see your face…

Gaara's ears perked up to the sound coming for the room before him. He cautiously opens it.

I sit there thinking…when will I'll be ever be able to see…

Gaara see a big room with red leather chairs and big stage. A spot light is put on one boy in a light green t-shirt and the rise of his lower half covered by a huge navy blue piano. His jet-black hair cut into loose bowl cup. His raven eyes stare in nowhere particular. His fingers pushing the keys in a smooth pattern.

I guess…it'll always be mystery…to me…

Gaara listens to the tune his lips curling up a little. He slips into the back so he cannot be seen. His blue-green eyes stare at the boy with interest.

I love you and you love me…but why…did you have to…to…

Suddenly tears come from his eyes spilling down his cheeks. Turn his tan cheeks red. His hits one note and holds it.


The word spills form his lips in his whisper. Gaara sits there for a moment before beginning to clap.

Lee jumps at the sound of clapping and looks at the person appearing in the light. Short bloody hair lays on his head, pale hands smacking against eachother, a red kanji sign on his forehead, and his blue-green eyes surrounded by black rings. His thin pink lips curl as he claps more. I jump from the piano seat and scurry to get my music sheet and shove it in my bag.

"That was…nice you no?" The mystery man says to me.

I look up at him with wide eyes, but soon rests into a soft smile.

"Thank you." I say while shoving the papers into the bag.

"Who the artist?" He asks.

"Actually I wrote it." I say shyly while rubbing the back of my neck.

"Hmm…that's was very good…" He seems to say more to himself than me.

"Thank you. I must be going now. I should have been in class by now. I'm sorry if caused you to be late." I bow and turn to leave until his hand reaches my shoulder and turns me back into him.

"What is your name?" I ask him my hand still on his shoulder.

The boy looks at his feet and whispers, "Rock Lee."

My lips turn up slightly at the respond. I take his hand and shake it firmly.

"Gaara. Nice to meet you." I say with a smirk. I'm not the usually the one to talk but this boy hold my interest.

"You too." Then he runs out the room with my eyes trailing after him.

My smirk becomes bigger as I shove my hands back in my pockets.

Well hello…Rock Lee…