"Lee?! Are you alright?!" Neji yelled into the phone as he flashed me a worried expression through the glass.

"I'm fine Neji..." I mumble softly. I was still tired from when the cop pepper sprayed me.

"No your not! Your in jail!" He yelled again.

Jail? My eyes widen, I'm in jail?!

Here I was in an orange jumpsuit, with a white wristband, holding a phone and sitting in front of a sheet a glass preventing me from any access on ther other side.

"I'm in jail? W-why...WHY AM I JAIL NEJI?!" I screech into the phone. A throbbing headache is starting to come on.

Before Neji could answer, two strong hands pick me up from the chair and drags me dowm the hallway and throws me into a jail-cell.

Dear lord what...happened?


Not good...Not good...NOT GOOD!

I pace in my dorm over and over and over again.

Just yesterday Lee and me where eating food at a cafe having a great time until the horid red-head by the name of Gaara appears and starts saying that some stalker is following Lee or something.

After he tries kissing Lee and leaves.

2 hours later the cops appear talking about stolen money and start to arrest Lee. Due to Lee struggling they pepper sprayed him and,


There he was in jail...

Yes this is not good...


I am soooooo sorry! The summer got up to me and I have major writer block so please excuse mistakes and the shortness. And I don't even know where to go with this story now...